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Native Remedies MellowPause Perimenopause & Menopause Support


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Feel like you on a good day every day with Native Remedies MellowPause. Aimed to help regulate the temperature of menopausal women while promoting healthy sleeping patterns and balance unsteady moods. Unlike many other menopause relief remedies, this one is an all-simple and natural formula formulated specifically with menopausal women in mind.

  • Reduces uncomfortable and prickly hot flushes
  • Settles dramatic mood changes and promotes a healthy amount of sleep
  • Support your body changes, made specifically for menopausal women
  • Small compact and convenient to take with you anywhere
  • Made with all natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals
  • NEXT DAY UK delivery
  • You only need to use as and when

Feeling great at this stage in your life has never been easier. A few drops of the sweet scented Native Remedies MellowPause not only offers an effective way to combat spikes in temperature and other common menopause symptoms, but also a safe and easy way to do so. Entering this stage of your life doesn’t need to be full of apprehension and dread, but a time when you can live to the full!

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What is Native Remedies MellowPause?

It is a remedy that offers multiple means of all natural support to your health during both perimenopause and menopause. Primarily, Native Remedies MellowPause works to regulate temperature mechanisms of the body, which should address hot flush symptoms. It you’ve ever felt sweltering in a cold room or appear to be working up a sweat for no apparent reason, you’ll appreciate the untimely effects to your life that menopause symptoms can have.

Unlike many menopause remedies this formula is able to tackle more than one symptom at any one time. This includes the ability to promote regular and healthy sleeping patterns, which are important to steady mood swings and increase a healthy functioning of the body.

Why and when should I use it?

Across the globe, millions of women go through inconvenient and unwanted menopausal feelings at some stage in their life, generally around the age of 50. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to sit out and simply endure the symptoms, as there are many ways to help relieve them. If you prefer dealing with them naturally, tonics such as the Native Remedies MellowPause may well be the solution for you.

If you’re experiencing Menopause…

Known commonly as the ‘change of life’, menopause is a natural transition that all women experience when they reach a certain stage of their life. Often the symptoms will include hot flushes, mood swings, dry sweats and vaginal dryness amongst others. Embarrassing and uncomfortable, the symptoms can prove a nightmare to live with, but the good news is they are also completely preventable! Many women will seek out remedies, such as Native Remedies MellowPause to enjoy relief and beat such symptoms.

If you’re experiencing Perimenopause…

This is the stage that happens before menopause, where your ovaries will start to produce less oestrogen. During this phase you may experience symptoms such as mood swings, fatigue and trouble sleeping. By using Native Remedies MellowPause could provide you with natural relief to such common perimenopause signs.

How does Native Remedies MellowPause work?

In order to work efficiently, menopause remedies require a healthy balance of ingredients to give you the optimum amount of help. Natural ingredients including Pasque Flower and Black Cohosh have been specifically integrated in to the Native Remedies MellowPause formula as a result of the research and work of a clinical psychologist. Both ingredients are capable of aiding the absorption and support of your overall systematic health.

Primarily used as a remedy to support female gynaecological health, Black cohosh has been included as a key addition to many menopause remedies for many years. Some research has shown that its capabilities include temperature regulation for the female body. In other studies it has also been shown to support the oestrogen balance in the body.

Known to have a natural tonic effect on the nervous system, the Pasque Flower acts as a soothing and supportive herb primarily for the female reproductive organs. That’s why it is such an essential part of the Native Remedies MellowPause formula. Alongside this factor, it is also known to create a calming effect, which is perfect for those up and down moments where your hormones feel in turmoil!

When will I see results?

Noticeable results can usually be achieved from Native Remedies MellowPause after just a few doses, sometimes sooner! With regards to common hot flushes the effects can take slightly longer. You will find that with regular use of this remedy you can enjoy on-going benefits during both perimemnopausal and menopausal phases.

How do I use Native Remedies MellowPause?

Using this relief formula is very simple, easy and discreet. It’s recommended that you take 0.25 ml in 1/4 cup of water or juice 3 times a day, preferably after meal times.

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  • * menopause made my life hell. hot flashes didn't let me sleep at all. thank god i have been a regular on shytobuy where i found this treatment. it just took weeks to show results and i am so peaceful now
  • * i saw my mother going through a bad menopause. i was so dreaded when my age came. but my friend recommended me this and i can't even feel anything odd
  • * i started taking it before it all began and my body feels so good,
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