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What Is The Difference Between Hair Loss And Hair Thinning?

For those of you who want to find out more about what is really happening to those strands on your head…

Every person loses hair other than the planned haircuts or trims. Hair loss can happen in the shower, at night whilst you are sleeping or even when combing your hair. What to do next?

The initial reaction to hair loss is normally shock, surprise or both. Relax! The problem of hair loss is common and happens to so many people around you. There are many effective remedies which you can follow to get rid of this problem.

First, find out the pattern or kind of hair loss you are facing depending on which, you can plan your hair care plan. Two common hair fall patterns among men and women are thinning hair and hair loss. Hair problems start with thinning hair and end at hair loss which leads to baldness.

Here is a summary of all the basic information that you should know about thinning hair and hair loss, if you are facing any of these problems. Plan an effective hair care routine from the initial stage for your problem to avoid complications at a later stage.

Thinning Hair

  • Thinning hair happens at the initial stage of hair fall problem.
  • Thinning hair does not imply you discover baldness one morning. It is a process where the hair shaft starts to thin with each hair growth cycle.
  • The difference between male thinning hair and female is that men’s will usually result in baldness. Women, hair will just become thinner and won’t usually experience complete baldness.
  • During thinning hair, sensitivity to androgen around the hair follicles is common. This sensitivity causes miniaturisation and the change of the diameter of the hair follicle. In women, the process is usually slower, due to the level of ‘follicular protection’ offered by oestrogen.
  • Hair thinning is a slow and gradual process and usually does not result in complete baldness.
  • In thinning hair, the scalp does not become visible in a day. The hair loses its lust and volume. The texture becomes rough. Ultimately, it leads to baldness.
  • The possible causes of thinning hair can be pregnancy, stress and anxiety, an excess of Vitamin A, lack of protein, anemia, thyroid, autoimmune disorders, weight loss or chemical treatments on your hair.
  • As it is the very initial stage of hair problem, there are several remedies to the problem of hair thinning. The easy to try remedies for thin hair are hair supplements, natural hair care at home, minoxidil and transplant surgery.

Hair loss

  • The advanced stage of thinning hair results in hair fall.
  • Hair fall is noticeable as portions of your scalp might become visible and hair strands will be left on your bed, on your clothes, in the bathroom and more.
  • Critical hair loss easily leads to baldness in men with age. Though baldness is relatively lesser in women but the problem of hair loss has become a common concern among them.
  • Although hair loss is very common and happens to many people, especially as they age, its effects can still be very damaging to confidence levels and lower self-esteem. Therefore, no matter how common it is, you shouldn’t ignore the signs.
  • The sooner you tackle the hair loss problem, the more chance of a full recovery is possible.
  • If you are constantly experiencing hair fall without a pause, then it is hair loss. If you see few strands of hair for some time and then it stops, then your hair is fine.
  • Hair loss treatments take time to show results and you should be patient.
  • Try opting for natural or organic remedies for hair loss that does not have side effects.
  • Once you are sure that you have a hair loss problem, your only aim should be to protect your hair.
  • The hair loss problem is becoming so common due to the fast and urban life that today’s generation lives.

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