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LELO LUNA Smart Bead

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It’s time to meet your personal pleasure trainer. LUNA Smart Bead comes with unique sensors to that respond to your every squeeze. It’s able to measure your orgasm potential and set a vibration routine that’s specific to you to help strengthen and tone your vaginal muscles.

  • A personal trainer for your pelvic floor
  • ‘Squeeze and relax’ regime
  • Enjoy longer and stronger orgasms in no time!
  • Vibrating kegel exerciser with intuitive touch sensors
  • 5 progressive vibration levels
  • Includes continuous vibration perfect for immediate pleasure
  • Comes with AAA battery which will last for up to 200 routines
  • Body safe smooth silicone that’s 100% water proof
  • 10 year quality guarantee and 1 year warranty

You only need to use LUNA Smart Bead for 5 minutes a day using the various intensities of the ‘squeeze and relax’ exercise regime. This high-end toy also comes with a sachet of water-based lube, to get you started, and a luxurious satin pouch to keep it safely stored away discreetly. Order yours before 4pm today to enjoy next day delivery.

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What is it?

LUNA Smart Bead is a smooth to touch silicone-vibrating egg. Its purpose it to not only provide a constant vibration setting for external stimulation if you wish, but to also provide a tailor made vibration pleasure training regime for your pelvic floor muscles. Unlike many kegel exercisers that rely on weight, this innovative little toy uses pleasurable vibrations to help strengthen you pelvic floor.

The original 5-step vibration features of the LUNA Smart Bead guides you through your squeeze and relax exercises gently and effectively. Leaving you with the potential to enjoy longer and stronger orgasms than ever before. LUNA Smart Bead is 5.5 inches in total length, 4.1 inches around the widest part of the girth and completely water proof, so it’s suitable to wear in the bath and shower if desired.

How does LUNA Smart Bead work?

The idea is that when it vibrates, you will clench your pelvic muscles and then relax when it stops. When you squeeze LUNA Smart Bead, it will intensify the vibration and pleasure you will experience, also letting you know you’re getting the most out of the workout.

As your muscle strength improves, the clever technology within LUNA Smart Bead will respond accordingly, sending you more challenging exercise routines with a variety of vibrations, this will help to test your ability further. By the time you reach level 5, you should be well on your way to mastering kegel control, while benefiting from enhanced vaginal health, improved bladder control and (above all else) intensified and better quality orgasms.

Why should I use LUNA Smart Bead?

Not only is it the perfect pleasurable alternative to your average kegel exercises, LUNA Smart Bead tailors each session to be uniquely suited to you and your abilities. This is able to happen because of its intelligent memory function that tracks your progress, meaning continuing your regime couldn’t be easier. Its sleek and comfortable design offers easy insertion and maximum pleasure, its ability to offer a constant vibration mode and training mode is the ultimate multi use product. It comes with a AAA battery, luxurious satin pouch and lovely water based lube, perfect to get started straightaway all in a very modern and attractive box. Making it a great gift for you or for your partner.

How do I use it?

Before using your LUNA Smart Bead, always apply a covering of water-based lube onto the toy and your vagina before use to ensure a comfortable experience. To start the toy, simply press down once on the button at the side of toy. It will then count down 30 seconds, so you have enough time to get comfortable; pop a bit of water based lube onto it and insert it. After 30 seconds it will signal the start of your training session with three short vibrations before buzzing away through your kegel exercises. These same three vibrations will also signal the end of you session as well. The aim is to clench your muscles when it vibrates and relax each time it stops, these routines intensify depending on the strength and improvement of you muscles as you work up towards level 5. You can also hold the button down for three seconds, which will turn LUNA Smart Bead into continuous vibration mode, so you can use it purely for intimate pleasure if you wish.

Safe to use

LUNA Smart Bead is extremely safe to use as well as a very pleasurable toy. As part of its design, it comes with a safety retrieval loop, meaning you can remove the device easily at any time if need be. It is made from luxuriously smooth 100% safe silicone, which is also waterproof for you to use in the bath or shower without any complications. Its sleek design means that your experience of LUNA Smart Bead is destined to always be a pleasurable one, with the tailor made vibration modes suiting your ability accurately so that you shouldn’t over exert or feel out of your comfort zone during any time of use.

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