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Anyone who regularly waxes or shaves is likely to come up against the problem of ingrown hairs every now and then. Thankfully, there are a number of methods of treating this irritating and painful condition, allowing you to enjoy relief from the uncomfortable effects of ingrown hairs with a minimum of fuss. One way of avoiding the problem is to make sure always to shave with the grain.

Ultra Hair Away - Hair Inhibitor

Slow down the rate at which new body hair grows with Ultra Hair Away. This superlight formula can inhibit the growth of new hair to help you reveal hair free and smooth skin.

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go

Minimize the occurrence of ingrown hairs with Skin Doctors Ingrow Go. The natural formula is made to moisturize skin to alleviate the pain and irritation caused by razor burns and of coarse ingrown hairs.

Keramene - Body Hair Minimizer

Remove and slow down the growth of unwanted body hair with Keramene for men and women. It's a luxury item that's effective and can be used for all skin types.


What is an ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs occur when the hair is prevented from growing out by dead cells on the surface of the skin, often growing sideways or out of the skin and then back inside, and are more common in people who have coarse or curly hair. This problem can be painful and irritating, not to mention incredibly hard to get rid of – remaining an issue even following further waxing or shaving. Though not dangerous, ingrown hairs can be uncomfortable, unsightly and distressing, so it’s no surprise that sufferers have long been searching for a cure – in the past, people have mainly resorted to using tweezers to remove ingrown hairs; however this can be painful and does not prevent future re-occurrences. Luckily, there are now a number of clinically-proven products on the market aimed at releasing ingrown hairs, reducing symptoms and preventing future outbreaks.

Who is affected by ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs can affect anyone who shaves, waxes, tweezers or uses electrolysis to remove unwanted hair, and occurs when hair grows sideways or out of the skin and then back into the skin. This condition usually affects adult males with darker skin or curly hair. One of the most common solutions to this embarrassing problem is laser treatment; however this can be expensive and comes with a variety of potential side-effects. Luckily, there are now alternative treatments on the market - ingrown hair products such as Ultra Hair Away relieve the symptoms of ingrown hair effectively and safely, with a minimum of fuss. If you suffer from a small number of ingrown hairs, you should usually be able to solve the issue with a simple lotion or topical cream – however, if you notice a large number of hairs or if the problem becomes noticeably more aggressive, please consult your doctor or a healthcare professional to discuss your options.

How do I combat ingrown hairs?

Where ingrown hairs are concerned, the important things to remember are to remain vigilant in order to catch them early, and do not panic when they appear. If the condition persists, make sure to contact your doctor – but in most cases, ShytoBuy’s fantastic collection of ingrown hair treatments should provide the perfect solution to your problems!