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Coolmann Delay Gel


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Enjoy more control over your ejaculation and increase pleasure in the bedroom with CoolMann Delay Gel. No need for prescription drugs or any dangerous side effects, this natural formula is the solution you need. Join thousands of men who have bought this gel already and found they were able to last a considerably longer length of time.

  • Leaves you and your partner enjoying longer and more satisfying sex
  • NO mess and NO residue (nobody will ever know!)
  • Condom friendly and safe for both partners
  • Unlike many other similar products, CoolMann is also suitable for oral use
  • Absorbs almost instantaneously, so you only have to use when you’re ready

CoolMann Delay gel uses ingredients that have been specifically formulated to fight early ejaculation for years. It helps to overcome issues of an over sensitive penis, without reducing your sexual pleasure.

Product Features
Type : Gel Size : 30ml

What is CoolMann Delay Gel?

Did you know that around 10% of men in the UK regularly climax too early? For many it is something that will affect them a lot, for others, it’s just on the odd occasion. Regardless, it’s usually not ideal! If you, like nearly all other men, would rather last longer, then this CoolMann Delay Gel could be your answer.

There are many reasons why men encounter ejaculation problems ranging from an over sensitive penis head to psychological reasons. The powerful and unique natural ingredients used in this formula have been specifically selected to maintain control over your climax. Compared to many other products available in the market, CoolMann Delay Gel’s formula can get to work in minutes meaning you only need to use it just before you are ready.

Will it work for me?

Many of our users have mentioned they have experience a mild anaesthetic like effect just moments after applying the gel (this is normal).

The CoolMann Delay Gel has been one of our top sellers at ShytoBuy with many customers reporting positive and satisfied feedback. In fact, many of our customers who purchase the delay gel from ShytoBuy will often come back to us for repeat orders. Most of which have been enjoying longer lasting sex for years!

How to use

Applying the CoolMann Delay Gel is quick, easy and discreet. Unlike many other methods, all you have to do is apply the gel 5-10 minutes before you take part in sexual activity. Simply smooth a thin layer on the penis (head) and gently massage into the skin. Since it leaves no residue or indication that it is present, the chances are that your partner will never know you’ve got it on.

Is this gel a drug?

The CoolMann Delay Gel is completely natural and isn’t a drug. It doesn’t include any artificial ingredients that would require a prescription to use. Although it isn’t an erection-enhancing drug it is still capable of helping to boost your overall arousal, sexual stamina and confidence when you use this gel regularly and as directed.

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* great product. ordering my 4th bottle.

* thank god i found this spray. will bookmark your website. you have a good range of products

* best shopping experience online. i am fan now

* I got this for my guy after watching the ad and i am happy to have made the decision. he likes it too

* this is a must have if you want to last longer in bed

* great service. Had some problem with the card and the customer service guy helped me solve it patiently. Delivery was also on time. Good work