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Grey Hair

Over the years, studies have consistently shown that men and women in the United Kingdom worry more about greying hair than they do about hair loss – and the great news is you no longer have to live with your grey hair, as ShytoBuy offer a superb range of natural greying hair solutions which allow you to restore your hair’s colour without the use of expensive, chemical-reliant dyes!

Foligain Anti Gray Capsules

Foligain Anti-Gray is made using natural ingredients that not only reverse the signs of grey hair, but also help to thicken and strengthen hair too. Foligain Anti-Gray can be used by men and women.


How do I deal with going grey?

For the vast majority of people, going grey is an automatic part of the ageing process – usually occurring in middle age but sometimes as early as your teens or early twenties – but despite being an inevitable part of life, it can be frustrating and embarrassing to live with. Thanks to modern technology, there are now many products on the market aimed at covering grey hair, with permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes which can last for a number of months and a variety of pills and supplements which work inside the body to restore natural hair colour – an increasingly method of hair colouring, as these do not feature the potentially damaging effects of hair dyes, often containing harsh chemicals which can lead to frail and broken hair or even hair loss.

Why do I get grey hair?

Every hair is made up of two parts - the root and the shaft. The root is the bottom part of the hair which grows through the skin, keeping it anchored to the scalp, while the shaft is the coloured part of the hair which grows from the head. Each root of hair is surrounded by follicles containing a number of pigments containing melanin, which determines the darkness of your hair and skin. As you age, melanin production declines, leading to lighter and less vibrant hair which eventually turns completely grey – ShytoBuy’s selection of pills and supplements help to boost melanin production, allowing you to restore your hair to its former glory for a more youthful appearance with a minimum of inconvenience.

Is there a solution?

ShytoBuy’s range of pill products allow you to combat greying hair safely, discreetly and naturally, gradually restoring colour to your hair without the potentially damaging or discolouring effects which can occur with many lotions and dyes on the marker. Don’t forget, grey hair can appear at any time of life, and shouldn’t be something you should unduly worry about – in fact, stress has been proven to worsen the condition - further limiting your melanin production leading to more grey hairs. If you are seeking a solution to your greying hair but are unsure on which path to take, we recommend consulting your doctor prior to beginning any treatment – but once you’ve decided on the right solution for your situation, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect product to suit your needs at ShytoBuy!