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TeaTox Body Scrub

200g | Exfoliator with Tea Tree & Green Tea
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The bumpy blemishes of acneic skin can erupt anywhere on our skin - including the skin on our bodies! This can be incredibly embarrassing, and draining to our self-esteem, leaving us reluctant to show off our figures. To help us address these difficult concerns, Ortte has combined Green Tea with a selection of natural extracts in the TeaTox Body Scrub. With this natural product, you can target the areas of skin that worry you the most.

  • For bodily blemishes & spots
  • To purify & cleanse skin
  • Sea Salt & Granulated Sugar
  • Enhanced with Tea Tree Oil
  • Clarifying Kaolin Clay
  • Ideal for 2-3 uses every week

None of us relish the idea of ill-treating our skin with harsh, stripping chemicals. Despite this, products targeted at acneic skins, especially on the body, are often packed with them. To utterly avoid this undesirable approach, the Ortte TeaTox Body Scrub blends an expertly selected range of botanical factors, to simultaneously exfoliate and nourish your skin.

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  • Vegan Range
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian

Exfoliation & Acneic Skin

Skin showing overwhelming and continual blemishes can be distressing, leaving us feeling insecure in our own skin. Cleansing is of course of vital importance, but skin bothered by excessive sebum and dry skin needs an extra boost. A gentle exfoliation can lift away all those layers of impurities to reveal the true beauty beneath, allowing the skin to be exposed to the essential air it needs and achieve a new equilibrium. However, a too-strong method can actually retrigger the skin to produce more oil, and strong chemicals risk a negative reaction. Overall, a natural approach, that balances exfoliators with nurturing, soothing factors, would be ideal.

Granulated Sugar & Sea Salt

Acneic skin can certainly be troublesome - and it requires a firm hand! To provide that potent yet gentle approach, two natural exfoliators were selected. Granulated Sugar and Sea Salt are used in a broad range of natural products, targeting dead and dry skin on the face, lips, and body generally. They work together to provide a mix of varisized particles, which can lift undesirable residues from every layer of skin. Even better, they need no extra additives to enhance or preserve their powers.

TeaTox Body Scrub

Knowing how important it was to achieve a balance within a scrub product, Ortte harmonised their choices of Sea Salt and Granulated Sugar with a handful of other factors. While some are known for the astringent abilities needed, others are soothing, calming, and absorbent. Overall, the TeaTox Body Scrub seeks to provide a truly holistic approach. With its light yet powerful touch, it strives to target those areas of skin on your body that concern you the most.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Extracted from a tree growing in Australia, and also known as melaleuca oil, it has found popular and traditional use for generations, applied to skin troubled by various issues, from dryness to excessive oil. In recent years, it has become a ubiquitous go-to for skin bothered by an acneic appearance. It’s understood to have powerful astringent qualities.
Green Tea
Green Tea
We may think that this plant extract belongs in our cupboards and is best enjoyed in a steaming hot brew - but there’s increased understanding of its place in our skincare routines. With high amounts of tannins, it is said to have calming, soothing traits. This is ideal for skin troubled by the appearance of blemishes, and that is looking red and inflamed.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
One of the world’s most famous botanical extracts, from a succulent plant now universally recognised, Aloe Vera’s usage has been documented since the times of the Ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. In more recent years, it has found its way into innumerable skincare products. It is renowned for possessing simultaneously refreshing and soothing qualities.
Lemon Extract
Lemon Extract
This fruit is known for its delicious, zingy flavour and zesty aroma, having made an irreplaceable home in various culinary dishes. In skincare, it is used to cleanse and purify skin, with astringent qualities comparable to Tea Tree Oil. This is ideal on acneic skin, which often suffers from a build up of impurities and sebum.
Kaolin Clay
Kaolin Clay
This naturally occurring soft, porous material is renowned for its incredible absorbent traits, making it a key factor in skincare working to aid blemished, oily skin. Rich in mineral kaolinite, it is understood to help cleanse the skin of residues and dead skin cells. The process can allow the skin to rebalance its composition.
Far more than an addition to breakfasts, oats have for thousands of years been used to topically soothe the skin. After gaining in popularity in the 1930s, when their calming properties became widely known, they have since made their way into numerous products. A source of Calcium, Iron & Vitamin B1, they are understood to have protective abilities.

Full Ingredients

Green Tea, Honey, Sea Salt, Granulated Sugar, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Kaolin Clay, Lemon Extract, Oatmeal, Purslane Oil, Sage Extract, Tea Tree Oil.

Directions for Use

The TeaTox Body Scrub is sure to become a highly pleasurable addition to your regular skin and body care regime. It is best to use it two or three times every week. After washing, scoop a small handful from the packet and massage it vigorously into the area of skin that concerns you the most. Leave it to sink in for a few minutes, then thoroughly rinse away. You may enjoy following with a light moisturising product. Double check ingredients before using, in case of personal allergens.

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  • I've been suffering from acne ever since I was a teenager, and it still hasn't gone away yet. I've tried a lot of the cosmetic products but it has just made it worse. Finally, I decided to try a more natural solution and gave TeaTox a go. Needless to say, for the first time this product has made my acne start to clear up and has helped restore my confidence! Of course my acne is not completely cleared up but the results are definitely evident and much better than before!

    H Helena

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