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Bad Breath

More commonly referred to as bad breath, halitosis is an unpleasant and embarrassing condition whereby an unpleasant smell is emitted when breathing or speaking. Around 25% of people in the United Kingdom suffer from this awkward ailment on a regular basis, with people of all ages and genders affected.

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Who suffers from bad breath

Bad breath is one of the top three reasons why people go to the dentist. This may sound high, but it is an extremely common condition and can have a debilitating effect on people who suffer with it. It can affect your confidence, making you uncomfortable being around people, potentially even turning you off the idea of enjoying intimate times with a partner.

Despite being extremely common, it remains an embarrassing and upsetting condition to suffer with. Unfortunately, it is often the case it's the sufferer who is the last person to realise that there is a problem. For this reason, it’s important to ensure effective and fast relief as soon as you recognise the issue. You may not be aware of how long your breath has been bad for.

Do I have bad breath?

It’s not always easy to know whether or not you need to know how to stop bad breath without someone telling you, but there is a simple way of testing the smell of your breath, potentially saving unnecessary embarrassment. Make sure you are not wearing any perfume, aftershave or substance on your skin, and then simply lick the inside of your wrist with your tongue. Allow the saliva to dry before checking if your wrist smells notably unpleasant, if so, there is a strong possibility that your breath smells more than it should and you should seek a bad breath cure.

How to stop bad breath and the causes of it

It’s useful to identify the cause in order to find an effective bad breath cure. More often than not it is usually the result of poor oral hygiene. If bacteria is allowed to build up in the teeth and gums, it can lead to unpleasant smells which eventually become strong enough to be noticeable to other people when you breathe near them.

Knowing how to stop bad breath is easy when you follow a few key steps; an important one is avoiding strong-flavoured foods such as garlic and onions. These contain a strong sulfur-based odour compound: allyl methyl sulphide. It is this especially ‘sticky’ molecule that adheres easily to your mouth, even after you have eaten only a small amount of the food. Many breath fresheners, sprays and pills are the perfect bad breath cure in this situation.

Smoking can also have a knock on affect on your breath freshness, often referred to as ‘smokers breath’. An easy bad breath cure in this scenario is to simply stop smoking or change to vaping. Excessive alcohol and crash dieting, also all have a powerful negative effect on your breath. When you eat, food is broken down in the mouth before being digested and absorbed into the blood. During this time, the smells can be stored in the mouth, where brushing and flossing offer only temporary respite from any unwanted smells. This essentially means that without the correct bad breath cure, you may struggle to eliminate it until the food has passed through your body.

Symptoms of dubious breath can also be caused by xerostomia or ‘dry mouth’. Saliva is needed to cleanse the mouth, neutralise plaque acids and wash away dead cells which gather on the gums, tongue and cheeks. If it is not removed effectively, these dead cells can decompose, leading to bad breath. ‘Dry mouth’ can be caused by a variety of factors including prescription medication, salivary gland problems or continuous breathing through the mouth.

There are many way how to stop bad breath and addressing poor dental health is the most common. Gum disease, which is caused by plaque build-up in the teeth, leads to toxins forming in the mouth and eventually irritated or bleeding gums. People who use poorly-fitted dental appliances such as braces or retainers are also more likely to need to find a bad breath cure.

Finding a solution

There are a variety of methods that provide a bad breath cure, many of which notably improve your oral hygiene and lifestyle. Brushing your teeth and flossing regularly are top of the list, as is keeping your tongue clean and visiting your dentist every six months. All of these lifestyle alterations will help to ensure good oral hygiene. While a balanced diet (free of strongly-flavoured foods, reduced sugar and alcohol intake), plenty of water and quitting smoking can all have a rapid, positive impact in many cases acting as your bad breath cure.

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