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Jes Extender Silver Standard


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The Jes Extender Silver is truly the ultimate in luxury male enhancement devices. Coated in pure sterling silver for a stylish finish, this penis extender uses medically-tested traction technology to help increase the length and girth of your penis without the pain or cost of surgery.

  • Clinically proven to increase penis size
  • Stylish mahogany case
  • Luxury sterling silver-coated design
  • Can be worn day or night
  • Enhances width and girth
  • Can correct penile curvature by up to 90%
  • Can help to achieve stronger erections
  • 5 year Manufacturers Warranty!
  • Use JES16 in the basket and receive a 10% discount

The Jes Extender Silver is packaged in a stylish mahogany case with eight complimentary extender rods for accurate growth monitoring and a premium cushioned front piece to ensure maximum comfort. Enjoy our FREE DELIVERY option too!

Product Features
Type : Extender Warranty : 5 Year Warranty
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What is the Jes Extender Silver?

The Jes Extender Silver is the absolute definition of excellence, quality and effectiveness. It is because of products such as this that the Jes brand has remained one of the world’s leaders for natural penis enlargement, achieving consistently excellent results in helping men to achieve larger and stronger erections. If you are keen to increase your penis size in natural way and without surgery, this product is perfect for you. Its clinically proven and medically tested, as well as being completely safe to use.

The average reported increase growth over 26 weeks is an impressive 28% in length and a 19% increase in girth when used as directed. The Jes Extender Silver is one of the most popular male enhancement products on the market, using traction technology to naturally increase penis length and girth – and can be worn underneath clothing, allowing you to increase your penis size discreetly.

How does it work?

The Jes Extender Silver helps to increase the length and girth of your penis by using traction to support the body's natural ability to grow when placed under gentle constant physical pressure. After time the cells in your penis start to multiply, having a positive improvement on its size. Such methods to increase size on parts of your body have been used for centuries and still used today in african tribes to increase certain parts of their body such as the lips, mouth, ears or nose. The product also includes eight extender rods to help you accurately monitor growth.

Fast results

From just 8 weeks many men should be able to see nearly a 10% increase in their penis size. Results do vary on an individual basis and how often you wear the device. To gain the best results possible we recommend using the device correctly and for 6 months to see the true extent that's possible to enlarge your penis.

As seen on TV

'Easy to use with our ergonomic design' 'Comfortable to wear, any time anywhere'

What do I get in my Jes Extender Silver package?

The Jes Extender Silver package includes eight extender rods, a premium-comfort cushioned front piece, cohesive gauze, a comfort strap, an instruction manual and DVD.

The Jes Extender Silver is coated in sterling silver for an added touch of class, and comes complete with extender rods, comfort cushions and straps and a wooden storage box – ensuring the height of style and practicality.

Safe to use

The Jes Extender Silver uses medically-tested technology and is manufactured from only the highest quality materials, providing a safe way to increase the size of your penis without having to undergo surgical procedures.

The Jes Extender Silver comes complete with an instructional DVD which provides a precise walkthrough of how to begin using and get the most out of your product, along with a recommended training program.

How do I order?

Ordering from ShytoBuy is easy, secure and discreet, and we offer a variety of payment and delivery options to suit your requirements. To begin your purchase, simply click on the ‘Add To Basket’ option.

Jes Extender Basal Ring (White)

Jes Extender Cohesive Gauze

Jes Extender Comfort Front Set - Black

Jes Extender Complete Arm - Assembled

Jes Extender Custom Velcro Strap

Jes Extender Cylinder

Jes Extender Cylinder Top Screw

Jes Extender Elongation Bar

Jes Extender GT Kit

Jes Extender Hexagonal Piston

Jes Extender Key (Set of 2)

Jes Extender Protection Pad

Jes Extender Rubber Strap

Jes Extender Silicone Tube

Jes Extender Spring (Set of 2)

Jes Extender Tuneup Kit

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* i went to a nudest beach with the lads the other day while i was on holiday and i was shocked to see the size difference in my penis, i felt kind of gay examining every mans size while walking down the beach,but i was considerably smaller than the rest, this really got me down and i went online and searched hard for a solution. the jes extender caught my eye and i gave it a go. i have never been happier than i am today, today was the day i went into the maintaing phase and just use it once or twice a week maximum, just to keep it looking this way. jes extender you changed my life, thanks jes and thanks shy

* i am a guy who is very active, but for the last 2 years i have been conscious about my penis size so i found a solution, its the easiest and most effective solution aswel, compleely pain free too... i am now as active as i have ever been and now i have no problem getting naked infront of the girls

* just recieved mine, packaging is very discreet, on time, great customer service, and the product itself looks to be made of highquality materials

* the silver standard jes extender was an easy choice for me, its produced with the highest quality materials and is 100% safe.

* king kong aint got sh*t on me

* i ordered mine with the discreet packaging so my house mates wouldnt see what im ordering and where from, this was a really great option. as for the jes extender itself, its such a great product, i actually started seeing instant results but now that i havent used it for a while all i need to do is maintain the size i have reached

* i love the packaging, really high quality product. i feel safe putting my penis inside it and letting it stretch, weirdly enough

* been using it for 3 weeks, already seeing incredible results

* faking it out with erection inducer was hell. i needed something more permanent and this is it.

* it looks complicated at first bout actually its really easy to use. it has been just a week that i am using it. will come back once i see results