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Stretch Marks & Cellulite

Stretch marks and cellulite affect thousands of people every year, with around 70% of women and 40% of men in the United Kingdom alone experiencing problems at some point in their lives. Cellulite is the name given to soft and bumpy skin which commonly appears on the legs, thigh and hips. Although the precise causes of cellulite are unknown, relief from the symptoms is readily available.

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark therapy can help you to diminish and reduce the appearance of stretch mark on your body. It is made using natural ingredients and increases collagen production for better looking skin.

CC Buttocks Lifting Gel

Use CC Buttocks Lifting Gel to enhance the appearance of your rear and reduce the visible signs of cellulite. Get your bod beach and poolside ready by simply applying this gel twice a day.

Vexum.SL - Double Chin Reducer

Vexum.SL is a natural formula that targets the area of skin on your neck and below the chin. It helps to reduce the sagging that can occur and tightens up the appearance of the skin in this area.

Oligo.DX - Cellulite Reducing Gel

Make stubborn, disheartening cellulite a thing of the past. Now! Oligo.DX works deep into skin layers to help disperse fatty deposits and reduce unsightly dimples and lumpy bits. Feeling confident has never been so easy.

Silk’n Silhouette

Silk'n Silhouette is the perfect solution when it comes to reducing your cellulite density. Enjoy a reduced body circumference and boosted confidence when you use this clinically proven safe to use at-home device.

Cellu Smooth

The Cellu Smooth is a highly developed and researched anti cellulite device. It has many function settings to help you overcome cellulite in problem areas such as the thighs, legs and arms.


Stretch marks are thin, streaky scars which usually appear on the stomach, waist, hips or thighs, and are usually the result of sudden growth due to natural growth during puberty, rapid weight gain or pregnancy. The skin’s structure contains three layers – the epidermis (outer layer), dermis (middle layer) and subcutis (inner layer), and when rapid growth leads to stretching of the skin, the dermis can be broken, forming visible stretch marks on the surface of the skin. Thought painless, stretch marks can be unsightly and permanent, often leading to loss of confidence – and with 70% of women experiencing stretch marks at some point in their lives, finding a solution is obviously very important.

Cellulite is the term for loose, bumpy skin which appears on the legs, thighs and hips, and can be equally unpleasant to live with – luckily, there are a number of preventative measures you can take to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Following a healthy, low-fat diet and exercising regularly are both effective methods of removing cellulite, and while the exact causes are as yet unconfirmed there are a range of anti-cellulite products on the market aimed at reducing its appearance on the skin. Possible causes of cellulite include hormonal changes, age and skin thickness, while poor diet, stress and lack of exercise can all increase your chances of gaining cellulite. While this problem is more common in overweight people, studies have shown that genetics can also play a part – so people of average weight and health can also suffer from cellulite. Thankfully, if you suffer from unsightly stretch marks or cellulite, you no longer need to worry - as help is at hand. ShytoBuy offers a superb range of 100% natural creams and supplements aimed at reducing the appearance of skin blemishes – allowing you to enjoy soft, smooth and supple skin from the comfort of your own home!