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Screaming O

Screaming O sell award winning and top selling products and are a fun, young brand that aims to bring passion to men and women’s sex lives. The Screaming O range has an extensive array of entertaining toys to suit every desire.

Screaming O Big O

This mini vibrator has a 2-function vibration setting making mutual pleasure a must. The Screaming O Big O vibrates at the correct frequencies to help you and your partner achieve climaxes.

Screaming O - The O Boy

The O Boy pack is a favourite as you get so many things with it, including a cock ring and lube.

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Screaming O PrimO Tux

Made from high quality silicone and equipped with 4 vibrating settings, the Screaming O PrimO Tux is a high quality and premium mini vibrator.

Screaming O PrimO Apex

The Screaming O PrimO Apex has 3 vibrating setting for you to choose from. The stylish design and ergonomic design allows you to enjoy its pleasure to the fullest.

Screaming O Bullet

The Screaming O Bullet is a high quality mini vibrator that comes with an on/off switch and a vibrating setting that’ll leave you weak at the knees. It comes is a range of colours and is small enough to carry along with you.

Screaming Octopus

Whether you’re in the bedroom or in the bathroom, the Screaming O Octopus has pleasure ticklers to tease you and please you in all the right places. Available in a range of colours.

Screaming O Bong O

The Screaming O Bong O has a vertical head and a gold bog ball that hangs to tickle your pleasure. The great thing is that you can use it solo but when used with your partner, it can lead to mutual satisfaction and climax.


Since 2005 when it first started, Screaming O has created a product range that aims to provide more satisfying sex to men and women around the world. It’s without a doubt a top-selling brand, with countless articles in magazines such as Maxim, Cosmopolitan and The Doctors. It also got awards from the likes of Woman’s Health Magazine, proving the brand has been successfully achieving their goal.

The Screaming O range offers a diverse variety of products including many sexy accessories to identify with and suit many tastes. From the PrimO Tux for new players, to the Big O, which is a larger, more ambitious pleasure ring for more experienced players, you are certain to find an answer to what you desire.

Not only can Screaming O provide many intimate fun times in the bedroom but it can very easily inspire romance and communication with the simple push of a button! Communication is often key to a rewarding and safe sexual relationship. For centuries many people have brushed communication about sex under the carpet, especially the British! This scenario can often cause awkwardness if things go wrong or the other partner may be left feeling frustrated or bitter. So by simply adding some experimentation and fun into the bedroom can make your sexual experiences more adventurous and exciting; providing the perfect icebreaker and ensuring a more fulfilling experience.

Did you know that sex and sexuality is an important part of the human experience? Some research suggests that men enjoy sex as it reenergizes them physically, where as women enjoy sex as it reenergizes them emotionally. Overall, for both men and women it’s essential that you are having fun and enjoying it. Sex should be a great addition to any life and the Screaming O products provide a means to help you heighten your sexual experience and make it the best you’ve ever had.

As a brand, Screaming O understands that keeping that essential spark in a relationship alive can be difficult. Sometimes relationships get stuck in a peaceful coexistence, which appears stable on the surface, but actually lacks the involvement and communication that is key to a healthy vibe. The Screaming O range may be fun, but they are serious about ensuring that all of their products deliver the very best in pleasure and sexual satisfaction.