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U-neck Lite

Device | Neck Massage Device with Gel
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The U-neck Lite is a muscle stimulating massage device that is ergonomically designed to perfectly cater to the individual curvature of the user’s neck, to deliver a deep massaging sensation that tackles the tension and stress that life brings. This product can also offer a more personal touch, in the form of 6 alternate modes of function, each targeting a different massage avenue for your experience.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Helps soothe muscle
  • 6 modes of stimulation
  • Built in display
  • Comes with Transonic Gel
  • Carries CE certification

This product is also purpose-built for a massage experience that can be enjoyed at home, or anywhere else for that matter thanks to its portable battery, meaning you can charge it up and take it on the go! What’s more, Transonic Gel, for ease of use, is also here included. U-neck Lite is also incredibly easy to operate, making use of inbuilt buttons on its aesthetically pleasing outer shell, for quick and easy to understand use every time!

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  • GMP
  • ISO
  • Clinically Proven

Why is Posture a Plus?

When we think of overall wellbeing, we would be unlikely to immediately think about posture, unless you are a chiropractor of course! But posture and the mobility of our muscles play a key role in our daily life. The spine and the muscle that surrounds it acts as a motorway for our body, connecting nervous impulses and forming the central point from which we carry out all of our movement. As we go about our life, parts of this central canal can come under stress and strain, in particular, our neck muscles. It is therefore important to look after your neck muscles and ensure that they maintain their suppleness and mobility, so as not to create complications going forward.

Unique U-neck

U-neck Lite, is a portable, affordable neck massager that harnesses high tech function, ergonomic design, and seamless user interface to deliver a tailored neck massage experience. This sleek and stylish device makes use of ergonomically designed plates, which adapt to suit the neck upon which they clasp around, to allow for maximal comfort in use. These plates then produce subtle, invigorating waves of electrical impulses, which work to stimulate the muscle fibres in tense areas of the neck, boosting comfort and feelings of movement. For a more personal approach to massage, this device includes 6 alternate modes of function, each offering a unique way to deeply care for the neck muscles.

Enhanced Interface

Despite being a highly technological innovation, the U-neck Lite is surprisingly simple to operate. Instead of relying on a complicated list of instructions and directions. The U-neck Lites’ programming is controlled via buttons that are strategically embedded on its exterior, for maximal ease when it comes to navigating the product’s modality. This device can also be charged at home and then taken with you for a lasting massage experience that follows you on the go. The device also here includes Transonic Gel, so that your experience can swiftly begin.

Directions of Use

The U-neck Lite device is designed to become a perfect addition to your routine. Remove any perspiration from your neck before use. Apply the gel to your neck before every use as this helps to better transmit the electrical impulses. Place the device around your neck and press the on button. The device will automatically start at level one, you can adjust the level using the buttons.


This product uses anti-allergy ergonomically-shaped plastic, which is soft on skin, so you shouldn’t have any side-effects. Having said that, we do recommend carefully reading through the complete instructions prior to using this device. If you have a pacemaker fitted, or have any specific diagnoses concerning circulation, please check with your doctor before using.

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  • Simply lovely product

    AF Alan F

  • Great product. My neck is now 100%

    s stephen

  • Very quick delivery! I haven't used it yet but i will keep you posted.

    G Giggs

  • Settings are brilliant. Feels nice and soothing after a long hard day at the office.

    J Janet

  • OMG this has helped me tremendously. I been a long sufferer of muscular knots in my shoulders, neck and back and it seems like whatever i try i cannot seem to alleviate the pain. The u neck helped me by targeting all the vulnerable spots. This has truly been a life saver. It massages the neck very well and targets areas you cannot reach. Brilliant!

    RG Roberto Galvez

  • Wonderful.

    V Varsha

  • hits the right spots.

    J Jordanna

  • My wife has very bad neck pains so i got this to help relive her symptoms. I got to be honest i was a little skeptical at first, however a few weeks after using it she's says its getting much better. She also says the pain from her shoulders has gone too. It's great because you can adjust the intensity and has many different modes. Would recommend for sure.

    J Jermaine

  • This really works, it fixed my shoulder pains and i've even noticed my mum starting to use it for her muscle aches. Great product for a great price. Would definitely recommend.

    CP Cecilia P

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