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Digestive problems affect millions of people every year across a wide range of ages, causing abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea among many other symptoms. These embarrassing and painful issues can chip away at your confidence over time – so it’s important that you’re aware there are a number of steps you can take to reduce and prevent the symptoms of these conditions.

Emuaid First Defence Probiotic

Emuaid First Defense Probiotic is a supplement formulated to help fight yeast, fungal and viral infections to enhance your immunity.

Native Remedies Candidate

Do you suffer from excess candida? Candidate offers a unique and natural formula that may help to reduce bloating, low energy and sugar cravings for a fresh and natural way to help your digestion.

Devigest - Advanced Digestive Support

Fed up of bloating after certain foods, feeling constipated or gassy? Devigest is a natural solution for you that help you to maintain a more harmonious digestive system and can settle your stomach.

MaxMedix Intensive Colon Cleanse

Experience the ultimate 10 day colon cleanse with Digestive Science® Intensive Colon Cleanse. It maintains digestive harmony, prevents sluggish sensations and may help with weight loss.

Naturasil Internal Parasites Oil

Fight back against common and multiple types of internal parasites with Naturasil Internal Parasites Oil. It fights against ringworm, bacteria and tapeworms among others. Made using natural ingredients.

Native Remedies Gasolve Relief

Avoid embarrassing belching and smelly wind with Native Remedies Gasolve Relief. These small and pleasant tasting capsules help restore a healthy digestive system so you can enjoy food without worrying about the windy consequences!

Native Remedies Natural Moves

Do you suffer with constipation from time to time? Help reduce your symptoms naturally with Native Remedies Natural Moves, which can enable you to feel healthy and unclogged within 12 hours of taking the capsule.

Digestive Science Maximum Digestion Probiotic

Maintain your healthy bacteria and help fight away bad bacteria with Digestive Science® Maximum Digestion Probiotic. These easy to take capsules help restore a more harmonious and balanced digestive system.

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Detox Tone

Maintain a healthy digestive functioning with Detox Tone. These all-natural capsules are bursting with potent and effective ingredients known to also aid weightloss.

Digestive Science Enzyme Renewal

Maintain harmony in your digestive system! Digestive Science Digestive Enzyme Renewal capsules can help to sustain your food digestion whilst aiming to preventing bloating, gas and constipation problems.

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Native Remedies Coloflush

Tired, bloated and constipated? Don’t feel bunged up for longer than you have to. ColoFlush can naturally helps to support a healthier digestive system and a better colon functioning.


An introduction to digestion

Digestion is one of the most important mechanisms in the body, and poor digestion can lead to painful or embarrassing issues such as stomach ache and gas. Such digestive problems can be caused by a variety of factors including infection, poor diet and premature ageing, and can lead to more serious problems such as fatigue – gradually lowering your confidence and making it more difficult to get on with your daily routine. Luckily, you can put a stop to your digestive issues simply and effectively through a simple amendment to your daily diet.

Who does poor digestion effect?

Many people have undiagnosed allergies or intolerances which can lead to poor digestion – everyone’s body works differently, and some foods can cause pain or discomfort for no obvious reason. By simply removing these foods from your diet, you may notice that your digestive problems clear up very quickly. If you’re unsure about which foods may be causing you problems, try to remember if you’ve eaten any foods that are not usually part of your diet, or keep a diary of your food intake and digestive issues – you should quickly be able to find patterns which will highlight which foods are inhibiting your digestion. It is important to remember that poor digestion, just like poor diet, can have a wider effect on bodily function, with particular regard to the immune system – and it is essentially that you maintain poor digestion in order to promote general health and function.

What can be done if you do suffer from digestion problems?

While the lifestyle changed mentioned above should help your recovery from digestive problems, not all conditions can be solved so easily – and in those cases, you may wish to use one of ShytoBuy’s natural digestive products. We offer a fabulous range of treatments which offer quick and effective relief from digestive discomfort, allowing you to rid your body of any unwanted symptoms as soon as they have been diagnosed – and as all of our items contain 100% natural homeopathic ingredients, you can be sure you won’t suffer any unwanted side-effects! However, it is important to bear in mind that while most digestive conditions are mild, there are a small minority which can be life-threatening if left untreated – if you are worried or unsure about which product to use, we recommend consulting a doctor prior to treatment, as they will be able to discuss your options and decide on the best course of action to suit your needs.