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Change of Life

Menopause marks the point in life when a woman’s menstrual cycle ends – usually in her early 50s, but possibly earlier in sufferers of premature menopause. This condition can be caused by a number of factors, with symptoms including mood swings, anxiety, hot flushes and decreased libido. Luckily, ShytoBuy offers a number of effective products which can help you to manage the effects of this distressing condition.

Provestra - Female Libido Enhancer

If your sex life has been negatively affected due to menopause, then Provestra is for you. It is a specially developed supplement that helps women to feel more aroused and also help to reduce the irritating symptoms of menopause.


Do you suffer with the common menopausal symptom of vaginal dryness? Take action now with easy to take and discreet Omega7 Capsules. Their natural ingredients help improve vaginal fluid levels.


Find discreet and effective relief from some of the most common symptoms of menopause with Proferia. It helps to balance hormonal levels to initiated greater sexual arousal, pleasure and satisfaction.

LELO LUNA Beads Classic

LELO Luna Beads Classic are the perfect exercise regime to help you enjoy more explosive and intense orgasms. You can wear them during your normal daily activities and no one will ever know…

LELO LUNA Beads Mini

LELO Luna Beads Mini is the top of the range, luxurious choice of advanced kegel ball systems. Look no further when it comes to improving pelvic floor and vaginal fitness.

Native Remedies MellowPause

Are you experiencing menopause or perimenopause? Hot flushes, trouble sleeping and mood swings? Look no further than Native Remedies MellowPause, created to relieve your symptoms and enjoy your day-to-day life.


Menopause, often referred to as ‘the change of life’, can be upsetting, uncomfortable and worrying for some women. This time in a woman’s life marks the end of the menstrual cycle and usually leads to a loss of sex drive – but thanks to advances in modern technology, this no longer has to be the case! The average age of the onset of menopause in women in the United Kingdom is 52, but many women go through the change much sooner – this is known as premature menopause. The main cause of menopause in older women is lowered oestrogen levels – as oestrogen production in the ovaries is gradually reduced, the menstrual cycle winds down before eventually stopping completely.

The menopause can be both physically and mentally draining on a woman’s well-being, impacting hugely on hormone balance and leading to a variety of symptoms including hot flushes, night sweats and anxiety –but ShytoBuy’s fantastic array of all-natural products aim to offer safe and gentle relief from the symptoms of menopause with no unpleasant side-effects.

For many women, the biggest complaint relating to the menopause is the effect it has on libido – many women no longer feel the urge to have sex following the menopause, developing vaginal dryness and even the inability to reach orgasm. After years of intensive research, there are now a number of products which work to reverse these effects, allowing you and your partner to recapture the spark in your relationship and enjoy more fulfilling and intense sex. The most popular solution to this issue is hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – however, if you would prefer not to opt for this costly and invasive treatment, ShytoBuy offers a host of natural creams tablets which work to alleviate the symptoms of the menopause and increase your sex drive simply and effectively.

Menopause can prove very distressing for sufferers – not only affecting your mood and physical well-being, but hitting your confidence too – so make sure to bear ShytoBuy in mind if you undergo the change – our fantastic range of treatments have been clinically-proven to provide effective relief from the symptoms of menopause with none of the associated side-effects of treatment.