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What To Consider when Choosing Contraception

Did you know that there are in total 15 forms of contraception? Clearly there is no dearth of choice. But when it comes to choosing contraception, the key is finding which method works best for both you and your partner.
A number of factors may affect your choice of contraception

Although many people will only be aware of condoms and contraceptive pills, there are in fact 15 types of contraception that protect against unwanted pregnancy. However, they all differ slightly so before choosing which method is best for you it is worth taking the time to consider various factors surrounding your health, lifestyle and medical history.

The first thing most people think of when deciding on contraception is how effective it will be. While all of the 15 methods are at least 92 per cent effective, they do vary and this may be a factor you want to consider when choosing your contraception.

For instance, the female condom is 95 per cent effective, while other methods including the contraceptive implant, the injection and the intrauterine device are more than 99 per cent effective. Lifestyle factors should also come into consideration when making your decision, as certain methods (such as the combined Pill and the vaginal ring) may not be suitable if you're a smoker, while others may not be the best choice if you're overweight.

Similarly, if you lead a busy lifestyle and are worried that you may not remember to take a daily Pill, it may be a good idea to consider a contraceptive method that lasts weeks or even months. For example, the intrauterine device can be fitted for up to five years, the injection lasts for three months and the vaginal ring is worn for three weeks out of every four.

When it comes to efficiency, condoms, if used correctly, are up to 99 per cent effective. They don't help prevent pregnancy but also your guard against the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases. Here are ShytoBuy we stock a wide range of condoms that will help you to enjoy safe sex.

Contraception choice will also affect your decision if you plan to get pregnant in the near future, as your fertility may take longer to return to normal after using certain methods, while others are much quicker. If you're on any prescription medication, this should affect your decision too, and is something you ought to discuss with your GP or a family planning expert. But although some methods will be affected by certain medications, there are a variety to choose from so this isn't something you should let worry you.

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