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The Top 3 Foods for Increasing Semen Volume

Did you know that certain foods can help in increasing Semen volume and sperm count naturally?
Know about foods which helps in increasing semen volume.

According to studies the average range of semen should be between 3 to 5 ml, however as we get older this reduces. While the average volume of ejaculate is 5 mls, the volume varies with some men producing required or more and others produce less. There are many factors that affect semen volume including diet and state of hydration.

There are many different reasons to why men want to increase semen volume. Most men associate volume with fertility and would want to increase their chances if they had more semen. Some men just feel more masculine when they increase semen. Simply choosing to exercise more and following a healthy balanced diet can help in increasing sperm volume. Pelvic floor muscle exercises can help because it is well known that the pelvic muscles are linked to the power of his ejaculation. There are also certain foods rich in zinc, protein and vitamin C which can increase semen volume naturally. Semen volume boosters also use some of these nutrient properties and herbs to help increase sperm production and semen volume. To know more, read further about these nutrients which have become a gentle way to improve male fertility-

Eat Foods Rich In Zinc And Folic Acid
These two nutrients work best when combined together! Zinc being a mineral and Folic acid a vitamin helps a lot in male fertility and increasing semen volume respectively. When combined together they can help boost sperm count and enhance ejaculation. There is even a research that clearly revealed that combining folic acid with zinc increases a man’s sperm count by almost 74%.
To get the benefit of both folic acid and zinc in adequate amounts you can eat foods like Oysters, walnuts, beans, crabs, oysters, beef, liver (cattle), chicken, cereals, green leafy vegetables, legumes, egg yolks and orange juice.
Consume More Amino Acids
Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins. You may be amazed to know that your sperm head contains large amounts of amino acids and so doctors believe that taking more of these could help improve the semen quality and quantity. There are three amino acids which can help to increase your ejaculate. They are L-Carnitine which you get from red meat and milk, L-Arginine from nuts, sesame seeds, and eggs and L-Lysine from dairy produces.
Eat Foods Rich In Vitamin C
Vitamin C is said to help in protecting the sperm cells from invasion of free radicals and oxidative stress. So by taking vitamin C, you can prevent the sperm damage and in turn help increase the speed of your sperm inside the vagina. There oral supplements with vitamin C that makes the work a lot easier than getting them from diet. But if you prefer getting them in the natural form, you can add foods like oranges, apples, lemon, lime, cherries and peppers to your daily diet.

Using Natural Supplements

There are many semen enhancing supplements in the market. A lot of them are useless products but those which contain natural ingredients can be given a chance to show their benefits on increasing semen volume. Some of these ingredients include Selenium, Ginseng, L-Arginine, Zinc, Lycopene, Tribulis Terristris, Maca, kelp, Coenzyme Q10, horny goat weed, Allicin, L-lysine and Muira pauma. Vimax blue pills to boost semen volume is also one such product that can improve your sperm count and help ejaculate more semen during sexual intercourse.

There are a lot of steps you can take towards improving sperm volume, if changing your diet isn’t one of them then you can simply take natural supplements.

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