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How to stop hair thinning?

Most men will experience thinning hair at some point in their lives. Men that will suffer from some form of hair loss which can appear as a receding hairline, a bald patch or general all over thinning. For the lucky few this only happens in old age but for some men hair loss begins to appear in their early twenties and rapidly thin out within a few years.

Thinning Hair In Men

Men’s hair thinning not only causes hair loss it can also cause psychological ill health. Your hair is always on display and when it changes in a way you don’t like, or that society finds it less attractive, it can cause self-doubt, confidence issues and relationship problems. Thinning hair is not just about losing your mane, for some men, it means losing their identity.

Often hair thinning is the result of male pattern baldness (MPB) but it can be caused by medications, lifestyle choices, and illness too. In the past men were stuck with what nature provided but scientific breakthroughs, innovative designs and modern devices mean it’s possible to promote male hair growth and stop hair thinning. If you want solutions for thinning hair you can find plenty out there to help support hair growth.

How to Stop Hair Thinning

If you want to fight against hair loss you can employ some thinning hair solutions to your everyday routine. Here are some thinning hair remedies to consider:

Your Diet Is Important

If you want a good head of hair you’ve got work for it. Eating pizza every night and sitting around are not remedies for hair growth. In fact, if you’re looking for reasons for thinning hair your lifestyle may be the main culprit.

Eat right and you’ll see improvements in all aspects of your health from your digestive system to your brain power. Anaemia causes hair thinning because it prevents oxygen reaching the follicle cells on your scalp. Iron deficiency anaemia can be caused by bleeding piles or a diet that’s plentiful in fast foods and no water so increase your protein, iron and vitamin intake to help stop thinning hair.

Alongside a diet overhaul, you can try some hair products for thinning hair. There are many treatments on the market but here are some of the best products for thinning hair:

Shampoo For Thinning Hair

Specialist shampoos can thicken up what you’ve got making your thinning hair appear shinier and boosting its volume. Shampoo treatment for thinning hair gives your scalp and follicles the nutrients they need to promote strong hair growth. Stimulating shampoos contain nutrients that give your follicles a boost and clear out sebum that can restrict healthy growth and cause thinning hair. Look out for shampoos that contain natural ingredients to support men’s hair thinning and you’ll see an improvement.

Topical Treatments:

Topical treatments can boost circulation and metabolism to the hair follicles so they are one of the best hair products for thin hair. A combination of growth compounds, minerals and vitamins in topical treatments promote thick hair growth.


Another good hair thinning product is a supplement. These come as pills or capsules and work by supporting the hair’s nutritional needs with natural healthy ingredients because when your hair and follicles are nourished they are more likely to grow and remain in place. Nutritional supplement programmes for hair loss work internally to rebuild the foundations that induce healthy, thick hair growth by nourishing the follicles from the root and fighting variables that can cause hair loss. If you struggle to eat a well-balanced diet then a supplement can really help.

Wigs & Hairpieces

Wigs have come a long way since the early days of overly fake toupees that didn’t match your hair colour but they can be pricey and you’ll need to shop around for one that suits you.


Hair transplants can work for some men with thinning hair. Surgery entails removing hair follicles from areas where hair growth is healthy and surgically transplanting them to a thinning area, but hair transplant surgery is expensive and comes with all the risks of surgery such as infection and scarring.

What Causes Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is caused by a variety of reasons but the most common is male pattern baldness which is also known as alopecia areata.

It can take a long time for male pattern baldness to create a completely bald look but it usually takes around twenty years. It’s one of the biggest thinning hair causes but luckily twenty years is plenty of time to find a hair thinning treatment to suit you. The sooner you get started the less hair you’ll lose so look for supplements, hair thinning products for thinning hair and make some lifestyle changes to fight the genes you’ve been given.

There are some other solid reasons for hair loss too.


There are no benefits associates with smoking. It damages your health, your wealth and your hair line. Restricting your arteries with cigarette smoke won’t help oxygen reach your scalp and the toxins affect the hair cells. The result is thin and poor quality hair so quit smoking to help combat thinning hair.

Your Medications

Long term medications are one of the reasons for thinning hair. Medicine, either prescribed or over the counter, can produce side effects of patchy thinning hair or even hair loss. If you think medications might be your thinning hair cause then see your doctor for advice.

Stress & Worry

We’re all stressed because modern life is a constant battle of work, family time, money worries and problems. If you can’t manage stress then your hair health will suffer so try some relaxation techniques such as getting a massage, reading a book or taking up a hobby.

Illness & Medical Conditions

There are many illnesses that can cause hair loss. Male pattern baldness itself isn’t an illness but hormone conditions such as a thyroid imbalance, autoimmune disease or a testosterone changes can affect your hairline. A temporary infection or stressful situation can cause hair thinning too.

How To Treat Thinning Hair

If your hair is thinning you can help slow it down and even reverse some of the effects. Few men lose their hair by choice and if you don’t want a buzz cut it’s time to try out the best treatments for thinning hair.


Improving your diet we’ve already mentioned but boosting your cardiovascular system through exercise will get blood pumping to your extremities to improve your sexual health and help prevent hair thinning. Feel good hormones are released when you exercise which will help you relax and de-stress making exercise a two-pronged treatment to tackle hair thinning.

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

Low level light therapy is a scientific breakthrough technique that stimulates cell activity and increases blood supply to the hair follicles which in turn increases nutrients available to the scalp. The best way to use LLLT is with a laser helmet. Laser helmets are placed over your scalp so that all the follicles are efficiently and effectively stimulated by light therapy at a level that’s appropriate for you. Clinical studies suggest that hair growth is increased by 35% in men who use a laser helmet.

Drink more water

Instead of reaching for a beer when you get home from work try drinking a pint of water. Water makes up two thirds of your body so without it you’ll become dehydrated which results in cells starting to function incorrectly. Without enough water you’ll become dehydrated and develop dry, thin hair. Eight glasses a day is the recommended amount but if you don’t like the taste pop lemon or orange slices into your glass.

Prescription Products

Prescription hair loss treatments can boost hair growth in some men but they are costly and don’t always work. Prescription medicines also come with the risk of side effects so be careful if you choose this route and talk to your doctor first.

Avoid Heat

Blasting your hair with heat and subjecting it to styling dries out your hair shaft and causes it to thin and snap. Choose a good quality moisturising shampoo such as a volume-boosting shampoo for thinning hair. Use a conditioner afterwards to stop hair getting tangled as brushing tangled hair causes split ends and damage. Towel your hair dry hair gently and if you must use a hair dryer choose a low heat.

Get A Good Hair Cut

Too many men stick with the same short back and sides as they grow older and lose hair but if you are thinning speak to your barber about a new style that complements what you’ve got up top. Barbers are experienced at suitable hair thinning haircuts because it affects so many men. Rely on the professional to choose a cut to suit but don’t go for a full shave until you feel ready. In fact, if you eat well, drink water and use the best hair thinning treatments you might not need to go for the full shave at all.

Men who experience thinning hair don’t have to take it as the end of having hair because there are lifestyle changes and hair thinning products that can make a real difference to how you look. If your hair is thinning and you feel unhappy to take some steps to thicken it, stimulate hair re-growth and boost your self confidence.

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