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Premature ejaculation is a common occurrence which almost all men suffer from at some point in their life – in fact, around 10% of men in the United Kingdom suffer from this embarrassing condition on a regular basis. While the odd time may not be too big an issue, regular premature ejaculation can be humiliating and confidence-sapping – so it’s good to know that ShytoBuy is on hand to help!

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You are not alone

Premature ejaculation can really chip away at your confidence - but if you suffer from this frustrating condition, the important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Around one in ten men experience premature ejaculation on a regular basis, and it is the number one sexual complaint among men under the age of 50. In the most severe cases, ejaculation can occur almost immediately after developing an erection, while others sufferers come to an unwanted climax before penetration or just after beginning intercourse. This can lead to a real lack of confidence as both you and your partner become sexually frustrated, adding a level of stress that only serves to make the condition worse.

Tips and techniques

Thankfully, scientists have been hard at work forming solutions to delay ejaculation, and increasingly they are offering up incredible results – up to 95% of sufferers eventually find an answer to their problem. At ShytoBuy we offer a wide range of potential answers, ensuring that you’ll be able to solve yours in a discreet and effective manner.

While we offer a variety of solutions to help delay ejaculation, it is important to remember that there are a number of tips and techniques you can apply to ensure your sexual encounters can last as long as possible – many of which have been tried and tested over centuries, helping men to combat this embarrassing and frustrating condition without the need for a trip to the doctor.

Stay positive

When confronting the issue of premature ejaculation, positivity is key. By remaining upbeat about the situation, you give yourself a much better chance of overcoming it, as while there are many physical factors which can cause premature ejaculation, a lot of the time the condition is caused by psychological issues. Anxiety and nervousness can lead to over-sensitivity of the penis leading to an early climax, while everything from over-excitement and even heavy breathing can inhibit your performance. Therefore, as unlikely as it sounds, if you can keep a clear head, breathe deeply and relax your body during intercourse, you might well find that the anxiety and tension are reduced, allowing you to enjoy the situation and lessen the psychological factors that can lead to premature ejaculation.

Natural and effective solutions that help delay ejaculation

If you’ve exhausted all the tips and still find that you’re struggling with ways to delay ejaculation there are a number of effective options at your disposal. In fact, every year thousands of men are opting for natural solutions to overcome their issues, allowing them to enjoy significant improvements in their condition from the comfort of their own home, in a completely safe and gentle manner. Unlike other more expensive products on the market, which offer significant results but often unpleasant side-effects, all of the products in the ShytoBuy range are completely natural, offering a safe solution to premature ejaculation which can boost your performance and confidence without hitting your wallet too hard.

Ultimately, where premature ejaculation is concerned, it’s all about maintaining a positive frame of mind, and nothing should give you greater confidence than the fact that there is a product out there that will get the results you require. Simply choose the option that best suits your requirements. Products such as Stud 100 and Coolmann Delay Gel have helped millions of men across the globe to enjoy longer-lasting sex and increased confidence in the bedroom, while the Durex Extended Pleasure condom offers improved performance in a discreet fashion, appearing just like any other condom on the market. Since many of these products get to work straight away, no one will ever need to know the secret to your success!