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Spectral.CSF Topical Solution

60ml Topical Solution | Thinning Hair Formula for Women

DS Laboratories


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No more bad hair days…

Spectral.CSF is a unique specialised formula for women to help stimulate regrowth and combat signs of thinning. If you’re concerned about fragile, thin hair then use Spectral.CSF. This unique formula stimulates follicles aggressively, while remaining light in texture to avoid any heavy build up; allowing you to help improve the density and condition of your hair.

  • Powerful scientific formula specifically tackles female pattern thinning
  • Helps women grow thicker, longer and stronger hair
  • Works with women’s hair length and hair follicular biology
  • Provides essential stem cells to help stimulate follicles to help prevent hair thinning
  • Uses unique Nanosome technology to significantly increase absorption
  • Safe and easy to use with a twice a day application of 10 pumps
  • NEXT DAY UK delivery

Improve the length, strength and density of your hair with the Spectral.CSF high-performance specialised formula. Spectral.CSF successfully addresses the unique biology of female pattern thinning. Whether you feel too young to start experiencing thinning hair or simply hate the way it can age you or the look, DS Laboratories might have the answer to your problems.

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What is Spectral.CSF?

Spectral.CSF is designed to work with women’s hormone fluctuations, hair length and hair follicle biology to help achieve the appearance of thicker looking hair. Spectral.CSF not only contains nutrients to support hair and scalp health, but its ingredients have also been shown to be very effective in women particularly.

You’ll be happy to learn that the expert trichologists at DS Laboratories have truly thought of everything in order to make this as user-friendly and effective as possible. It’s also safe to use alongside any styling products you may use.

How does Spectral.CSF work?

Compared to male pattern baldness and thinning, which tends to happen on the top of the head and around the hairline. Spectral.CSF can be applied easily to the entire head, which is where female pattern thinning tends to diffuse over. This particular hair loss formula also overcomes the hurdles of hair loss by employing plant-based stem cells. These have the ability to exhibit many similar properties and the same plasticity as human cells, which aim to prevent ageing signs on the scalp.

Spectral.CSF works to improve the hormonal signature and fluctuation in a woman’s scalp. The follicle bulb size is also dramatically strengthened, which could lead to a longer growing and life cycle of the hair. For many women, as they get older, it is common to lose a lot of essential vitamins and minerals on the scalp which can have a knock-on effect on your hair health. Therefore, the Spectral.CSF formula also infuses your scalp with essential minerals and vitamins to help revitalise hair follicles and induce them to produce thicker strands of hair.

Why should I use Spectral.CSF?

For women, if your hair is thin, breaks easily or makes you look old this revolutionary formula can strengthen your hair while remaining light in texture, in order to avoid any unnecessary build up. Plus, unlike many other hair loss products available, Spectral.CSF only contains key compounds that are found to be most effective against female hair loss.

Like all DS.Laboratories products, Spectral.CSF uses unique and revolutionary Nanosome technology. This means the transportation for ingredients are encapsulated, helping their effects last longer and go further compared to many other hair growth solutions; so you can experience thicker and healthier hair potentially faster.

Results I can expect

As soon as you apply the Spectral.CSF onto your scalp the Nanosome technology will start to get to work. Over time and with consistent, regular use you should really start to see significant effects for positive, healthy and thicker looking hair outcomes. Meaning at all stage of your life you can enjoy good hair days, every day. Results will vary from user to user due to physiology of the individual. DS Laboratories say to use the formula for a minimum of a month and for optimal results at least 3 months.

Helps to stimulate stem cells and key compounds such as Aminexil® , adenosine, EUK - 134, and the octapeptide -2(Proharin-β4).

Aids in boosting chemical signaling between cells in the scalp. This boost can then help the hair growth cycle in being induced back to life.

Key compounds in the formula help to optimise the distribution of key enzymes. This helps to give more efficiency to the stem cells.

Helps to support skin health with essential nutrients. By supplying the scalp with the perfect blend of nutrients and vitamins enables cell communication to increase.

The formula will overall aid in giving the hair increased density and strength when used correctly and following the recommended dosage.

How to use Spectral.CSF

  • Simply apply 10 pumps of Spectral.CSF with the spray or 1ml twice a day with the dropper. For effective results apply over the area of thinning and rub the liquid evenly over the scalp, always wash your hands with soap and water after each use. You do not need to rinse out the formula after it has been applied.
  • It’s important that you use Spectral.CSF regularly and continue using it to avoid excessive shedding of hair.

