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Native Remedies UTI-Clear Fights UTI's


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Native Remedies UTI-Clear is an all-natural herbal remedy which has been specially created to relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTIs) such as cystitis and urethritis. This fantastic product combines a unique blend of herbs in order to help ease the burning pain and increased urge to urinate symptomatic of UTIs.

  • Relieves pain when urinating
  • Reduces blood in the urine
  • Prevents clouded urine
  • Relieves increased urge to urinate
  • Reduces full-bladder feeling after urination
  • Can help to relieve back pain
  • Combats fever and reduces feelings of general discomfort

Urinary tract infections can be painful, frustrating and embarrassing, and if left untreated can become dangerous. Native Remedies UTI-Clear has been specially formulated to help relieve and reduce symptoms of urinary traction infections without the use of prescription drugs.

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What causes urinary tract infections?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) occur when germs found in the intestine travel up to the bladder through the urethra, and can be very painful and frustrating, with sufferers complaining of burning sensations when urinating, blood in the urine and needing to urinate but being unable to do so.

What is UTI-Clear?

UTI-Clear contains a unique blend of herbal ingredients which work together to relieve the urge to urinate, as well as reducing pain, blood and cloudiness during urination. Urinary tract infections can also lead to back pain and fever – UTI-Clear also helps to combat these symptoms.

UTI-Clear is best used alongside the tissue salt remedy Native Remedies Triple Complex UT Tonic, which helps to improve bladder and urinary tract function by restoring balance at a cellular level. Used together as part of a regime aimed at improving bladder and urinary tract function, these products help to safely manage the symptoms of bladder irritation, burning sensations during urination and the frequent urge to urinate.

Who can use Native Remedies UTI-Clear?

Urinary tract infections are more common than you might think - millions of men, women and children suffer from this condition every year. Women are especially prone to suffering from UTIs due to their shorter urethras allowing bacteria to pass into the urinary tract more easily, with 20% of women developing a UTI at some point in their lives. People of all ages can use Native Remedies UTI-Clear to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms associated with UTIs efficiently and conveniently.

How do I use Native Remedies UTI-Clear?

Dilute 0.50ml of the solution with a small amount of water or juice and sip slowly. Alternatively, hold bottle upside-down and drip directly onto the tongue. Repeat this routine three times per day for between five and seven days, or longer if necessary. We recommend drinking between six and eight glasses of water every day in order to flush toxins from the urinary tract, ensuring a healthy bladder for minimum discomfort.

What are the ingredients?

Buchu (leaves), bearberry leaf (leaves), yarrow (aerial parts), lemon balm (aerial parts), oatstraw (herb), St. John's wort (aerial parts), echinacea (aerial parts, root), billberry (fruit), vegetable glycerin, de-ionized water.

How can I order Native Remedies UTI-Clear?

Ordering Native Remedies Triple Complex UT Tonic from ShytoBuy is easy, secure and convenient – we offer a variety of payment and delivery methods to suit your needs, and thanks to our next day delivery service, if you confirm your order before 4pm on any working day, you will receive your item the very next day! To begin your purchase and relieve the irritation and discomfort of urinary tract infections as soon as possible, click the ‘Add to Basket’ button now!

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  • * i couldn't control it at all and it was getting really embarrassing. i had to isolate myslef for weeks. thankfully i found this and now i am back to my life
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