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6 tips that can make hair removal completely painless

Want smooth, sexy legs but dread the painful hair removal? Not anymore. Read on to know about the tips that can make your hair removal methods painless.

Many women, who don’t feel that body hairy is sexy, start hair removal from the age of 12 and continue that until the end of their life. Getting rid of excess body hair becomes an essential part of their beauty care. Everyone is comfortable with different methods of removing hair. Some feel that shaving is quick, while others prefer waxing for longer lasting results. There are some women, who resort to depilatory creams and gels for removing hair.

Skin type, need and preference are some of the factors women consider when choose their removal technique. However, there is one thing that every woman desires: painless hair removal methods. Be it shaving, waxing or epilation, every methods involves some kind of pain. Some might argue that creams are painless, but what about the redness and bumps that are caused if it doesn’t suit you. But, you don’t have to always go through the pain to get a beach ready body. Here are few tips that can be used to reduce the pain of getting rid of body hair:

Get numb:

Waxing, especially in the bikini line, can be really painful. To reduce the pain, you can use numbing gels on the area before your waxing appointment. The gel will make the area numb and waxing ouch-free. If you are going for facial hair removal, rubbing ice cube on the area before your appointment can help make the process pain free.

Wash it out:

Make sure that you properly wash out the areas that you want to get treated before shaving and waxing. If you have applied some moisturizer or cream on the area, cleaning before the treatment becomes more important as hair takes longer to come out if the area is sticky and using the wax strips and razor repeatedly on a single area can leave you shouting out of pain.

Keep it taut:

While waxing it is necessary to hold the skin taut, otherwise the strip will not come out properly and will promote a lot of pain. Never peel the strip back in the same direction of hair growth as it can cause red bumps and leave you in pain. To help ease the pain, quickly apply pressure to the waxed area with your hand. Also avoid waxing your legs and bikini line during periods as the skin is sensitive during those days and the process can be very painful.

Be careful with underarms:

Removing hair from underarms is the most painful part, so be extra careful. Hair in underarms tends to be coarser and grow in different directions. If you are waxing, you must do it in two parts - top and bottom sections of the hair separately depending on the direction of the hair growth.

Use a special gel razor:

If you freak out at the thought of waxing, then shaving can be easier option for you. Use razors that have gel on it as it is easier to removal hair and causes less irritation. Ensure that you shave in the right direction, as shaving in direction opposite to the growth can cause ingrown hair that is really painful. Use a shaving gel or conditioner instead of cream to avoid clogging pores.

Try lasers:

If you want a painless hair removal along with long lasting effects, then laser is your best bet. Going for parlor treatment can cost you a fortune, therefore it is better that you buy Silk’n SensEpil. It is a home laser device that works on HPL (Home Pulsed Light) technology to remove hair and inhibit growth. The lightweight portable device can be easily used on any part of your body without the need of any messy creams.

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