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Understanding Male Sexual Climax and Related Problems

Ever heard the saying ‘women heat up like an oven and men burn like a match’? The way we get turned on can be different. However, what really happens when men reach sexual climax and why do some men experience some problems?

It’s commonly known that men reach their sexual climax or orgasm more regularly than women, but why? For many, it is inevitable after a certain amount of stimulation. However, for some it isn’t as easy. This is also quite common and generally can be prevented.

About the male sexual climax

Generally speaking the male sexual climax occurs as a results of sexual tension during the sexual response cycle (excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasmic phase, and resolution phase). It’s controlled by the involuntary or autonomic nervous system. For both men and women this usually results in rhythmic muscle contractions in the pelvic region and for men it’s generally accompanied with seminal fluid or ejaculate.

Problems you may experience

There are several issues that can affect the male orgasm, they’re often associated with ejaculation; however, this is not always the case.

Premature ejaculation- it’s been said to affect nearly 75% of men at some stage of their lives. It is where the man ejaculates and often reaches his sexual climax faster then the average male does during intercourse. This can not only leave men being dissatisfied with their performance, but may also leave their partner being unable to reach levels of satisfaction they want to reach due to the short performance time.

The good news is that many men can overcome this popular problem very easily and in most cases using natural methods. Delay sprays, creams, oils and pills can all help to numb the sensation of your penis slightly to help you last longer before you reach an orgasm.

Erectile dysfunction- is the inability to get or maintain and erection. This is linked to problems achieving orgasms in men since to reach their climax peak an erection is required. Some people experience this problem due to the narrowing of blood vessels in the penis, which is commonly associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Hormonal problems and surgery are also some physical problems that can affect this issue. While anxiety depression or relationship problems are more psychological factors.

Dealing with the potential triggers of the issue, both physical and psychological, whether its talking to someone about your problem, seeing a doctor or using a natural solution to help tackle it are all great ways to improve your potential to reach the best climax you can.

Retrograde ejaculation- this is a situation where seminal fluid is ejaculated backwards into the urinary bladder instead of forwards. It occurs because the neck of the urinary bladder, which usually blocks retrograde flow, is unable to do so. This condition has the potential to alter or reduce a man’s ability to fully experience orgasms although with professional help it can be helped in many circumstances.

Delayed ejaculation- In many ways this condition is seen to be the direct opposite to premature ejaculation. It may seem link the dream condition for many men, however it does have its fair share of problems. The man can go for over half an hour with little sexual pleasure or constantly worrying about when he is going to finish. Often if the female partner has achieved her orgasm she will then stop producing lubrication, leaving intercourse to become painful or tedious.

If you want to take control of the time it takes you to achieve an orgasm and make it sooner rather than later this can be done. The reason why delayed ejaculation often occurs is because the man is too used to more pressure exerted while he masturbates. In order to revert this issue, simply practise self-stimulation more slowly and with less exerted pressure.

Anejaculation- this is where a man experiences an orgasm with out ejaculating.

By distinguishing the issue that may be interfering with your ability to achieve a sexual climax you’re happy with can help you to overcome it sooner rather than later. To boost your ejaculation, and potentially your orgasm intensity even further, there are ranges of natural products available such as Semenax that could help you to do so as well.

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