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Total Curve Breast Enhancement Supplement


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An all-natural daily supplement, Total Curve can help to make you feel confident about the look of your breasts. The herbs in these breast enhancement capsules contain hormones that mimic your own oestrogen and may be able to increase the overall volume of your curves, from the inside.

  • Total Curve promotes younger looking and fuller breasts, at just £1 a day
  • Two capsules a day, for 4 weeks could be all you need
  • Use alongside Total Curve Gel for even better effects
  • Natural ingredients behave like oestrogen to help firm your curves
  • Helps improve overall breast health
  • Clinically Proven
  • Active ingredient Volufiline helps promot fuller, firmer looking breasts
  • Formulation can reduce a variety of feminine ailments as well
  • Gradual results that are more natural and less expensive than surgery

Total Curve supplement might not be able to provide the instant results of surgery, but women find that the gradual results that these capsules can provide are more natural looking. What’s more this alternative is cheaper than an invasive procedure.

Product Features
Type : Capsule Quantity : 60 Capsules

What is Total Curve?

Total Curve is a supplement that has been designed to make your breasts appear and feel fuller. These breast enhancement capsules are perfect for those seeking a younger looking bust.

This product has also been shown to reduce in symptoms for such female issues as PMS, menopause, reduced sex drive, vaginal dryness and much more.

These capsules work to restore a woman’s confidence, because Total Curve understand that for many women it is their breasts that make them feel feminine.

How does it work?

Total Curve makes use of high-grade herbal ingredient to achieve its results. Some of the herbs are known to produce safe phytoestrogens, which encourage improvements in internal breast volume. This is because this hormone acts like your own oestrogen, therefore it supports your body’s ability to firm and lift your breasts. In addition to this, phytoestrogens endorse total breast health, by keeping breast tissue healthy and renewing the contours of your bust. The other ingredients in these breast enhancement capsules have been picked because they have been used in traditional medicines, across many cultures for many hundreds of years as solutions for female specific issues like menstrual cramps.

Total Curve is a unique supplement in that it offers so many potential benefits in one capsule.

When can I expect to see results?

Many women who have used Total Curve began noticing results after 28 days continued use of the supplement. This goes on to improve after 56 days, or 8 weeks. You could enhance any improvements you do see by using this alongside Total Curve Gel.

Different women experience different rates at which they see results and this is because the time the herbs take to build up and take effect varies from person, based on age, fitness and diet to name just three.

What are the ingredients?

There are 9 main ingredients:

Buckwheat Leaves: Contains the antioxidant rutin, which promotes circulation and collagen production.

Fennel Seed: Has a safe phytoestrogen, which balances female hormones, as well as helping tissue grow.

Dong Quai Root: Linked to the production of progesterone, another breast development hormone.

Damiana Leaf: A sexual stimulant, with high progesterone binding properties.

Blessed Thistle: Can relieve painful female issues. Helps repair damaged elastin and collagen.

Hops: A digestive aid and phytoestrogen producer.

Watercress Leaves: Might be instrumental to breast health.

Black Cahosh Root: Another powerful phytoestrogen herbal.

Wild Yam Root: Known to produce a phytoestrogen called diosgenin, which can solve women’s problems.

These breast enhancement capsules also have gelatine, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide in them.

How do I take Total Curve?

These breast enhancement capsules should be consumed daily. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and you are required to consume 2 a day. Take one in the morning and the other in the evening. For best results you should use alongside the Total Curve Gel. This will help you provide internal and external support for the best results.

Are there any side effects?

As an all-natural formulation, you should not experience any adverse effects when taking Total Curve. Please check the full ingredients list, in order to see if you allergic to any of them.

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* Its ok. Seen a change but maybe I haven't taken it long enough. Will keep you posted.

* After having a child i wanted to be able to get firmer breast again. I tried many other creams and products before this, but i would say total curve is the best i've tried. It's easy to take too. Will be getting some more soon.

* This works very well. Happy customer here!

* Happy and amazed. Before i started using this product i had just had twins and everything was sagging and i really didn't feel like myself. My boobs are very full and i noticed after i took them my skin got tighter and firmer. This helped me get my body back.

* 10/10 product, its amazing how quick and well it worked for me

* my boobs are so much firmer and perk, they look amazing in my bikini. so happy that i bought this just in time for my summer holiday :) bikini bodd is ready

* im 30 years old and my boobs have been sagging for the last few years and now they have reached a point where i canot even look at myself naked in the mirror without feeling completely sad. Sicne using this total curve my breast have firmed up so much and naturally lifted which isnt my ideal breast size but it has really helped with my self esteem and confidence. until i get to a point where i will need to a slight breast augmentation. Either way girls who suffer with breast they dont like then this will really help you.

* when used with the gel it speeds up the process, also it removes any unwanted wrinkles or rough patches

* im so happy, today is the day i stopped taking my 6 month supply, i have really seen an increase in size. also im not sure if its the pills or if its my mind but my vagina dryness has kinda gone

* my confidence is sky high, thank you shytobuy for showing me the light

* i have been using these for 2 months now and i no longer fit into any of my bras, while this is annoying having to shop for new bras, its also extremely satisfying. i love walking up to the tills and asking for my bra size, i dont feel ashamed anymore

* if your searching for a saggy boob cure you are just like me, i have been searching for something available in the uk that helps with breast enhancement, i have wanted fuller boobs my entire life and now i have ordered these i have not felt excitement like this in a long time

* i am always so concious of my breast. i just want them to be perfect. these capsule do the job for me. Thanks shytobuy

* i used some pump i found at the store but it was painful and just too hard to use. taking pill is so easy. it doesn't take time and results are great till now

* after my first child my boobs just dropped. my confidence just went down and i didnt feel sexy. but after taking these i feel much better. boobs are getting firm and i feel young again