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Clearogen is committed to providing your skin with a natural and effective solution to fight the cause of acne, DHT and has been founded by an expert dermatologist. It uses the latest medical breakthrough ideas and cutting edge scientific research through a range of effective, simple to use products.

Unlike any other acne treatments out there, the Clearogen Anti-Acne Treatment Set is the only one created to stop acne at the source. Leading the way in fighting the cause of acne naturally at home. The culprit and ‘acne causing hormone’ is commonly known as DHT. Compared to other brands, which often only offer short-term solutions, here a three-stage method has been introduced to effectively reduce blemish appearances. Each stage has been carefully formulated and researched by an expert team of dermatologists. This means you can be assured you’re offering the best for your skin as well as addressing specific acne issues.

The intention behind the brand is to not only fight blemishes you have presently, but to also reduce the chances of them popping up in the future. Clearogen actually stems originally from part of the Advanced Skin and Hair, Inc Company. The anti DHT ingredients were actually used in formulas to prevent hair thinning and loss. This lead the brand creator and experienced dermatologist to then apply similar ingredients to be used in successful acne preventing formulas.

From the very beginning, the aim behind the three-step acne treatment kit has been to stop acne flare-ups at the root. The set comprises of a toner, lotion and cleanser that work synergistically together for best results. Each product has a unique formula intended to overcome acne signs and encourage smoother, clearer skin appearances. You may find many other brands and products contain harsh ingredients and strong formulas that can be damaging to your skin. Some can come with unwanted side effects and not actually getting rid of acne for good, whereas Clearogen Acne Treatment Kit can. The health of your skin is of up most importance to this brand and this is evident from the easily useable method and skin-benefiting ingredients that it is comprised of. Years of trials and research have been applied to all products, basing the formulas primarily on natural and often botanical ingredients.

Your lifestyle has been taken into consideration by this brand. It has created products that are not only easy to apply but often only need to be applied as little as once a day. This care and attention to detail leaves this brand and its products to be accessible and suitable for all types of people and ages, including millions of teenagers and adults across the world. Of course there are certain lifestyle improvements that will also benefit the condition of your skin in combination with these products. These can include eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and developing a healthy cleanliness regime, which will all help your case. The Clearogen Acme Lotion combined with the cleanser and toner has been specifically created to offer longer lasting and substantial results, often banishing troublesome acne oil stimulating hormone DHT for good.