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Premature ejaculation myths that need to be debunked

Premature ejaculation is a well-known and widely discussed sexual problem. But still there are a great number of myths surrounding the condition. Here we debunk some of common misconceptions about early ejaculation and uncover the facts.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a problem that blights the sex life of up to 36 million men. Despite being a common sexual concern of men, PE remains an under-detected and under-treated condition largely because it is surrounded by lot of prejudices and myths. It therefore becomes important to burst the misconception and reveal the facts about the condition. If you are among the men who fail to last long enough between the sheets, then you must get your facts right before you seek ways to treat premature ejaculation. Here are few enduring premature ejaculation myths that need to be laid to rest once and for all:

Myth 1: Over-sensitive penis is the main cause of PE

Fact: While genital sensitivity may increase the symptoms of premature ejaculation, it isn’t the real cause behind it. Advanced study of the condition has revealed that PE is a multifaceted medical condition that is often caused by a lot of inter-related problems like psychological problems, hormonal disorders, impairment of blood circulation and neurological diseases. As it is essential to know the cause of the problem in order to combat it, men experiencing the issue are advised to seek medical attention as soon as they start noticing the symptoms.

Myth 2: Premature ejaculation is a teenager’s issue

Fact: Although premature ejaculation is more common in the 20s and teenage years, men of any age can be affected by it. According to the Sexual Advice Association, early ejaculation affects more than 40% of men at some stage of their life. In fact, many older men experience ejaculation problems due to medical conditions like diabetes, prostate problems, narrowing of the arteries and some neurological conditions.

Myth 3: Stop start technique is the best way to delay ejaculation

Fact: Experts swear by stop and start technique to overcome PE, but most men who experience the problem will agree that it doesn’t work so well. Stopping in between the session usually ends up killing the mood and rhythm of both the partners. In most of the cases, females fail to achieve orgasm if their partners are using stop start technique. So, even if this technique helps delay ejaculation, it will no way improve your overall sexual experience. As an alternative, men can consider using delay sprays like Stud 100 to prolong ejaculation.

Myth 4: Masturbating before sex can make you last longer

Fact: Masturbation is partially effective when it comes to dealing with PE, but the benefits are only short term. Many young men use non-stop masturbation to climax as a behavioural technique to last longer between the sheets. Indulging in masturbation regularly before sex can actually worse your condition as most men loose interest in the real action and suffer from low libido. Also, no clinical trial has proven the effectiveness of this behavioural technique and results vary from person to person.

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