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60ml Spray | Innovative Targeted Peptide Spray for Hair

DS Laboratories


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People everywhere are worried about hair that’s lacking in resilience, strength and vitality - and DS Laboratories knew that they had an incredible insight into methods of helping to deal with these concerns. In the Spectral.F7 spray, they bring their knowledge of peptides to fruition, combined with Nanosome technology for absolutely optimal delivery. With a swooshing spray application, you can target the regions that worry you the most.

  • Aims to help hair thinning worries
  • With innovative peptide blend
  • Scientifically studied Astressin-B
  • Copper for hair pigmentation & protection
  • Nanosome technology for fast absorption
  • Simple & speedy spray application

A selection of precisely selected factors are found within the Spectral F7 spray, including the groundbreaking Astressin-B, the subject of considerable scientific interest, and the acknowledged power of Copper. So that you feel trapped with thinning, fading, lifeless strands no longer, this product is perfectly designed to become a swift and speedy addition to your existing haircare regime.

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Stress & Your Strands

The idea of shock turning hair white is more than just a cultural notion - there’s distinct truth behind the phenomenon! Over half a century ago, the father of biology’s stress concept Hans Selye stated that “an intense psychic shock may also exert pronounced effects on the hair, e.g., graying and generalized loss of hair”. Over time, cumulative evidence has indicated that chronic stress can profoundly impact on the health of our hair. Why should this be the case? Research has noted that some key components of the endocrine and neuroimmune responses to stress can at the same time cause an imbalance in the hair follicle growth cycle. Addressing these stress responses within our bodies, then, could be a remarkable way forward in tackling hair thinning.

Nanosome Tech

To maximise any application to the scalp, ingredients must be absorbed deeply, consistently and in optimal concentrations, in addition to remaining where applied for a sufficient period of time. Nanosome encapsulation is uniquely intended to accomplish these aims, by wrapping pure actives within tiny liposomal microspheres. These, composed of phospholipid bilayers, have a specialised formulation, aiming to mimic the human scalp. Overall, nanosome technology intends to penetrate the scalp deeply, and then slowly release the ingredients.

The Spectral.F7 Formula

In composing the formulation for this innovative spray, DS Laboratories used a peptide based methodology. These are short chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, linked by amide bonds. A vital blend of these is combined in the Spectral.F7 spray, so that you can directly target your follicles with these incredible compounds. With just two daily applications, you can take a powerful stride forward in addressing your hair worries.


The complex astressin-B peptide is a 33-amino-acid protein fragment delivered to the hair follicle. Astressin-B action has been investigated in a recent clinical trial, focussing on the resilience of hair resilience against stress, with encouraging results.


Copper is considered very important for hair, as it is not only known to contribute to normal hair pigmentation but also to protection from oxidative stress. Copper peptides combine these capabilities with those of amino acids, and are used to intensely strengthen.


In order to instil an energised, strikingly attractive look, it’s important to make the most of each and every tress. Octapeptide-2 is a peptide composed of glutamic acid, glutamine, leucine, lysine, and threonine. It is used to support hair’s vital appearance.

Full Ingredients

Di Water, Astressin-B, Prohairin-Β4, Lecithin, Ghk-Cu, Sodium Oleate, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol.

Using Spectral.F7

This spray is intended to be an easy and simple addition to your everyday haircare routine. Shake the bottle thoroughly before using. Squirt the spray onto the concerned areas of your scalp, aiming for even distribution, six times. Massage in thoroughly. Repeat this twice everyday, ideally morning and night. Spectral.F7 is ideally used in conjunction with a comprehensive haircare regime, and it is sensible to invest in long term use.

Extra Info

Every DS Laboratories product is intended to consider the needs of skin and hair alike. However, as with any product applied to the skin, you should fully read through the ingredients prior to application, just in case of any personal allergens. If you have any particular skin concerns, please check with your healthcare professional prior to initial application.