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Hair Building Fibers

28 g Fibers | Topical Organic Keratin

Hair thickness can be an ongoing concern for many people, a thinning, weakening look can be highly destructive to our self-esteem and everyday confidence! So it’s no surprise that many people are looking to bolster its appearance, and mask undesirable-looking areas. Providing an innovative approach that uses hair’s own structural proteins, KeratinMD’s Hair Building Fibers aims to target each and every strand.

  • For worrying thinning hair
  • To give naturally fuller appearance
  • Pure, organic keratin fibres
  • Non-staining, discreet & convenient
  • Biodegradable & cruelty free
  • Helps boost feelings of confidence


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The Trouble With Thinning Tresses

Hair’s thickness can fade and dissipate for all manner of reasons, from natural ageing and maturation to hormonal changes and simple genetics. But what all such individuals are likely to feel in common is a desire to make a change, especially as hair thinning has been associated with marked decreases in feelings of confidence and personal happiness. However, many of the ‘best’ methods are expensive, invasive, or incredibly fake-looking. Wouldn’t it be better to use hair’s own structural nature, to boost its appearance in an authentic-looking fashion?

Incredible Keratin

Despite their vastly differing sensations, hair and nails are actually made of the same thing - keratin! Even in the natural world, this structural protein is incredibly valued, for instance forming a rhino’s horn. When optimally utilised, then, it can be clearly seen to be an incredibly strong, naturally occurring compound. In recent times, it’s come to be used in innovative hair products, in order to work with existing strands using a natural methodology. Each fibre aims to cling to an existing strand, even the especially thin white hairs found in very sparse areas, building hair’s look without messy creams or foams, whilst subtly masking the scalp. In short, they can be used to provide a thick, full appearance, with an overall natural look.

KeratinMD Hair Building Fibers

This company is taking a dedicated stance on the appearance of hair: KeratinMD is truly at the forefront of the mission to help those suffering with thinning strands. With this in mind, in their Hair Building Fibers a perfect formula of laser-cut keratin is used, blended with a unique colour-locked coating. These aim to prevent any running or streaking, and aspire to remain in place until shampooed off. Overall, the KeratinMD Hair Building Fibers seeks to leave you with a full, thick, yet natural appearance to your hair.

Full Ingredients

Organic Keratin, Silica; may contain + / - : Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Yellow 6 (CI 15985), Green 3 (CI 42053), Red 33 (CI 17200), Orange 4 (CI 15510), Blue 1 (CI 42090), Red 22 (CI 45380)

Using The Fibers

Apply to clean, dry hair after styling. Hold Hair Building Fibers 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) away from scalp, and sprinkle fibres onto desired areas until scalp is no longer visible. Pat and shape the areas with your hands to scatter the fibres within your hair. For longer hair, use fingers or a brush to scatter the fibres over the lengths for even coverage. Overall, it’s suggested that you start with a less-is-more approach, building and layering as needed. Follow with the KeratinMD Hair-Building Fibers Finishing Spray for an even longer-lasting look.


The KeratinMD range aims to provide discreet, comfortable and undetectable approaches to your hair-thickness worries, so that you can rest assured and go about your day in the fullest confidence. However, you should always read through the full ingredients of any product applied to the skin, just in case there are any personal allergens included in the formula. If you have any specific skin complaints, especially those relating to the scalp, please consult your doctor.

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reviews 4.5

68.00% based on 4 Reviews

Verified Purchase

I have been looking for a product like this for quite a while now and i have tried out kerafiber before this and this was quite a bit better. The fibres seem to be sticking better and lasting longer.

M Marco
Verified Purchase

good, works very well

M Micke23
Verified Purchase

Excellent product for people balding. really pleased how it all looked after, it really is discreet!

M Markus
Verified Purchase

I went a bit overboard using them the first time thinking it wouldnt be that thick and i came out with an afro haha! Great product.

S Sofie
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