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Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream

By Naturasil


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Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream is a unique and effective topical formula which has helped thousands of men and women to reduce scabies mites on the body. This all-natural remedy contains a blend of specially selected natural ingredients which work together to help penetrate scabies infections while helping to prevent future outbreaks.

  • Targets scabies, relieving symptoms of the condition
  • 100% natural formula
  • Helps alleviate inflammation and itching
  • Helps to prevent the spread of scabies
  • Works to prevent future outbreaks
  • Aids in protection for the skin from harmful infections
  • Can be used by both adults and children
  • No side effects

Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream is made up of a variety of ingredients which work together to help effectively target scabies and other skin infections. This specially selected combination of ingredients helps to reduce inflammation and itching of scabies and can be used by both adults and children. You can start using this scabies formula as early as tomorrow thanks to our fantastic next day delivery service. All orders placed before 4pm on a working day will arrive the very next day.

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How can Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream benefit me?

Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream contains a unique combination of all-natural ingredients which target scabies mites, the source of infections. This topical application includes aloe, jojoba, and melaleuca alternifolia extracts in a cream solution which absorbs into and underneath the skin for relief. Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream is best suited to people who are allergic to prescription drugs such as permethrin.

For optimum results when combating scabies, we recommend using this cream on a routine of four days on followed by four days off. For other mite infestations, this cycle may take a little longer, possibly taking a few weeks depending on the type of mite you are targeting- many mites lay eggs, so while this topical cream may kill mites, the eggs remain and, once hatched, must also be exterminated.

How long does it usually take to see the results?

Results vary from person to person, however it is advisable to continue targeting the affected areas for at least two weeks after symptoms have subsided in order to ensure the infection has been eradicated.

Can it be used on all skin types?

Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream is suitable for all skin types. Prior to use, we recommend consulting your doctor who can diagnose your condition, ensuring you are given the right treatment to best target the condition.

Are there any side-effects?

There are a few things to consider when applying Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream. It is important that you wash and dry the affected area thoroughly prior to treatment, and do not use any wash cloths or scrubbing aids as this can lead to cross-contamination, worsening the condition.

Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women or children under the age of five. This solution should not be ingested orally and should not come into contact with the eyes. If Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream does come into contact with the eyes, make sure to wash the affected area gently but thoroughly with warm water. If you have any doubts about using this product, please consult your doctor.

What are the ingredients?

The active ingredients in this formula include microcrystalline sulfur and melaleuca alternifolia. The inactive ingredients include cocos nucifera, vitis vinifera, jojoba, emulsifying vegetable wax NF, stearic acid, kosher vegetable glycerin, aloe, methyl-propylparaben, xanthan gum.

How can I purchase Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream?

Ordering Naturasil Scabies Topical Cream from ShytoBuy couldn’t be easier. We offer a variety of payment and delivery methods to suit your needs, and all orders placed before 4pm on a working day will be delivered right to your doorstep the very next day - to begin your purchase and enjoy relief from the effects of scabies today, click on the ‘Add to Basket’ option.

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  • * after infection in my son, we all developed scabies and itching was just unbearable. this cream helped our entire family. thanks a lot
  • * this cream relieved itching immediately. works for me and should work for you
  • * I have had trouble with my skin for years and spent so much money on other creams, soaps and even the stuff the doctor prescribed me with. I have been using this lotion for roughly 2 weeks now and i have seen a drastic improvement! My skin feels comfortable, there's no itching no dryness or soreness. So overall great improvement in Skin condition.
  • * Excellent buy. This helped me with my acne too! I got to admit when i first saw the price i was sceptical, but i guess you get what you pay for, QUALITY! i am impressed.
  • * Honestly it 100% cleared my skin. I used it alongside a sulfur soap bought from here too. I'm so glad i found this. I will be trying out the other skin care range.
  • * A godsend when nothing else worked. By far the best cream i have tried and believe me i have tried many.
  • * Fab! What can i say, absolutely amazing. I have been using it everyday. Whatever was causing the itchiness has now gone away. Feels great on the body.
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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