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Pheromones are natural chemicals released by the body which are sub-consciously picked up by other people, affecting their behaviour and attitude towards you. These invisible chemicals can subtly enhance your sexual appeal and boost your confidence, with endless studies confirming that pheromones are a leading factor in the way humans interact with each other, with particular regard to romantic attraction.

Nexus Man-2-Woman Pheromones

Do you want to boost your chances with girls? Pheromones are known to increase our attractiveness to the opposite sex, which is something you may do with Nexus Man-2-Woman Pheromones spray.

Pherofem Woman-2-Man

Sexual attraction is important, so why not boost it with PheroFem for Women. Effortlessly attract men by simply spraying this spray as you would your perfume.

Pheromen Man-2-Woman

PheroMen Man-2-Woman pheromones can help you to attract more women than ever before. Simply apply this discreet spray as you would your cologne or aftershave for best results.


What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical factors which are released from our cells, glands and waste and affect the behaviour of any people nearby, manipulating their reactions towards you on a sub-conscious level. These incredibly complex chemicals work like signals, conveying information that others take in on a sub-conscious level, and can communicate a variety of things including fear, anger and, most relevant to ShytoBuy, sexual appeal.

In the animal kingdom, sex pheromones are released by all creatures great and small from dogs to fire flies, enhancing their ability to attract mating partners. These powerful chemicals work just the same in humans, appealing to a potential mate’s animal instincts on a sub-conscious but inescapable level. ShytoBuy’s fantastic range of pheromone products work by simply enhancing the impact of your naturally-occurring pheromones – in a modern world where hygiene is of the utmost importance, your pheromones are masked by the soaps, deodorants, colognes and perfumes which are applied to your face and body, inhibiting the natural chemical processes which help make you attractive to prospective partners.

Avoiding the use of strongly-scented sprays and creams can help to ensure you maintain a high level of pheromone activity, as can attending regular sauna session – the sweat you excrete helps pheromones to emerge and spread across the body. However, thanks to modern technology, now you can take a short cut by simply increasing your natural production, enhancing the effect your pheromones will have no potential partners!

What can pheromones do for me?

If you would like to boost your sex appeal with a minimum of fuss, the discreet and effective pheromone products available at ShytoBuy might be the perfect solution – allowing you to enjoy maximum pheromone impact by boosting your natural production rates, eventually increasing your ability to attract sexual partners. All of the items we offer are tailored towards specific sexual preferences – whether you’re a woman looking for a man, a man looking for a woman or looking for a partner of the same sex, we’ll have the ideal item to suit your needs – allowing you the best possible opportunity to find the right product for you!

Are they safe to use?

Don’t forget, every item in our range of products is made from only 100% naturally-occurring ingredients which work together with your body’s natural pheromone production – allowing you an entirely safe and natural opportunity to increase your sexual appeal and give your confidence a boost!