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Anal Intimacy

It’s believed that around a third of couples have experimented with anal sex, in some instances anal sex is preferred to vaginal sex! Due to this growing popularity, ShytoBuy has collated a range of products together to allow you to enjoy anal sex and make it more pleasurable and comfortable. Our range includes bleaching creams, prostate massagers, anal relaxers and lubricants.

Bathmate Hydrodouche

Discover the Bathmate Hydrodouche that makes your anal douching experience a dream. It’s easy to assemble, easy to use and very effective. Enjoy complete anal cleansing in minutes.

Star White Creme

Star White Anal Bleaching Cream lightens the area of skin that is most intimate. It can also help to reduce discolouration and pigmentation. As its made using natural ingredients, it can be used on your intimate areas.

Nexus Neo

Stimulate you G-spot and support your prostate health with Nexus Neo. Its wide girth and extended length makes it suitable for experienced users and those who want to experience deeper penetration.

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ID Backslide Anal Formula

Enjoy anal sex at last! ID Backslide Anal Formula is thick and cushiony textured, specially designed to generate comfort and a pleasurable penetration for both partners during anal sex to reach new levels of intimacy.

relaxXXX Original Anal Spray

Anal sex is very popular however the thought of it can put people off due to pain and discomfort. RelaxXXX Anal Relaxing Spray helps to relax anal muscles for you to enjoy anal penetration to its fullest.

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Female Anal Relax

Female anal Relax is specially made for women who want to enjoy anal sex. It's a luxurious lube that helps you to find anal intimacy more pleasurable. Female Anal Relax is also compatible with condoms and latex toys.

ID Backslide Anal Insert Tubes

ID Backslide Anal Insert Tubes are very easy to use and don’t create a mess! Each 8ml tube encourages more comfortable and enjoyable anal sex with extra thick and silicone based lube.

Nexus Anal Starter Kit

Discover deeper pleasure than ever before with Nexus Anal Starter Kit. The 3 different sized butt plugs mean the kit is suitable for experienced users as well as beginners.

Intimate Organics Daring Lemongrass Anal Relaxing Spray

A first choice for men and women who want to experiment with anal sex. Simply spray on and anal penetration can be made more pleasurable and comfortable. Made using natural ingredients.

Nexus Vibro Prostate Massager

Want a great way to massage your prostate? Why not use the first ever P-spot massager? Nexus Vibro Prostate Massager’s ribbed shaft and vibrating bullet ensures your experience is beneficial to your health and pleasurable.


An introduction to anal intimacy

There is no questioning that for most people, sex is enjoyable and for many it is a healthy part of their lifestyle. Now more than ever individuals and couples are experimenting and becoming more open to different methods. Anal sex is one particular method that has been poplar and trending for a number of years. It’s thought that nearly a third of couples have experimented with anal sex, with many of them actually preferring it to vaginal sex. However, some may find initial anal sex uncomfortable. This is why at ShytoBuy we have come up with a range of relaxers and lubricants to help couples enjoy more pleasurable anal sex. Our carefully selected range includes naturally formulated anal bleaching creams and anal lubes. These products promote more comfortable sex by reducing soreness and friction, whilst still maintaining feeling, sensitivity and pleasure.

For beginners

You should always take the necessary precautions with anal sex, especially at the beginning when it can sometimes be a bit tricky. Anal relaxers and lubricants are great for helping both partners to relax and enjoy the experience more. Alongside such products, its important to know how each individual is feeling during the process and making sure it is enjoyable for both people involved. Keeping in contact with each other and maintaining openness is key to successful and a very pleasurable anal sex experience. At ShytoBuy we aim to promote safe and enjoyable sex with our range of products. This can help you to relax and enjoy the moment, instead of dreading it. If you want to relax and loosen the muscles to enjoy smoother sex then anal lubricants and relaxants are perfect. It’s good to note that our anal lubes and relaxers are also all compatible with condoms and silicone sex toys.

Remember that you are not alone

Do not think you are alone if you are considering experimenting with anal sex, or introducing products to ensure it is more satisfying, you are not alone. There are thousands of couples thinking the exact same thing as you. Help is at hand in the most discreet way at ShytoBuy to ensure your anal sex experiences are comfortable and enjoyable.