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Native Remedies Candidate

By Native Remedies

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Getting your digestive system back on track doesn’t have to be hard to do and Native Remedies Candidate not only maintains your current good health, but is a natural too. Candida is a fungus, which occurs in small amounts to help digestion. However, when it is over produced it can cause all sorts of problems including overgrowth and discomfort.

  • May help to control the overgrowth of excessive candida
  • Can lessen sugar cravings
  • Maintains the growth of probiotic flora
  • Works to reduce systemic yeast infections
  • Consists of completely natural ingredients to help restore a healthy balance
  • Order before 4pm and you can benefit from next day delivery

This natural solution has been created to help reduce the symptoms often associated with candida. If you find yourself feeling tired, craving sugar or have skin infections, digestive issues, fungal nail and thrush infections, then this could be the remedy for you.

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What is Candida?

It’s a fungus that comes in the small form of yeast, which lives in your mouth and intestines. Its role is to aid digestion and ensure that optimum nutrient absorption takes place. However, when it is overproduced this can result in the intestinal wall to break down and cause it to seep into the blood stream. This in its self can cause multiple problems including thrush and yeast infections, as well as digestive problems, nail and skin infections. All of which can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and in some circumstances painful.

Native Remedies Candidate uses natural ingredients that may help to reduce an overload of candida. By being effective in doing do, it can lessen any infections occurring including systemic yeast infections, which have been known to affect the entire body. The natural nature of Native Remedies Candidate means you can help yourself safely and with no adverse side effects to worry about.

How do you get candida overgrowth?

Ordinarily, the healthy bacterium in your gut helps to keep candida in check. However, there are multiple reasons as to how the amount of your essential bacteria can be affected and why you may need Native Remedies Candidate. These reasons include alcohol, stress, antibiotics and oral contraceptives or eating a lot of fermented foods.

How does Candidate work?

It uses a range of natural ingredients to lessen fungal overgrowth at the source, which can prevent candidiasis. Candidiasis are fungal like infections such as thrush or yeast infections. In the long-term Candidate helps to promote the healthy probiotic flora in the digestive tract. The selection of ingredients found in Candidate are known for their soothing ability of the digestive tract, repairing the capacity for damaged cells from Candida overgrowth while also maintaining the strength of the liver and immune functioning. Some of the beneficial ingredients found in Native Remedies Candidate include, Pau d'arco bark, this is known to offer antioxidant activation while maintaining healthy levels of flora in the body. Lemon grass is also used, which may maintain systemic health, stimulate cell regeneration and provide a solution for internal infections.

How do I use it?

Dilute 0.5 ml in to ¼ cup of water or juice after meal times. You should use around 2-3 times a day. When used as directed, a bottle of Candidate should last for around 40 days.

What are the ingredients?

Pau d'arco (bark), Marigold (flowers), Lemon grass (herb), Vegetable glycerin, deionized water.

How do I order my Candidate?

Simply click on the ‘Add to Basket’ button below to get started. At ShytoBuy we offer a range of different payment and delivery options including next day delivery when you order on any working day before 4pm.

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  • * This is great it works very well! It was quick and efficient in clearing up the mess. Would choose this again.
  • * I was so surprised to find this online! It saved me the embarrassment of having to see the doctor. Always find that very awkward because they always ask you for your life history and i'm quite a private person. Got this and my symptoms eased within a day.
  • * Soothing and calming. Just what i needed.
  • * Worked a treat, recommended for anyone that has had thrush. Well worth the money.
  • * Relief in 48 hours. Excellent!
  • * my sweet tooth makes me prone to yeast infection . candidate helps me keep cravings and infection away
  • * my symptoms have reduced without and I feel more energetic than before. Highly recommended
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