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Male Edge Basic

Male Enhancement Device

Male Edge


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The Male Edge extender is a new and innovative penis extender designed to enlarge the penis' length and girth safely and discreetly. Male Edge penis extenders are designed with comfort in mind and can be worn discreetly underneath clothing for long periods of time without causing discomfort or pain. Gain inches the safe and easy way with Male Edge, and add a bit of extra fizz to your sex life or just gain that confidence in your sexual encounters.

  • Clinically proven to provide effective results
  • Can be worn discreetly for prolonged periods
  • 1 Year manufacturers warranty
  • Comes in a convenient travel bag for easy transport
  • Helps to increase your sexual desire, stamina and satisfaction
  • Clinical backing to aid in straightening the penis
  • Non-invasive, painless method of penile elongation
  • Renowned design for comfortability and discretion
  • Free discreet delivery

The Male Edge is the perfect product for any man who wants a helping hand to enlarge the overall size of their penis. This stylish, safe and pain-free approach can help you reach your desired size, with thousands of men worldwide having already experienced the great benefits of the Male Edge – and thanks to our superb next working day delivery service, all orders received before 4 pm on a working day will be delivered the very next working day, allowing you to begin your traction therapy as early as tomorrow!

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How does the Male Edge work?

The Male Edge extender is a cutting-edge, high-quality device which has helped thousands of men worldwide achieve a bigger penis in both length and girth. The success of this product is simple – the Male Edge is comfortable, easy to use and clinically proven to increase penis size by up to 28%.

The Male Edge extender works due to ‘traction’ therapy. This is a pain-free, gradual approach to penis enlargement where traction increases the number of cells in the penile tissues by slowly applying elongation pressure to the main chambers of the penis, resulting in penile growth.

Which one do I choose?

The Male Edge Extra and the Male Edge Pro both use traction technology to enhance the size and performance of your penis. The Male Edge Extra comes in green and black and is provided with a carry case, measuring rule and travel bag. The Male Edge Pro also comes with these accompaniments, as well as rubber straps, protection pads and cohesive gauze, whilst the Pro is Black. Both come with a carry case, measuring ruler and a travel bag, but the Pro has more rubber straps, protection pads and cohesive gauze, helping to make the product even more comfortable and convenient to wear.

Easy to use

The Male Edge extender is pain-free and incredibly easy to use – starting in a relaxed state, simply place the ring of the Male Edge over the base of the penis and the rubber straps behind the glans. Having ensured this is comfortable, adjust the side rods to the size of your penis by turning the rods clockwise and adjusting to suit. Lock the device into position by turning the rods in an anti-clockwise motion before pushing the elongation bars and front piece together until you hear a click – that’s all it takes for the Male Edge extender to begin working its magic!

Clinical References & Media Coverage

The Male Edge Pro uses a clinically proven and effective method of traction therapy to straighten, elongate and increase the girth of the penis. This has been backed by multiple clinical studies and research showing the long-term and short-term effects of using the Male Edge Basic. This method of extension for the penis is painless, effective, discreet and non-invasive to the body. Below is a collection of clinical studies and research showing scientific evidence of his effectiveness and the results of using a penile extender for either extension or penile curvature. Feel free to listen to the professionals and see the results for yourself.

  • Evidence showing the effectiveness of non-invasive methods of penile-lengthning - click here .
  • The effectiveness of a penile-extender increasing penile size in men with a 'smaller penis' - Click here.
  • Clinical study results testing the efficacy and tolerability of a penile-extender in the treatment of a small phallus - Click here.
  • A journal published in the British Journal of Urology - Click here.
  • Canadian Journal of Phalloplasty performing a study on the effectiveness of penile extenders - Click here
  • Results of using a penis extender device for the treatment of penis curvature - Click here.
  • The effectiveness of using traction therapy on the penis for Peyronie's disease - Click here.

Fast results

The Male Edge Extender produces clinical results but these vary from individual to individual. The scientific backing shows that on average the penis will elongate slowly over time by 0.2-0.5 millimetres a month and anything bigger can be potentially dangerous or harmful to the penis in the long term. It must be noted that personal physiology can affect results but will still product positive results. Some individuals will elongate quicker whilst others might be slower. Here at ShytoBuy we recommend if you want faster results to include a male enhancement supplement to boost the potential of your desired results.

Ordering the Male Edge

Ordering from ShytoBuy is simple, secure and discreet. Thanks to our superb next working day delivery service, all orders received before 4pm on a working day will be delivered the very next working day, allowing you to begin your treatment as early as tomorrow! We offer a range of payment and delivery options to suit your needs, so why wait - to start your journey towards enhanced sexual performance, begin your purchase now by choosing the ‘Add to Basket’ option.

Male Edge Basic Male Edge Extra Male Edge Pro
£109.95 £125.95 £142.95
Colour White/Blue Green/Black Black
Stylish Box
Rubber Strap
Extra Rubber Strap 1 2 4
Protection Pad - 1 2
Cohesive Gauze - - 1
Instructional DVD - - 1
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

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