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My Shreddies

The award winning My Shreddies lets you ‘fart with confidence’, the brands motto states. Filter your flatulence discreetly and without anyone noticing with this unique under garment range. It uses a ‘Zorflex’ activated carbon panel, which works to effectively filter and neutralise flatulence odours.

My Shreddies Briefs for Women

Using Zorflex technology, the My Shreddies Briefs for Women allow you to pass wind without the embarrassment. The special underwear fits normally and absorbs any smell that may occur.

My Shreddies Support Boxer for Men

You can now filter the smell of passing wind using My Shreddies Support Boxers for Men. They use special Zorflex technology in the carbon back panel to absorb and filter out the smell.

My Shreddies High-Waisted Briefs for Women

Neutralise odours caused by flatulence by wearing My Shreddies High Waisted Briefs for Women. They use a specially designed back panel that absorbs the smell.

My Shreddies Hipster for Men

Thanks to Zorflex technology in the carbon back panel, you are able to filter the smell of passing wind without anyone knowing.


In 2009 Shreddies were recognised for their innovative work and were awarded the ‘Look Good Feel Good award’ from the Association for Continence Advice (ACA). Commonly known as the ‘healthcare underwear’, these innovative and award winning underwear undergarments tackle the embarrassing problem of unwanted and excess flatulence. Although a light-hearted approach, it is a very effective one; providing customers with the confidence they may otherwise have been lacking. Popping pills or avoiding all foods that could potentially cause uncomfortable gas simply isn’t a feasible solution for the vast majority of people.

How do they work?

All of the My Shreddies range has been built with ‘Zorflex’ activated carbon cloth panel, this works to effectively neutralise and absorb the odour of gas. So the gas that does escape does so with a neutralised smell. Allowing you to break wind all day long, safe in the knowledge that none of the smells will waft to the person you’re sitting next to in the office, on the tube or generally around you. The Zorflex technology is sandwiched in-between regular layers of fabric. So no one will ever know! (even if they spot you in your underwear.

Who they are suitable for

Those who suffer with conditions such as gastritis, excessive amount of wind and irritable bowel syndrome may find the My Shreddies range particularly beneficial. Holding this level of flatulence inside you has serious sides effects, often leading to cramping and stomach pains. So ‘better in than out’ is always advised and these one of a kind pants allow you to do just that, without the fear of any odour. My Shreddies products can be used by anyone who is embarrassed or self conscious about their fart smell, which may affect their confidence in the office, workplace or when socializing. Many people find they experience a lot less cramping pain than they would otherwise be experiencing if they were to be holding in their gas, improving their quality of every day life.

It is important to note that this product cannot help you with the noise of any flatulence. However, many people find that by changing their body position they are able to pass wind silently. This can then be filtered through the underwear to allow for guilt free farting.

They look good!

The best thing about My Shreddies products is that they are designed to look like regular underwear and come in a variety of sizes, meaning people can feel safe in the knowledge that only they will know what the underwear is doing for them. As an additional bonus, they are also more supportive than regular underwear, for instance the My Shreddies Support Boxer for Men enhances the profile and appearance of their penis as well as trapping any unwanted smells. Setting you up to be in perfect form for your partner.

A lighthearted approach to a very common problem

With tongue and cheek imagery presented in humorous packaging and captions, this brand are conscious to demolish the taboo that surrounds flatulence. It is this taboo that is a major contributor to the embarrassment and anxiety of those who suffer with smelly gas. If you are affected by gas, whether it’s a symptom or a condition, then these innovative and creative pants could help you gain your confidence back. Extensive research has done into the My Shreddies underwear and they continue to rework their products and extend their range in order to suit the needs of this all to popular problem.

Here at ShytoBuy, we offer the entire My Shreddies underwear range in all the sizes, meaning you can find the one that suits your requirements easily. Finding the best find for you can secure the seal that will prevent your gas from escaping effectively.