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Spectral.F7 Spray

60ml Spray | Hair Follicle Stimulation

DS Laboratories


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Spectral.F7 is a useful booster for men and women who want to support their efforts in overcoming hair loss. Healthy, fuller and thicker looking hair not only takes years off how old you look but it is also very easy to achieve with the new tricohology breakthroughs produced at DS laboratories. Spectral.F7 astressin-b topical solution is the perfect way to help support a healthy hair cycle.

  • Uses innovative nanosome encapsulation for effective absorption into the scalp
  • Ideal if you are already treating your scalp for thinning hair
  • Includes stress-blocking peptide astressin-B
  • Aids in hair follicle rejuvenation
  • Simple to use with just 10 sprays
  • Works as a stand-alone product - No need for several products.
  • Next day UK delivery!

In the early stages of thinning, Spectral.F7 efficacy booster agent can serve as an effective stand-alone scalp therapy. Spectral.F7 helps to optimise benefits from hair growth treatments and takes moments to do so. If you are truly serious about taking care of thinning hair, this scientifically backed product made with astressin-b, 33 types of aminio acids and Proharin-ß4 is a sure way to help you do so.

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What is Spectral.F7?

It is a totally new approach to stimulating hair follicles by using newly published research of the stress hormone blocking peptide astressin-B. This particular peptide has been known to help combat signs of hair loss. Spectral.F7 astressin-b topical solution is the first of its kind that may induce follicles into the anagen growth phase, giving it a revolutionary approach to helping men and women enjoy potentially thicker hair appearances.

How does Spectral.F7 work?

The unique formula works successfully as a stand-alone product against hair loss, however many people use Spectral.F7 efficacy booster agent in combination with other hair loss product to boost and enhance effects.

  • Amino acids: Help to increase the speed of hair growth, increase hair shaft diameter and stimulate keratin production.
  • Proharin-ß4: Aims to activate hair-follicle stem cells; it applies anti ageing properties while also prolonging the lives of skin cells.
  • Copper peptides: stimulate growth and keratin production while increasing diameter of the hair shaft. They also work to oppose aging and inflammation signs.

The key ingredient in Spectral.F7, astressin-B, is a promising peptide that may well be the big breakthrough in restoration when it comes to tackling hair loss. In a study done by DS Laboratories trichologists, it has not only revealed the extent that stress can be a major factor in hair loss, but also a potential solution to combat such a factor in hair loss.

Why should I use Spectral.F7 efficacy booster agent?

It uses revolutionary nanosome technology that allows ingredients to go deeper and longer for higher performance results. DS Laboratories are able to deliver their ingredients deeper into the scalp. Leaving them to persist and work for longer effectively due to one of a kind Nanosome technology. Spectral.F7 results are vastly enhanced and arguably more effective than most other supportive hair growth formulas as a result of the innovative Nanosome delivery system. Since persistence and strength of topical ingredients are key to combating against hair loss, Spectral.F7 astressin-b topical solution is really able to benefit from the unique and effective delivery that is essential ingredients are delivered by.

How do I use Spectral.F7?

Shake the bottle well before use. Each dose of Spectral.F7 consists of 10 sprays onto the head, concentrating on any particularly thinning areas. It works particularly well as a means to enhance primary therapies such as Spectral.DNC-N where you can simply spray and massage into your head after your morning treatment or before your treatment in the evening. Always ensure you wait 10 minutes in-between products. Spectral.F7 (astressin-b) is also great to use as a stand-alone product, for best results use in the early onset of thinning in the morning and the evening.


With consistent application, users may notice and enjoy the most improvements. Although Spectral.F7 is unlikely to cure hair loss alone due to the dozens of variable that cause hair follicle destruction, however, it can certainly help your case!

Safe to use

Spectral.F7 efficacy booster agent is very safe to use when applied as directed and as a topical solution, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any side effects. You should always read the ingredients before use, however, to ensure you aren’t allergic to any. Hair should become optimised after just a few sprays.

The Difference between the Spectral Range

Spectral.CSF Spectral.DNC-S Spectral.RS™ Spectral.DNC-N Spectral.F7
£26.95 £39.95 £27.95 £29.95 £27.95
What it does Specifically designed to help slow hair loss in women, it takes into account the hair length and any hormone fluctuations A potent solution to help combat many types of hair loss in both men and women Helps maintain circulation and aids in increasing metabolism in hair follicles to ensure your hair always looks its best! A breakthrough hair-and-scalp maintenance system to help you achieve healthy, thicker looking hair Useful booster agent, ideal if you are already in treatment for thinning hair
Results Helps to tackle many kinds of hair loss to leave you with new, thicker and healthier hair everyday Aids in making your scalp healthy and your hair appear thicker. Even baldness signs may be reduced Your hair loss can slow down and regrowth may begin, in order to give you thicker hair Helps to prevent hair loss and stimulates new, healthier hair growth Can boost the effects from your hair loss solution you are already using
Application 10 pumps twice a day 6 pumps twice a day 10 pumps twice a day 6 pumps on area that is thinning 10 pumps twice a day
Form Spray Spray Spray Spray Spray
Quantity 60ml 60ml 60ml 60ml 60ml

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Product Rating (89.33% based on 15 Reviews)

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  • * my husband has been using this for over a year now and his hair has gone back to how it used to be when we wer young
  • * Spectral products are a breakthrough in hair technology thats for sure.
  • * i am ever so slightly losing my hair i can see the hairline receding, im ok with it but slowing down the process would be the most ideal solution for me. since i have been using this my hair looks fuller and thicker which has disguised the parts that are receding.
  • * i use this while using other shampoos from this site, and also eat healthy and exercise, i combat all areas of hair loss as much as possible, this topical treatment instantly started working for me and within a month i could see strong hair in the balding areas
  • * this nano technology is complicated but sounds like its the best way to get the ingredients flowing in the body. i have faith in this product
  • * my hair looks normal after 4 months of use
  • * i have been using this with the spectral.dnc hair support system and my hair has grown back so fast and so strong. any guys/girls in the saem boat as me i recomend you use this stuff combined for the speediest growth
  • * my hair is growing faster than light travels
  • * this is super practical, i love it
  • * what sold this to me is the reduction of stress, i am convinced that stress is the reason for my hair loss and probably lots of other men adn women, something that combats unhealthy hair and combats stress then i believe this is the most effective treatment
  • * this is a very simple method of curing hair loss, all the others seem a little bit long winded and for me thats too time consuming. i like this as i can carry it with me and can use it when needed.
  • * really easy to use, also makes my hair look fuller/thicker
  • * love it!!
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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