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Night Pheromones for Women

10ml Roll-on | Roll-On Scent for Seduction
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The desire to attract a partner is almost ubiquitous, but we all know that it can be a mysterious and confusing process. Women everywhere are searching for a way forward - what if nature could provide the approach we’ve all been looking for?! Pheromones are becoming a hot-word everywhere, so Phiero decided to blend an expert selection in their Night Pheromones for Women scented roll-on.

  • Scented pheromone application
  • To enhance female to male attraction
  • With four key pheromones
  • Delightfully light floral fruity fragrance
  • Convenient & compact roll-on stick
  • To be applied as & when needed

We all know the importance of scent - who hasn’t been caught by somebody’s aroma and felt an instantaneous response?! Although scentless, pheromones are considered by many to access the body via the nose and trigger a similarly sensual reaction. To make the most of this increasingly intriguing phenomenon, the Night Pheromones for Women stick includes four such compounds, boosted by the lightest of fruity-floral fragrances.

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Phenomenal Pheromones

The secret behind attraction is one of the greatest mysteries any of us will ever know - but in the animal kingdom, things are much more straightforward! Without the gift of speech, they are able to get down to business and understand each other’s physical desires in a mere heartbeat. This is understood to be due in many cases to pheromones: scentless chemicals produced by one body, and then absorbed through the nose of another, in order to trigger a response. So the next question is: can we learn anything from our fellow mammals?! Scientists have begun to investigate the role these body-produced compounds can play in that innate, inexplicable magnetism between individuals. How incredible would it be to bring these factors into our own pursuit of a mate?!

The Seductive Power of Scent

We’ve all caught a whiff of someone’s natural scent or artificial perfume, and had a distinct reaction - be it attraction or otherwise! There’s no doubt that the way someone smells can have a remarkable impact, hence the development of an enormously profitable fragrance market. Everyday, women go searching the shelves for their signature scent, aiming not only to enhance their attraction aura but also to enjoy a sense of self. Just one little application can make us feel great all day long.

Night Pheromones for Women

Phiero knew that women everywhere would appreciate being able to access the unique biological component of pheromones - but would have no idea where to begin! With a dedicated research-focus, they brought together four examples: Androstenone, Androstadienone, Androstenol, and Estratetaene. Each one was chosen for its reputation in the scientific community, and is expertly balanced for a remarkably potent effect. Held within a handbag and pocket-sized roll-on stick, and enhanced with the lightest of fruity-floral fragrances, it’s ready and waiting for you and your seduction.

Complete Ingredients

Mineral Oil, Tegosoft, Delice Fragrance, Aerosil (Silicon Dioxide), Androstenone, Androstadienone, Androstenol, Estratetaene.

Using the Roll-On

The Night Pheromones for Women roll-on is sure to become a simultaneously discreet and enjoyable addition to your beautification regime, be it everyday or just for special occasions. Approximately 30 minutes before you wish to experience the impact of pheromones, apply to areas where you would normally apply perfume. These include the neck, wrists or behind the ears. They should remain in place for approximately 8-10 hours if not disturbed, so we suggest applying after you have showered.


All Phiero products are specifically formulated with a keen eye on the needs of the human body, and are balanced with respect to those specificities. However, before applying anything to your skin, you should always check the full ingredients, just in case they include anything to which you are allergic. Please be aware that this product will not impact on your overall personal aroma.

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  • I have been wondering if these worked and luckily a friend had bought some pheromones before and has been ever since. She bought another brand but i chose this one to see what the fuss was about after a little bit of research into pheromone brands. I AM IN SHOCK. I got so much more attention at work and even after when I met my male friend for coffee. Brilliant product.

    J Jane

  • Good spray. Works nicely on my current perfume. Could be more in the bottle though, but it is handy sized.

    A Anonymous

  • Excellent pheremone spray. I love the smell and my boyfriend is touching me once again!!

    J Jacqueline

  • Amazing, got me the attention I have been craving as a woman for a while. Its great.

    E Eileen

  • I literally only use this now, no perfumes.. just this.

    K Kathryn

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