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Tanning lotions: Why should you use them?

Sunless tanning lotions are safe and easy tanning alternative to the sun’s damaging rays. With these easy to use lotions you can get a tan wherever and whenever you desire.
Self-tanning lotion is becoming popular among tanning lovers. Read on to know why.

Shelves of beauty stores are packed with tanning products. From sprays to bronzers, there are many products that promise you a golden glow without spending your time under the sun. But, of all the products, it is the tanning lotions that are becoming increasingly popular among men and women, who wish to flaunt a bronzed look.

The main reason behind their popularity is the safety they offer. While tanning beds and sunbathing can subject your skin to harmful UV rays, tanning lotions completely keep you safe. There is no need to expose your skin to sun or any other UV emitting device to get the colour on your skin. Moreover, as lotions are directly applied on the skin, you also rule out the side-effects that you might get from taking tanning pills. Although natural pills hardly have any side-effects, you can’t ignore personal allergies that some people might get from the ingredients.

With tanning lotion, you can get the tanned looked whether it’s rainy or cloudy. Just apply them evenly on your body and you are good to go. No need of spending time in salons or under the sun. You can do it just when you want to flaunt your golden glow. You can also easily carry these lotions with you on holidays. No need to worry about finding a salon there. Just take out you little tube and apply it over your body. Some kits even comes with tanning accelerators that help your body develop colour fast.

Most products are available with solutions that increase the staying time of your tan. This helps you keep the colour on for longer. This is especially helpful when you are going on a long vacation where you might not get a chance to spend time getting tanned. If applied properly, tanning lotions give you a tan that looks real. So, no worries about looking fake. Just make sure you follow the instructions written on the label carefully and you can turn all eyes towards yourself.

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