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Natural ways to increase sex drive in women

‘Those were the days when we simply couldn’t keep our hands off each other’…But hang on a second. Why shouldn’t that still be the case?! Find out ways you can boost female sex drive the natural way.
Discover the natural (and sometimes pleasurable) ways to regain your sex life.

If you’re fed up with a dwindling sex life and lack of sexual desire, then this is the article for you.

There are many natural, safe and great ways that will help you to increase sex drive and reignite the spark back into the bedroom. Many of which are discreet and some are even enjoyable to do! Before you start to boost your sexual desire, it is important to identify the main reasons for low sex drive in women, as this will help you establish if any medications you are taking could be influencing your libido and may need to be addressed with your doctor. For the majority of women stress, age, relationship and hormones are the main issues.

Your body and your mind

If wrinkly drying skin, greying hairs and achy muscles make you see yourself as ‘old’, then the chances are you probably wouldn’t consider yourself to be ‘hot’.

The solution

Treat yourself. From something as small as buying a mini pamper set from the shops to booking a spa retreat weekend. Allow some time out for your body and leave it feeling beautiful. By doing so can help to counteract any self-esteem or self-consciousness issues to build up your confidence. Try to concentrate and take note about every inch of your body, this can allow you to reconnect to yourself and become more comfortable in the skin you’re in. All these feeling can lead to a more positive approach to sex, which in turn help to increase sex drive as a result.

Androgen changes and age

As we get older, in both sexes, a decrease in sex drive tends to occur. This can be cause by a drop in androgens- male hormones also found in females.

The solution

During this time pay particular attention to your diet by eating plenty of vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, ensure you have plenty of sleep and step up your exercise. More often than not, addressing these basic lifestyle habits can work wonders for you sex drive, particularly over the menopausal time when your androgens drop the most. You will also be pleased to learn that women usually feel an increase in sexual desire once they are through the menopause phase.

The stress of life

You’ve tried slipping into something sexy and lighting some candles, however at the end of a long work day and stresses of juggling family life, it can feel near impossible to get into the mood. No wonder so many women feel at times that they are losing connection with their sensual side.

The solution

Take the focus away from intercourse for a while. Try spending time on foreplay or other sexual activities such as oral sex or sensual massages. Don’t be afraid to steer away from standard text conversations about builders or who’s picking the kids up. Leaving subtle hints, such as ‘Remember that time we did it in the kitchen…’, can help bring you and your partner in the mood helping to increase sex drive. Many couples also benefit from short-term relationship counselling, this can help you get through a rough patch and allow you to lead a more compatible and physical relationship once more.

Estrogen changes

A drop in estrogen can also mean a drop in blood flow to the vagina, which may lead to dryness, something that can really contribute to a women’s lack of sex drive.

The solution

Use lubricants during foreplay and sexual intercourse, not only do they add pleasurable sensation but they also make the experience easier and more comfortable by reducing any dryness. Natural supplements such as Lady Prelox also work to improve blood flow to your intimate areas, which too may help to prevent any dryness alongside other benefits to increase sex drive.

Indulge in stimulating foods and exercise

Aphrodisiac foods such as oysters, pomegranates, chillies, figs, avocado and bananas are just a few of the foods known to arouse both men and women, some even by their suggestive appearance. But these foods also provide important vitamins and minerals that have been known to potentially increase blood flow to the genitals and promote a healthy sex life.

Exercise is great for many aspects of your heath and when it comes to helping increase sex drive there is no exception. By exercising a few times a week stimulates ‘feel good’ endorphins around your body and can actually give you the feeling of more energy. If you’re looking for the perfect conditions to feel in the mood, the simple act of exercising could provide you with it.

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