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Night Pheromones for Women Roll-on 10ml Roll-on | Female to Male Pheromones

By Phiero


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Phiero Night Woman Is a handy-sized roll-on pheromone perfume for women that can be used wherever, whenever you want. It is composed of 4 synthetic pheromones infused with the fresh aroma of exotic flowers and apple scent that will help to arouse and induce a sexual response from males whilst improving self-confidence. Thanks to the pocket-sized format of the roll-on you can use it in any unexpected encounters whenever you need, 24 hours a day.

  • Pocket sized & discreet
  • Aids in inducing a sexual response in males
  • Helps to boost confidence
  • Wears light and discreetly – just the mild aroma of the pheromone perfume.
  • Scientific pheromone research
  • Immediate effect
  • Next day delivery

This innovative roll-on pheromone perfume has been several years’ research into how the neurochemistry of love works and how the other person’s brain reacts when the stimuli of pheromones are present on the individual. Phiero Night Woman creates a near immediate reaction that helps to induce a sexual arousal and desire within males in a personal encounter. The handy sized roll-on can be used anywhere and anytime that helps to gain confidence whilst also giving a mild pleasant sweet aroma.

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What is Phiero Night Woman

Phiero Night Woman is a roll-on pheromone perfume that has been formulated using years of research into the neurochemistry of attraction. The main advantage of using pheromone perfumes is that they reactive to the sense of smell. Human smell is one of the most powerful and reactive senses we possess. Although the pheromones are odourless they enter the nose without detection and a neurochemical reaction occurs that is delivered straight to the central cerebral. The cerebral cortex then transmits these signals and affects all the other senses influencing behaviour and mannerisms.

How does it work?

Pheromones are chemicals created by neurochemical reactions in the brain that trigger a primal mating attraction and can induce a certain behavioural reaction in the opposite sex. In simple terms, pheromones are a method of sub-conscious communication between opposite genders that help to trigger an attraction or induce a sexual response. Pheromones don’t create a euphoric feeling directly but help enhance the natural stimuli you are being subjected too such as visual and auditory senses. Phiero Night Woman helps to induce sexual response and arouse males in personal encounters through the stimuli the pheromones the roll-on perfume give.


How to apply Phiero Night Woman in four simply steps:

It is advisable to use Phiero Night after the shower to keep the pheromones intact.

Apply on the skin with the roll-on format in areas like neck, ears or wrists.

Pheromone perfumes are absorbed in the body for 8-10 hours as long as it is being applied correctly.

The product takes effect within 30 minutes after application


Application: The body has sweet spots for pheromone products that has been a result of extensive research. These sweet spots are called ‘pulse points’ and work more efficiently due to the superficial blood flow to the area, creating a greater body heat that enhances the potency of the pheromone roll-on.

Advice: Making sure you skin is hydrated and moisturised is not only good health for your skin, but also lets the duration of the roll-on pheromones last longer and more effectively. Having hydrated skin lets the pheromones to absorb into the skins surface easier.

Specification: Apply the roll-on perfume directly onto the skins surface just as you would your perfume. Phiero Night Woman comes in a 10ml roll-on bottle and is strictly for external use. The product durations varies from person to person due to genetics and skin health but can be used as many times as desired.

When will I see results?

Phiero Night Woman works on the sense of smell and since the sense of smell is one of the most reactive and potent reactors to stimuli the pheromone spray gets to work almost immediately. If applied to pulse points the duration of the pheromones can last longer. The formula has been made to be absorbed into the skins surface quickly so the roll-on sticks to the skin for longer lasting results.

The Science behind Pheromones

Phiero Night Woman roll-on pheromone perfume is formulated with 4 key pheromones in arousal that help induce a sexual response in a natural and organic manner. These pheromones are:

Stratetraenol: A pheromone that is naturally produced by women that creates a feeling of ultra-femininity whilst helping to give the effect of reassurance to both men and women. This makes people more friendly and helps reserved women be more visible.

Androsterone: Detected through the Vomeronasal Apparatus unconsciously, that helps to induce a sexual desire within men. It is derived directly from testosterone and therefore is familiar to the male Vomeronasal Apparatus helping to break the ice and make personal situations more comfortable.

Delta 16-OL: This is the pheromone of communication and enables personal encounters to be less ‘stranger danger’ and more friendly. It helps to break the ice and helps to enable a more comfortable and relaxing environment for encounters.

A-Keto: This pheromone is typically detected mostly through the armpits. It is a distinct pheromone that is known as the ‘love pheromone’ and helps to induce increased sexual impulses in males and females.

Safe to use

Phiero Night Woman has no known side effects but as always at ShytoBuy we recommend that you check the ingredients label for anything you think might be harmful to you. If you are still unsure you can either perform a small spot check on the back of your hand or contact your local doctor for advice on your query. Phiero Night Woman has been registered by Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) under the number “CPNP Phiero Night Woman: 1910675”. The roll-on pheromone perfume can be used in line with your daily cosmetic and skin care products and can easily be applied as well as washed off.

Ordering Phiero Night Woman

Ordering at ShytoBuy couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the ‘add to basket’ icon and enter the simple and easy checkout procedure. You will be shown multiple payment and delivery methods to suit your needs and if you order before 4.00pm, you will receive your Phiero Night Woman the very next working day. Join the thousands of women that are enjoying the luxurious of male attention daily and gain that confidence back from your youth with Phiero Night Woman.

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  • * I have been wondering if these worked and luckily a friend had bought some pheromones before and has been ever since. She bought another brand but i chose this one to see what the fuss was about after a little bit of research into pheromone brands. I AM IN SHOCK. I got so much more attention at work and even after when I met my male friend for coffee. Brilliant product.
  • * Excellent pheremone spray. I love the smell and my boyfriend is touching me once again!!
  • * Amazing, got me the attention I have been craving as a woman for a while. Its great.
  • * I literally only use this now, no perfumes.. just this.
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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