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Advanced Anti-Ageing Device


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Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the ultra-innovative and sleek Silk’n FaceFX, which could potentially help take years off your face! The Silk’n FaceFX is an anti-wrinkle device which has been clinically-proven to show significant results – up to a 69% reduction in lines and wrinkles! This product is specially formulated to be safe for use on the neck, forehead, cheeks and around the eyes, making it an ideal solution to ageing skin.

  • The Silk’n FaceFX uses home fractional technology to help reduce the signs of ageing
  • Can be used on the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks and neck
  • Helps to reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • 2 year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Works to reduces pore size
  • Helps to brightens complexion and improves skin texture
  • Automatic shutoff function to avoid overheating
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Free UK Shipping

The Silk’n FaceFX is the uses the latest technology to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, using LED light therapy and heat technology to help rejuvenate the skin, allowing you to appear younger, fresher and brighter! Remember that when you place your order by 4:00 pm on any working day, you could receive your product the next day.

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What is the Silk’n FaceFX and how does it work?

The Silk’n FaceFX is a sleek and handy product aimed at helping men and women reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks, neck and around the eyes. This product has been clinically tested and consistently shows excellent results, boasting up to a 69% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles within two months of beginning treatment. This anti-ageing formula is FDA-approved, so you can enjoy full confidence that this hugely effective treatment is entirely safe.

The Silk’n FaceFX implements home fractional technology to achieve great results - LED light therapy is used to penetrate deep to bring out your inner beauty, with dermal heat produced by the device set at around 40°C. The device delivers uniform energy distribution which penetrates deep into the skin, helping to regenerate skin cells and promoting the growth of new skin cells. This ground-breaking process works to reduce the signs of ageing, helping to promote healthy and younger-looking skin with a minimum of fuss!

Where can I use it?

Please be aware that the Silk’n FaceFX is intended solely for use on the face, and is not suitable for use anywhere else on the body. For best results, we recommend applying this product to the forehead, cheeks, neck and around the eyes and mouth.

How quickly will I be able to see results?

  • 78% of users saw a reduction in pore size*
  • 91% noted an improvement in skin texture*
  • 47% reported fresher skin*

**Results based on using the Silk’n FaceFX for 8 weeks.

The great thing about the Silk’n FaceFX is how quickly it gets to work – this fantastic breakthrough device delivers results in a matter of weeks, with most users reporting significant improvements after between three and seven weeks of regular use. Results vary from user, however most users experience up to a 69% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within two months of starting this treatment.

***The results may vary from one individual to another

How do I use the Silk’n FaceFX?

The Silk’n FaceFX is deceptively simple to use, can be used in the comfort of your own home and takes between 15-20 minutes per treatment – making it the first and last in convenient age-defying treatments!. Prior to use, you should ensure that your face and neck are cleansed and dry. To begin using this device, switch on and wait for the red lights to show. Apply the device to the face and neck, using small circular motions. Make sure to apply the device to each area for between five and seven minutes. During the first month of treatment, we recommend using the device three times per week. Following the first month, it is sufficient to use the device once every week.

Is this product safe to use?

The Silk’n FaceFX is FDA-approved and entirely safe to use. During treatment, you may notice that the application area may become hot – this is normal. The Silk’n FaceFX is made from only the highest-quality materials and is manufactured with safety, style and comfort in mind. If you experience any unpleasant side-effects during treatment, stop using the device immediately. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

What do I get in my Silk’n FaceFX box?

  • Silk’n FaceFX Device
  • Base Unit
  • Manual

Customer Testimonials

Join thousands of satisfied customers who are enjoying youthful skin in just weeks!

How can I order the Silk’n FaceFX from ShytoBuy?

Ordering the Silk’n FaceFX from ShytoBuy couldn’t be easier – we offer a range of payment and delivery methods to suit your requirements, and thanks to our next working day delivery service all orders received before 4:00 pm on weekdays will arrive at your doorstep in the very next working day! If you’re keen to roll the years back with softer, fresher-looking skin, click on the 'Add to Basket' option to begin your purchase now!

Customer Reviews
At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (88.75% based on 16 Reviews)

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Service Rating (91.36% based on 856 )

  • * My daughter who i do not see very often kept staring at me the last time we met and said "Mum, why do you look younger?" She also added "You look amazing and your skin is glowing, have you been on holiday?" And normally my daughter is as honest as the day is long. She will tell me if something looks bad. If she has noticed a difference then i'm 100% sure it works.
  • * Love it! very impressed with this buy. Started working after 2 weeks of using it. I am in my late fifties and lines and wrinkles is a huge problem for me. I have tried many different lotions and potions however this is my first device i used. I'm not going to lie i was a bit worried but my friends have been asking me what my secret is. Don't think twice just get it. It's worth every penny.
  • * It absolutely fabulous! I got this a couple of months ago and i wanted to give it a good go before reviewing it. When i got it i didn't expect any miracles and to be completely honest the price put me off completely. This made my skin look fresh and clear and not only that but removed some awful lines i've had for over 20 years. My forehead is now line free and my neck is nice and smooth. My skin definitely has more definition and the crows feet have completely gone. The lines on my face and nose looked how they used to. My skin in general is much more softer. This product is great and its perfect for someone in my situation (look older than your actual age lol). It works and a massive thumbs up.
  • * Been using this for over 4 weeks now and my skin feels smoother and looks much more youthful. I am using this alongside the skin doctors face lift and it is working wonders.
  • * Straight away my skin looks so much better. I don't understand! Why is this better than everything i have ever tried before including dermabrasion! All the stuff i've purchased from boots, absolutely terrible compared to this. Honestly try it its blimmin brilliant!
  • * It is not a miracle cure. You need to be calm and patient and then you will see the results. After reading the many positive reviews about how it took people weeks for results for me it took a little longer. But it does work. I would recommend to try it.
  • * I think its worth using, but i haven't used it long enough to see long term effects. However my face does look clearer and brighter.
  • * Brilliant!
  • * Worth the money!
  • * All is great! very happy with this!
  • * my skin has got tighter after i have started using it. my colleagues at school keep asking me the secret. i tell them its magic device and laugh inside
  • * this is so easy to use. i like using it. it has been a week and i can see difference in my skin
  • * Beauty in a machine
  • * Fast delivery!
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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