Safe to use

It is safe to use for topical application only, always use as directed and does not exceed the recommended dosage. Always take caution when combining with other products; this is due to the fact that Nanosomes speed up the absorption process. Do not use if you are pregnant and always check the ingredients before use to ensure you aren’t allergic to any of them.


Ordering at ShytoBuy couldn't be easier. Just choose the package you would like and click on the 'add to basket' icon. You can now enter the checkout were you will be provided several payment and delivery methods to suit your needs. If you order before 4 pm you can recieve your Spectral.CSF the very next working day. Stop feeling down and flat about your hair and join the thousands of satisfied women that have started using this unique specialised formula for women today.

The Difference between the Spectral Range

Spectral.CSF Spectral.DNC-S Spectral.RS™ Spectral.DNC-N Spectral.F7
£26.95 £39.95 £27.95 £29.95 £27.95
What it does Specifically designed to help slow hair loss in women, it takes into account the hair length and any hormone fluctuations A potent solution to help combat many types of hair loss in both men and women Helps maintain circulation and aids in increasing metabolism in hair follicles to ensure your hair always looks its best! A breakthrough hair-and-scalp maintenance system to help you achieve healthy, thicker looking hair Useful booster agent, ideal if you are already in treatment for thinning hair
Results Helps to tackle many kinds of hair loss to leave you with new, thicker and healthier hair everyday Aids in making your scalp healthy and your hair appear thicker. Even baldness signs may be reduced Your hair loss can slow down and regrowth may begin, in order to give you thicker hair Helps to prevent hair loss and stimulates new, healthier hair growth Can boost the effects from your hair loss solution you are already using
Application 10 pumps twice a day 6 pumps twice a day 10 pumps twice a day 6 pumps on area that is thinning 10 pumps twice a day
Form Spray Spray Spray Spray Spray
Quantity 60ml 60ml 60ml 60ml 60ml

Customer Reviews
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Product Rating (94% based on 20 Reviews)

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Service Rating (91.37% based on 857 )

  • * finally, i found a product designed for womens hair loss.
  • * loving my new lions main
  • * The baby hairs on the back of my neck and the temple area have grown so much, i look like a little hair ball. atleast its growing
  • * the worst thing in the world is discovering your hair loss, thank god for products like this one, i have been applying it twice daily for the past 5 months and my hair now is stronger than ever
  • * Brilliant product. I didn't want to write a review straight away so i waited 5 months to see if it would work for me. I have to say the results were better then i thought it would be. Very impressed with this. There have been a few products i've taken before and i've got bad side effects from it. This went smoothly and i don't know how long or how much more i'm going to see results but I'm happy with what i have seen so far.
  • * My wife has been going through a lot of chemotherapy lately and she has been very distressed about losing her hair. i wanted to find something out there that can help ease her distress as i did not want to see her go through what she was. Luckily i cam across spectral csf and i got to say the guys at ds labs are doing great work. This has helped stimulate her follicles again and has allowed her hair to grow back fuller and she is very happy with the results. The fact that she is happy makes me very happy.
  • * Its not a miracle cure. It takes time to see the results, but there are results in the end.
  • * Penetrates deeper then any other product i have used before and helps stimulate better growth. I've been using this along side TRX2. So far the results are positive.
  • * hi everyone, i wanted to share my experience with this spray, i will keep it short and sweet, the opposite to my hair style.... from my terrible sarcastic joke you can see that the spray has been working well for me, i use it as prescribed and after 2 weeks my hair started looking alot better
  • * Blown away by the results! Amazing
  • * I haven't tried anything like this before,i've just always put up with the issue not knowing there were solutions out there. I came across this through a friend. I can see major improvements and i don't have anymore bald areas. This is helping my hair grow back. So far its great, hope i continue to see good results.
  • * has such a beautiful smell and texture once shwered and dried
  • * Brilliant
  • * my hairs looks feel and smells absolutely amazing after using this
  • * my mum bought me this spray because we noticed all my hair clogging the showers drain, i started worrying thinking i was going bald and it was terrifying so my mum went online and found me this, i have been using it now for 4 months and my hair has become extremely strong, i would say atleast 70% decrease in hair loss, its amazing
  • * i noticed my hair loss when i was 20 and i never really thought anything of it, now i am 28 and my hair loss has really accelerated and its rapidly falling, i started this treatment last week and already the hair strands are stronger
  • * Glad i got this. seen my hair grow back thicker and fuller.
  • * My mother in law loves the product. She says thank you.
  • * Does exactly what it says its supposed to. Great purchase!
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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