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Gold Max is designed to help maximise erectile performances for males and enhance sexual arousal and pleasure for women. Its products contain a unique range of herbal ingredients to help you fulfil your sexual desire.

Gold Max Blue for Erections

You could gain stronger and longer lasting erections with Gold Max for men. Take just 45 minutes before sexual activities. Results can last up to 36 hours and you can choose from a 5, 10 or 20 pack.

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Gold Max Pink for Female Libido

Boost your sexual arousal and libido with Gold Max Pink for Women. Take just 45 minutes before activity for better sex. Made using highly researched and tested ingredients.

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GMAX Power Capsules

GMAX Power Capsules uses a unique blend of powerful natural ingredients to help improve performance, stamina and endurance. GMAX Power Caps uses a more powerful blend of ingredients found in Gold Max Blue.

Gold Max Daily Blue

Gold Max Daily Blue is a supplement for men. It is designed to boost libido and improve sexual performance and stamina.

Gold Max Daily Pink

Gold Max Daily Pink is a supplement for women. Gold Max Daily Pink can enhance sexual pleasure and performance and boost the female libido.


Offering the ultimate natural enhancement, many men and women who suffer from sexual problems have turned to Gold Max to enjoy a better performance in the bedroom. This helps to encourage a healthier sexual experience for both sexes, while also restoring their confidence.

Sexual dysfunction is common and research has suggested that it can affect around 43% of women and 31% of men. Although sexual issues are a lot more common than you think, due to the sensitive and embarrassing nature of the issue many people are reluctant to discuss due to the stigma attached to the problem. You will be happy to know that in the majority of cases, sexual dysfunctions are treatable.

Any problems during the phases of the sexual response cycle are often signs of sexual problems (or sexual dysfunctions). This cycle consists of four key phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Gold Max products tackle sexual problems with advanced formulas and their trustworthy brand helps create fantastic experiences for people throughout all the phases.

If you are male then many sexual problems occur from physical reasons, such as a reduction of blood flow to the penis, hormonal causes or diseases that can affect the nerves. Problems can also occur from anxiety, mental stress or relationship difficulties. They can range from inhibited sexual desire to erectile dysfunction and may prevent couples from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity they are having.

Sexual problems can occur for a range of different reasons in females too. Inabilities to reach orgasms, a lack of desire or suffering with pain are just a few examples of the various problems women can experience. The reasons include age and illness, or simply are put down to a bad experience or lack of education. Gold Max products have successfully met the demand for both males and females, by carrying out extensive research they understanding both their product range and customer requirements. Allowing them to be a convenient, safe and reliable choice for many.

All aspects are completely natural in the Gold Max range and the packaging for the brand, marketing information and ingredients also all comply with E.U. Food Supplement, ensuring it is safe and reliable to use without any side-effects. Fulfil your natural vigour and experience your maximum sexual performance with Gold Max.