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A leading choice in the sexual health and wellbeing industry. ArginMax creates quality products that are well documented and have shown results in the short and long term. ArginMax is available for both men and women who are looking to stimulate a healthy sexual appetite.

ArginMax for Men

If you want to boost your sexual performance why not try out ArginMax for Men? It’s comprised of a host of natural ingredients known for their sexual stamina and fitness benefits.

ArginMax for Women

Take care of your female sex drive with ArginMax for Women. It combines a unique blend of traditionally used ingredients with a host of vitamins and minerals for advanced effects.


Libido levels are important and maintaining a healthy level should be at the top of your priority list. We know that sexual stimulation can release the so called “love hormone” Oxytocin, this also helps with fighting stress by relaxing the mind and muscles. Fears and insecurities can prevent us from maintaining our libido levels and will decrease, causing an inconvenience and stressful situations. For this reason ArginMax was formulated, ArginMax is the first dietary supplement that can progressively improve the quality of your sexual performance. ArginMax is suitable to be consumed by both men and women and is designed to optimise overall fitness and overall quality of life.

The Daily Wellness company has collaborated with researchers from the United States to help provide a solution for an increasingly common problem. The mission is to develop a product that can transform discomfort into pleasure by stimulating the mind and body.

Increased Sexual Activity


Decreased Libido levels can affect both men and women and can be extremely stressful for a relationship. There is physiological differences between the two sexes and for this reason ArginMax designed solutions for men and women, in order to satisfy both. ArginMax is essentially a dietary supplement that helps with the circulation of blood, by increasing the nitric oxide levels and blood circulation you are allowing more blood to flow freely around the body. When sexually stimulated the blood will rush to the penis causing it to become erect, and for women the healthy blood circulation will result in a higher sexual desire.

ArginMax has been subject to rigorous testing by the Daily Wellness company and researchers from the United States, trying to develop the most effective solution to decreased libido in men and women. These tests have brought very positive results:

  • 89% of men have noticed a definite evolution of their relationship, with more erections
  • 79% showed a general improvement in their sex lives.


You may think that ArginMax is a herbal replica of Viagra but there is two difference between the two. ArginMax solution does not offer an immediate solution, although the mission might seem the same. The difference between the two is that Viagra offers an almost immediate and temporary effect, while ArginMax acts on a deeper level, targeting the solution with an aim to provide a long term solution. Despite being a dietary supplement and does not require a prescription, it should be treated with the same caution and taken with the recommended dosage.

Nitric Oxide

A long term treatment of ArginMax can help increase the nitric oxide in the body, nitric oxide is essential to the formula as it helps increase blood circulation in the body, promoting a higher sexual desire. The benefits of Nitric Oxide doesn’t start and end with blood circulation as it also can increase the flexibility of the blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart attacks. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps the healing of wounds. Nitric Oxide helps maintain longer and more powerful erections.