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KegelMaster Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Device

By Kegelmaster™


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Named after the doctor who designed it, Dr. Kegel, the Kegelmaster is the most popular product of its type in the world. In use by over 100,000 women all over the world for the past 16 years, this fabulous device can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and prevent an array of embarrassing problems such as urinary incontinence, prolapse and unsatisfactory sexual relations―all things we want to avoid, right?

  • An integral part of the effective exercise regime devised by Dr. Kegel to help tighten the muscles surrounding the vagina.
  • Used by over 100,000 women worldwide.
  • Cleared by the FDA to help with treating female urinary incontinence.
  • Fully adjustable with 15 distinct resistance settings.
  • Comes with detailed instructions, including a training DVD.
  • Next day delivery available.

A large proportion of adult women suffer from incontinence. It’s one of those unfortunate facts of life that can happen to ladies. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you can do something about it! Incorporating an established and popular method of pelvic floor exercise could do wonders to help tighten up those muscles and rid you of the worries of what that the next cough, sneeze or laugh could produce.

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What causes stress incontinence?

The inevitable weakening of the pelvic floor is usually caused by damage to the group of ligaments that support the neck of the bladder. This can occur after childbirth, particularly in the event of a long labour, giving birth to a large baby or having a forceps delivery. Symptoms tend to worsen after menopause comes along, due to a lack of oestrogen that causes these ligaments to weaken even further. Stress incontinence is caused by pressure on the bladder, usually in the form of coughing, sneezing, exercise or laughing― and what is life without laughter? You don’t need to stop laughing, ladies. Just grab your Kegelmaster and get to work on that pelvic floor!

How does the Kegelmaster work?

  • Helps to tighten the muscles surrounding the vagina.
  • The only training regime that shows you how to do kegels the right way.
  • 15 varied resistance settings to work your way up

Incontinence is an embarrassing topic, and many women don’t feel like they can talk about it openly, even with their closest friends, so you might feel like you’re alone in your struggle―you are not! Most women, at some point in their lives, will develop issues with their pelvic floor. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. That’s where the Kegelmaster comes in!

This neat little device is recommended by doctors worldwide for helping to strengthen the pelvic floor and preventing those whoops moments. It comes with four stainless steel springs for fully adjustable resistance, so you can start off slow and build your way up to the full Kegelmaster experience at your own pace!

Simply insert the Kegelmaster, turn the knob and the unit will open slightly until you feel a little stretch. Once you feel it, all you have to do is squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, then gently release. The makers of the Kegelmaster recommend three sets of 30 reps, which should take around 5-10 minutes. Perfect for squeezing in to your busy day―no pun intended! Full instructions are included with the device, including a training DVD.

Safe to use

The Kegelmaster is hypoallergenic, containing no phthalates, latex, DPA, DEHP, or other harmful, toxic or carcinogenic materials, and has been cleared by the FDA as safe to use in helping to prevent female incontinence.

Who shouldn’t use the Kegelmaster?

The Kegelmaster cannot be used by women in the first trimester of pregnancy. It can be used in the second or third trimester, but users are advised to consult with their doctors beforehand. New mothers should not use the Kegelmaster until six weeks after giving birth. Women who have had any genitourinary or pelvic surgery should not use the device within the first six weeks post-op, and should consult with their doctor before using.

Additionally, women using any kind of inter-vaginal devices such as a diaphragm or pessary are advised not to use the Kegelmaster. It is safe to use while you’re on your period, but under no circumstances should you wear a tampon while you use the device.

The benefits of kegel exercises

The kegel exercise is the only known non-invasive and non-surgical procedure available to women to help in increasing their pelvic floor strength, and it comes with many benefits. Aside from the obvious assistance in preventing embarrassing problems like stress incontinence, the kegel exercise can help strengthen the walls of the vagina and could increase the intensity of your orgasm and the sexual pleasure experienced by both yourself and your partner! The Kegelmaster is also commonly used by women about to give birth, to help pre-empt and prevent damage to the pelvic floor, which can help make childbirth easier and less painful. What are you waiting for, ladies?!

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  • * Suffered from early incontinence and it was really troubling me. I have used this for 5 months now and its amazing. Its really helped but not solved.
  • * excellent product by an excellent manufacturer. Very well built
  • * Great, finally feeling the difference with my partner!
  • * This with a tightening gel and my husband had smiles for hours :) :)
  • * My friend told me about this and said its made her 'neater' downstairs after the birth of her 5th child. I must say i am impressed after using this. I love the different settings.
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