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Wonder Legs

Healthier Veins & Blood Vessels
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Our legs are often the first place to feel tiredness and exhaustion - who hasn’t gotten home from a long day and immediately put their feet up to relax? Supporting circulation could be a great way to bring back the sensation of strength and energy in our legs, as a healthy blood flow enables them to work better and more efficiently. Wonder Legs aspires to give you a natural, boosting daily supplement, so that you can stride forward with vigour and purpose.

  • Perfect for the experience of tired, achy legs
  • Includes powerful French Maritime Bark
  • Red Vine Leaf for the sensation of lightness
  • Vitamin C for the normal function of blood vessels
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly formulation
  • Just one easy-to-swallow tablet everyday

If you’re looking for the sensation of revived lightness, strength, and resilience everyday, Wonder Legs Tablets could be just what you’re looking for. Aspiring to help you feel like the best version of yourself, and banish end-of-day exhaustion, they contain four natural ingredients, each selected with the utmost care and balanced with utter perfection. Wonder Legs can empower you to step forward with confidence and energy.

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  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

The Magic of Microcirculation

Circulation is vitally important to a feeling of healthy vitality across the body. But our legs are at a disadvantage before we’ve even begun the day - blood has to battle gravity to make its way back up to the heart, and a deficiency of physical activity, combined with long periods of sitting or standing, can leave us going home with a heavy, leaden feeling across the lower limbs. Microcirculation, blood flow through individual body parts, can be as crucial to the sensation of health as circulation through your entire body.

Polyphenols’ Natural Power

These incredible organic chemicals are found in foods such as dark chocolate and red wine, responsible for their popularly understood health benefits. Polyphenols are gaining renown for having a naturally boosting, restoring effect on circulation across the body. After years of anecdotal recommendation, the scientific community is taking an interest, and is increasingly linking plant polyphenols to the health of the cardiovascular system. Particularly in one’s legs, where the body is highly likely to struggle to achieve ideal circulation, a combination of polyphenols targeting healthy blood vessels might make a powerful difference.

Wonder Legs’ Unique Composition

These potent, herbally derived tablets take a simple, straightforward approach to helping you address the feeling of tiredness, heaviness, and as well as the external signs of those sensations. The unique, perfectly balanced combination of three potent botanicals and one key vitamin can work together powerfully, aiming to help give the feeling of lightness and strength through your legs.

The Fantastic Four

French Maritime Pine Bark
French Maritime Pine Bark
This plant-derivative is exclusively harvested from an untouched forest, exposed only to the power of the sea. It contains polyphenolic compounds, known for their protective effect on the body. Over 100 clinical trials have taken place, including some linking French Maritime Pine Bark with healthy blood vessels and strong microcirculation.
Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Piperine)
Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Piperine)
This stimulating, invigorating seasoning is more than a kitchen essential. An important spice used globally, it’s known for its numerous benefits and its hot taste. Its heat is due to various compounds, predominantly Piperine, which is understood to support and enhance other ingredients’ bioavailability, so that your body can best access their abilities.
Red Vine Extract
Red Vine Extract
Grapes, scientifically called Vitis Vinifera, are one of the world’s most widely consumed fruits in the world, and their plant is symbolically regarded as the ‘Tree of Life’ due to its regenerative abilities. Containing powerful polyphenols, revitalising grape seed extract is now being associated with healthy blood vessels and circulation.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C
This vital, body-loving vitamin is found in oranges and other citrus fruit, that are consumed around the world and loved for their health-endowing abilities. Well known for numerous benefits across the body, it is particularly known to contribute to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels and skin.

Full Ingredients

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract (Pinus pinaster, L), Red Wine Life Extract (Vinus Vinifera, L), Filling Agent (microcrystalline cellulose), L-Ascorbic Acid, Black Pepper Extract (Piper Nigrum, L), Disintegrator (Cross-linked Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose), Potato Starch, Coating Agents (Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose), Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide).

Taking Wonder Legs

The tablets are incredibly simple and easy, sure to fit into your life with minimal effort. Just take one everyday with a large glass of water, preferably before a meal at the same time everyday. Daily use, for a minimum of three months, is strongly recommended. We also suggest investing in the tablets in the long run, to get the most out of them.


The tablets are based on four key botanicals, none of which have any known side effects. However, as when trying any new supplement, we recommend reading the full ingredients thoroughly, checking for any personal allergens. If you’re on any medication, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, please check with your healthcare professional before taking. They are not intended for use by under eighteens.

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  • Really easy to take and it has actually helped my legs so would buy more once I run out

    J Janet

  • I like how they are in a strip instead of a bottle. I also like the ingredients as I prefer natural pills as have had some nasty side effects before. Overall this is working for me. Thank you

    K Kevin

  • Quick delivery and good product, I will keep using and update with progress

    S Saraswathi

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