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TeaTox Body Scrub for Cellulite

200g Powder | With Sea Salt, Green Tea & Apple Cider Vinegar
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Cellulite can be one of the most frustrating developments we experience in our bodies - and one of the most difficult to address! Exfoliation is being cited everywhere as a vitally important way to help alleviate its appearance, improving skin’s vitality as well as reinvigorating blood flow. So that you can achieve this in a natural, healthy way, Ortte has fused a number of botanical factors with Sea Salt Flakes in their TeaTox Body Scrub for Cellulite.

  • To reinvigorate cellulite-laden skin
  • Also great on stretch marks & dryness
  • With exfoliating Sea Salt Flakes
  • Enriched with Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Green Tea, Rosemary & Seaweed
  • Ideally used two or three times a week

That orange-peel, cottage-cheese look to our skin is more common in women, with up to 80% showing its signs at some point in their lives, but men can experience it too. Especially in those hot summer months or on special occasions, nobody wants to worry about showing their legs. Aspiring to aid you in delivering your skin with revitalising compounds, the TeaTox Body Scrub for Cellulite is ready to help you exfoliate your way to a more confident feeling in your body.

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  • Organic

Exfoliation & Cellulite

Cellulite, or ‘orange peel’, is easily recognised by its characteristic appearance - but many people do not understand the underlying activity. These lumpy dimples are created by free-moving fat cells that have broken through muscle beneath the skin’s surface, and although they can seem to be triggered by fat in the body overall, even the incredibly svelte can suffer from their appearance. Most common in women across bums and thighs, various approaches have been attempted to tackle their look, with many blaming poor circulation for the development. Exfoliation, however, is gaining in popularity. Not only is it understood to improve skin’s texture, helping to boost skin’s resilience against displaying internal changes, it’s also thought to reinvigorate microcirculation.

The Sea’s Majestic Power

We’ve all watched waves as they crash on beaches, and been amazed at the sea’s strength! An inescapable aspect of seawater is its salt, the premium of which has for some time been vital to flavouring food. However, for long periods it has also been employed on troubled skin! When compared to it more regular counterpart, sea salt is wonderfully rich in minerals. These include calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium. Said to revive by exciting local circulation, it’s richly multi-sized texture allows it to target skin deeply. Furthermore, its pure state requires absolutely no additives: its remarkable properties are unadulterated.

TeaTox Body Scrub for Cellulite

Not content to simply bring you the power of Sea Salt, Ortte was determined to bring you a remarkable selection of other plant extracts, known for their reinvigorating and stimulating qualities, all aiming to help you target that embarrassing ‘cottage cheese’ appearance. By massaging TeaTox Body Scrub for Cellulite into your skin, you can energise your look, with direct application of many incredible compounds.

Grapefruit Seed Oil
Grapefruit Seed Oil
The extract of the seed of this famously reinvigorating fruit, known for awakening many at breakfast daily, is making its own name as an addition to skincare products. Like other citrus derivatives, its considered to be vitally important in boosting circulation. This is known to be a contributor to the appearance of cellulite.
Green Tea
Green Tea
We might imagine this plant extract having its most natural place in a hot steamy brewed beverage - but it would be a mistake to underestimate the place it can take in our lives! It’s now said to have a broad range of benefits on our bodies, with particularly protective abilities. At the same time, it has been seen to have astringent, firming and toning qualities.
Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar
This popular flavoursome ingredient is beginning to make serious headway in the dietary supplement market - but for some time, it has also been acknowledged as powerful on our skin. It’s used here, and in other formulas, for its toning and astringent properties. It has also been thought of as helpful in addressing various imbalances in skin.
A common and much cherished culinary herb, this plant extract also has a high content of flavonoids, phenolic acids and essential oils, understood to both purify of and soothe from undesirable impurities. Many experts have also noted that it can cleanse and calm skin, while relaxing underlying, deep seated bodily tension.
The remaining parts of the loved rose bloom are an important source of Vitamin C, known to protect from oxidative stress. They’re also rich in unsaturated, essential fatty acids. It is this key combination, aiming to tone and re-elasticise, that is said to aid with the worry of long-term skin texture irregularities, from stretch marks to cellulite.
This plant is able to withstand the most brutal changes of the sea’s environment - and its with the aim of bringing those resilient qualities to skin that it is included. Kelp, for instance, is able to regenerate by two feet a day! Various types are said to be rich in amino acids, as well as protective and soothing agents, to boost radiance and defend from environmental aggressors.

Full Ingredients

Green Tea, Flakes of Sea Salt, Unrefined sugars, Apple Cider Vinegar, Birch Oil, Gelatin, Grapefruit (seed) Oil, Juniper / Rosemary Oil, Omega-3, Rosehip Seed Oil, Seaweed.

Using the Scrub

The TeaTox Body Scrub for Cellulite is perfectly designed to be a highly satisfying addition to your cellulite approach. Ideally, it is meant to be used on a twice or thrice weekly basis. On moist, cleansed skin, massage a generous amount of the scrub into the areas that are causing you the most worry, using a vigorous motion. Leave the product on the skin for a few minutes, and then thoroughly rinse away. Be sure to read the ingredients for any allergies.

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  • Because of this stuff, I can now wear a bikini. I barely have any cellulite any more after using this!

    A Amiee

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