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Yes Cleanse

150ml Intimate Wash | Organic Intimate Care
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Yes Cleanse Intimate Washes are intimate feminine washes that can be safely used on sensitive skin. Containing organic ingredients like aloe vera and calendula extract, these gentle and natural washes can help to maintain the vagina's natural pH level.

  • 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • PH-balanced intimate feminine wash
  • Targets bacteria without causing irritation and discomfort
  • Moisturises with aloe vera and calendula extract
  • Economic foam pump included
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Gentle on sensitive skin and intimate areas
  • Winner of Best Organic Beauty Product 2016
  • Hypoallergenic

Yes understand the delicacy and importance of good vaginal health. These intimate washes contain only natural, organic ingredients and are popular for their effective cleansing action. Yes Cleanse Intimate Washes come with an economic foam pump, that produces a gentle lather for a truly luxurious feminine cleansing experience. There are two variants to choose from, a fragrance-free Neutral wash and the delicately perfumed Rose variety. Both can be used to tackle bacteria and leave you feeling fresh, clean and sensual.

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What are Yes Cleanse Intimate Washes?

Ordinary chemical soaps and shower gels can wreak havoc on intimate areas, especially the vaginal pH balance. The irritation and discomfort so often caused by such products has led to many gynaecologists advising against the use of harsh, chemically based intimate soaps. Yes Cleanse Intimate Washes have been carefully formulated and tested to ensure that their use will never cause discomfort or negatively affect vaginal PH levels. Their mild, gentle formula can help to wash away bacteria without irritation.

Who can use these Intimate Washes?

Yes Cleanse Intimate Washes are suitable for all skin types and women of all ages. Feminine intimate hygiene is important for every woman, and the gentle moisturizing formula of YES Cleanse Intimate Washes ensures that every woman can reap the benefits. These washes can be used to tackle smelly vaginal discharge, soothe discomfort caused by bacterial build-up and freshen up at any time of the day.

Which varieties are available?

The washes come in two variations- Neutral and Rose. Both utilize the soothing and nourishing properties of Calendula and Aloe Vera, as well as delicate cleansing agents that gently and effectively work to clean and freshen your intimate areas. Both soaps are safe to use daily.

How can I use these washes?

You can use these washes in the shower as part of your daily hygiene routine. They are designed for use on the most intimate areas, so are safe to use all over the body. The simple foam pump dispenses a soft lather that can be easily applied as required. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water. See and feel the results almost immediately.

What ingredients are used?

The organic ingredients contained in Yes Cleanse Intimate Washes include Calendula Officinalis Extract, Aloe Barbadensis and Leaf Juice Powder. The Rose variant also contains Rosa Damascena Flower Oil. A single pack of Yes Cleanse is enough for more than 200 washes, and should last approximately 6 months when used daily.

Calendula Officinalis Extract

Aloe barbadensis

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil

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  • This intimate wash is very gentle, which is perfect for me as my skin can be very sensitive

    J Juanne

  • Fantastic!

    C Charlotte

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