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Haemorrhoids – more commonly known as piles - affect around 75% of people in the United Kingdom, most commonly the over 65s but occurring equally in both men and women. The symptoms of this embarrassing and uncomfortable condition can include bleeding, lumps, itchy skin and swelling on or around the anus. Luckily, ShytoBuy is here to help – we stock a fantastic range of carefully-selected all-natural products which aim to provide you with effective, fast and safe relief.

HemaPRO Capsules and Cream

Overcome your haemorrhoids with HemaPRO capsules and cream. This duo combination helps to provide relief from redness and reduce your swelling for a more pleasant and comfortable feeling.

HemaPRO Capsules

Find effective pain relief from piles and haemorrhoids with HemaPRO. Take HemaPRO capsules twice daily to minimise the effect of haemorrhoids.

HemaPRO Cream

HemaPRO Cream is an effective cream and solution for those suffering from haemorrhoids and piles.


What are piles?

Piles are swellings which occur in the anal canal. This humiliating condition can be incredibly painful, and is caused by a variety of factors – however, help is at hand, thanks to ShytoBuy. Choosing the right product in the early stages of the condition can help to combat piles, relieving the discomforting and frustrating symptoms before they worsen. In many cases, piles symptoms can be noticeable as soon as onset occurs – but whenever they appear, it is important to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Prior to treatment, we recommend consulting a doctor to ensure the best method – however, if you do not wish to do so, you can simply choose from our extensive collection of clinically-proven solutions.

How do I prevent piles?

Once piles occur, they can be incredibly painful and difficult to get rid of – luckily, there are a few things that you can do to prevent future outbreaks: make sure you are eating a high-fibre diet to prevent constipation, and if you are in a job which requires you to sit down for long periods, make sure to stand up or go for a walk for at least a few minutes every hour.

What's the solution?

As we’ve already mentioned, piles affects around three-quarters of the population at some point in live, with thousands of men and women in the United Kingdom affected every year, so a quick and effective solution has to be a priority – and that’s where ShytoBuy comes in. We offer a number of piles solution treatments, including natural and herbal options such as HemaPro – this clinically-proven method of treating piles offers a dual-action solution, comprising of an oral spray and easy-to-swallow capsules. Our array of potential solutions doesn’t end there, though – we offer a fabulous range of sprays and creams designed to relieve the pain and irritation of external itches – so whatever help you require, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal fix for your problem at ShytoBuy!

Piles might be something of a taboo subject, but you no longer have to suffer in silence – ShytoBuy offers an incredible range of clinically-tested products, allowing you to target this embarrassing condition with a minimum of fuss, enjoying relief and possibly permanent prevention of piles from the comfort of your own home!