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Why do I always feel bloated?

Do you experience bloating frequently, even if you haven’t overindulged? You are not alone. Many people experience regular bloating and gassiness. Here we touch upon the common causes of bloating and discuss ways to deal with it.

While for some of us bloating and gassiness is limited to occasional over eating during holidays and in parties, there are many men and women in the UK who experience bloating regularly. Presence of gas in the abdomen is a clear sign of unhealthy digestive system. It can not only be extremely uncomfortable, but can also be a cause of social embarrassment. If you complain of gas and bloating regularly, then you it needs immediate attention. Here we discuss some common causes of bloating and learn the ways to fix it:

Gas in the abdomen

After overeating, gas in abdomen is one of the most common causes of bloating. Drinking carbonated beverages and eating certain kind of food can increase gas built up in the intestine. Food rich in sugar and soluble fibre can make you a little gassy. Broccoli, radish, onion, cabbage, beer, diet sodas, beans and cheese are some of common gassy foods that we eat every day. So, if you experience bloating frequently, avoiding these foods might be helpful.


Intestinal gas can also build up if you have inconsistent bowel movements. This is the reason people who have constipation problem often complain of bloating. The best way to get gas out of your body is to increase your consumption of fibres. High-fibre foods like lentils, raw vegetables and cereals can speed up your bowel movement and limit gassiness.

Extra fat in tummy

Fat deposition in the abdominal area can be a reason for bloating. Excessive alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking can increase the fat deposition. So, if you are experiencing gassiness because of excess fat, consider shedding some pounds and quitting your vices.

Irritable bowel syndrome

People with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS, or spastic colon) often complain of frequent diarrhoea or constipation or bloating. IBS can also lead to sexual dysfunction and depression. Taking probiotics, soluble fibre supplementation and herbal remedies can help provide relief. Dietary changes are also essential to overcome discomfort. Increasing physical activity or doing yoga is also believed to help people with IBS.

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