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U-Neck Lite Electronic Neck Massager


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Looking for an effective way to ease neck pain? Suffering from stiffness in your neck and shoulders? The U-Neck Lite is an advanced electronic neck massager that can be effective in relieving neck and shoulder pain whilst being lightweight and portable. It reduces inflammation by relaxing and stimulating muscles around the top of the spine, shoulders and neck.

  • 6 adjustable massage modes
  • Eases neck pain and muscle stiffness
  • Fits any neck size
  • Massages the neck and shoulders
  • Luxurious, relaxing massage action
  • Can improve blood circulation
  • Reduces tension, stress and fatigue
  • Ultrasound gel provided

As the second generation of the U-Neck massaging devices, the U-Neck Lite uses advanced technology to effectively target migraines, stress, dizziness, cervical headaches and fatigue. Its ergonomic system is designed to fit all neck sizes, and can be used to efficiently and safely relieve the stresses of the day. Order before 17:30 and you could be using your brand new U-Neck Lite by the next business day.

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    neck pain
    and stiffness.
    cervical headaches.
    pain caused
    by bad posture.
muscle fibre.
tension in the neck
and shoulder muscles.
to calm
and de-stress.

What is the U-Neck Lite?

The U-Neck Lite is an advanced electronic massage device specially designed for use on the neck and shoulders. The device is lightweight and efficient, and it uses effective physiotherapy techniques to soothe muscle pain, stress, fatigue and stiffness. It can be adjusted to comfortably fit any neck size or shape. It uses gentle, low-frequency electro stimulation to boost blood circulation, relax muscle, relieve inflammation aand soothe neck pain. It has CE quality certificates from the European Union.

What are the key benefits of using the U-Neck Lite?

The U-Neck Lite is easy to use. It is fully customisable and designed for maximum comfort. In fact, you will hardly even feel it around the neck. The U-Neck Lite comes complete with an ultrasonic gel, which does not irritate the skin and can be cleaned easily with water. With this latest hi-tech massage device, you make that pain in the neck a thing of the past. The four major benefits you can achieve by using this high-performance neck massager are:

  • IMPROVED BLOOD CIRCULATION - Can help to improve blood circulation and reduce neck pain and muscle inflammation.
  • STIMULATION - Stimulates muscle and relieves inflammation.
  • SOOTHED MUSCLES - It helps to soothe muscular pain and headaches whilst effectively calming and de-stressing.
  • STRESS RELIEF - This device helps to relax the muscles and can relive tension and stress. It can also be used to improve poor posture.


  1. Vibration Mode
    reduces muscle inflammation, actives blood circulation, relieves tension, stress and fatigue.
  2. Print Mode
    Exerts pressure and stimulates muscles in the neck and upper back, reducing tension.
  3. Electrostimulation Mode
    Transmits low frequency electrical vibrations that stimulate muscle mass and fibres.
  4. Shiatsu Mode
    Increased pressure and intensity for better results.
  5. Pulse Mode
    High intensity vibration and electro-stimulation.
  6. Automatic Mode
    This mode combines all of the other 5 for the most intensive setting.


The U-Neck Lite uses low frequency electrical stimulation, which uses thermal power and vibrations to ease pain and tension in the neck and shoulders. With this advanced technology, the device can help to relieve the pain of cervical headaches and also promote better blood flow in the body. The tell-tale signs of poor posture and fatigue can be reduced after just one massage. You can adjust the device to best suit your needs. You can configure the length, temperature and intensity of each massage.

Here is a guide on how to use the U-Neck Lite :

  1. Always use the ultrasound gel before applying the device. The gel ensures better transmission of electrical stimulation and protects the skin.
  1. Switch the lever from ‘off’ to ‘on.’ You should hear a beeping sound.
  1. Click the orange on/off button. On the display, you should see the device switch to 1st mode.

You can change the mode by using the grey buttons.

  1. Once you have selected a suitable mode, place the device around the neck.

With the grey ‘STRONG’ and ‘ WEAK’ buttons, you can increase or reduce the intensity of your massage.

  1. The device will start automatically at Level 0. You can increase intensity using the grey ‘STRONG’ button.

For the first application, we recommend using level 1, then gradually working your way up to more powerful modes.

How do I use the device?

It is recommended that you use the device no more than three times a day. Each session should be approximately 15 minutes. The device comes complete with a comprehensive user guide.

Our Recommendations

The U-Neck Lite is an electrical device and thus should never be used in the bath or shower. It is necessary to always apply the gel or soak the neck with a damp towel before using this device. Keep away from sunlight and humidity and do not use with pacemakers. Use the device for no more than approximately 45 minutes per day, in three sessions of no more than 15 minutes. Longer use may result in skin damage.

How can I order?

To order your U-Neck Lite, simply select "Add to Cart" and follow the simple steps to checkout. If your order is placed before 16.30, your package will be shipped the same day.

Customer Reviews

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  • * hits the right spots.
  • * I no longer have to ask the wife for a neck and shoulder massage. This does the job quietly, gently and effectively. I highly recommend it.
  • * My wife has very bad neck pains so i got this to help relive her symptoms. I got to be honest i was a little skeptical at first, however a few weeks after using it she's says its getting much better. She also says the pain from her shoulders has gone too. It's great because you can adjust the intensity and has many different modes. Would recommend for sure.
  • * Works great. Has really good features too. Definitely the best massager i've purchased.
  • * Got this for my gran as a gift. She loves it!
  • * This really works, it fixed my shoulder pains and i've even noticed my mum starting to use it for her muscle aches. Great product for a great price. Would definitely recommend.
  • * Worked wonders on my neck and shoulders. Really soothing and relaxing after a long day on my feet at work.
  • * feels nice and warm. Need to keep using it to see the difference.
  • * Very quick delivery! I haven't used it yet but i will keep you posted.
  • * Settings are brilliant. Feels nice and soothing after a long hard day at the office.
  • * Fantastic. Helps neck stiffness and is very relaxing
  • * Works a treat. Gives a fantastic massage and has reduced stiffness in my neck considerably. Great!
  • * OMG this has helped me tremendously. I been a long sufferer of muscular knots in my shoulders, neck and back and it seems like whatever i try i cannot seem to alleviate the pain. The u neck helped me by targeting all the vulnerable spots. This has truly been a life saver. It massages the neck very well and targets areas you cannot reach. Brilliant!
  • * Wonderful.
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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