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Types of penis enlargement pumps

There are many delights of using penis pumps, but which kind is best? We’ve laid down the facts and recommendations you need to know before buying your penis pump.

Make wishful thinking into a reality…

Have you ever wished it were a bit bigger? The majority of men have, but only a few ever do something about it. Here is your opportunity to seriously enhance your package. Find out the best way and how using penis pumps…

Penis enlargement pumps

Penis enlargement pumps are known for providing effective and often fast results without causing severe side effects. Not only are these devices ideal for increasing penis size, but they can also help with various erection problems. They were invented and patented as early as 1971. Many men have to thank the Austrian inventor Otto Ledever, the man behind the first ever vacuum pump, for their penis enhancement success.

There are two main types of penis enlargement pumps, the air pump and water-based pumps. Both are very effective, the air pumps generate a vacuum in air whereas the water based pump use the pressure of water to generate penis enlargement. They are both considered safe alternatives to penis surgery.

Air pumps

If you want to achieve penis growth through the absolute power of vacuum technology, then air pumps could be your answer, but the effects don’t just stop there. Many air pumps provide a solution to improving erectile dysfunction and even help to correct mild penis curvature. As with most penis pumps, air pumps also come with the potential to boost your performance in bed by helping to create a stronger erection that could last longer.

Why should I use it?

Air pumps have been tried and tested for decades and are usually cheaper than water based penis pumps. However, although very effective, they aren’t as efficient as the water-based alternative. Since it is air based, the air may not compress evenly on your penis, which could lead to an uneven results.

Water-based pumps

Effective, comfortable and safe, this is generally the more expensive option and is almost guaranteed to not let you down. Since it is water based, this means it is highly unlikely that you will ever pump out of the safe zone of pressure and cause yourself any injuries or problems. One of the great advantages of using this type of water assisted pump is it evenly splits up the growth potential between the different areas of your penis such as your girth and foreskin. Air pumps are known to commonly increase one but not the other, which can often cause complications.

Why should I use it?

When it comes to reaching your penis enlargement goals, the water-based devices are very convenient to use and although more expensive, they are arguably the better product. Big brand names such as Bathmate penis pumps have dedicated extensive research and testing towards their products to ensure you get the most out of them. You can use them undisturbed in the shower to ensure you’re using them for the correct amount of time to gain the best results.

Which do I choose?

Both can provide fast results in terms of boosting erection size, stamina and strength due to the encouragement of blood flow into the penis when pumping. Depending whether you would prefer to do it alone in your bedroom, or perhaps you would find it easier to use in the bath or shower might help sway which one you would rather use. Think about your budget, if you are new to the penis pumping game, you may want to start with a cheaper version to see if this method of penis enhancement suits your lifestyle. Either way, they are both great for really boosting your prize possession and the best part is…nobody will ever know!

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