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Jes Extender Light standard

Male Enhancement Device

Jes Extender


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The Jes Extender Light uses clinical proven traction technology to naturally and safely enhance the size of your penis. This fabulous product comes with a one year guarantee and its lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

  • Proven to increase penis length
  • Discreet and easy to wear
  • Cost-effective method of penis enlargement- cheaper than pills or surgery
  • Can be worn at any time of the day or night for total convenience
  • 1 year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Helps to correct penile deviations or curvatures
  • Helps to achieve stronger, fuller erections
  • Comes in a discreet and convenient box
  • Simply enter JES17 in checkout and receive a 10% discount

This Jes Extender Light penis extender strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and affordability. It is one of the best and most popular male enhancement devices on the market and is designed with convenience in mind – the device's lightweight nature means it can easily be worn day and night. Confirm your order before 4pm on any working day you will receive your item the very next day!

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What is the Jes Extender Light?

The Jes Extender Light is a clinically proven, safe and easy to use penis extender. What makes it so effective, as with all the other extenders in the Jes range, is the use of traction technology to enhance the width and length of your penis. For those of you who are new to the penis enhancement possibilities and keen to try them out, but aren't ready to splash out straight away, this could be your perfect opportunity to start. The traction technology of gently pulling on your penis over time can help to multiply cells, in turn creating a fuller and larger appearance. Jes Extender Light is a proven device, this means if you follow the directions as advised the results indicated can be gained in certain time frames. For some people this means almost a 10% increase in as little as just 8 weeks.

How does it work?

Clinical References & Media Coverage

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  • Results of a clinical study showing the effect of increasing penile size using a penile-extender - Click here.
  • A pilot phase-II study to show the efficacy and tolerability of a penile-extender in the treatment of a 'small penis' - Click here.
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  • 3rd party research with the Canadian Journal of Phalloplasty - Click here
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  • Internal clinical studies performed by Jes Extender - Click here.

'Easy to use with our ergonomic design'

'Comfortable to wear, any time anywhere'

Jes Extender Light uses clinically-proven traction technology to help increase the size of your penis by harnessing the human body's natural ability to grow under physical pressure. The penile muscles are put under constant gentle stress, encouraging the cells in the muscles to divide and multiply, therefore increasing the tissue mass. It results in permanent penis growth. When you go to the gym, extended weight-lifting helps to increase the size of your muscles over time - the Jes Extender Light is no different, providing a gentle and progressive workout for your penis – constantly gently stretching the penile muscles, strengthening them over time.


Results using this product vary from user to user, however many customers report great results within the first 8 weeks of use. For the best possible results, we recommend regular use for between three and six months. The effect this product has on the size of your penis depends on how long and how often you wear the Jes Extender Light – ensure regular, continued use for the best permanent results.

Can I wear the Jes Extender Light while sleeping?

The Jes Extender Light is safe to wear during sleep provided you naturally sleep on your back and side, and don’t tend to toss and turn during the night. Rough sleepers may find that the product slips off during the night or cause some pain or discomfort.

Is the Jes Extender Light safe to use?

The Jes Extender Light is a male enhancement device made from the highest-quality medical materials, providing you with an entirely safe method of increasing the length and girth of your penis. Regular use helps to increase your penis size without the embarrassment, pain or comfort which are synonymous with surgical procedures.

How do I wear it?

The Jes Extender Light may look a fearful bit of kit, however it couldn’t be more simple – in fact, this product comes complete with a helpful manual and an online video that is available here.

How do I order?

Ordering this product from ShytoBuy is safe, simple and discreet, with a variety of payment and delivery options to suit your needs – and don’t forget that when you order today, you can take advantage of our free UK delivery. To begin your purchase, click on the ‘Add to Basket’ option now!

Customer Reviews
At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (96.52% based on 23 Reviews)

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Service Rating (91.36% based on 856 )

  • * if you feel that you need extra length added to your penis but dont want to spend your bank account on surgery then this is the next best thing. i was so close to booking myself into a clinic to add a few cm to my penis but then i found this and wanted to try it before committing to the surgery which would be life changing. after 5 months of use i have completely changed the way i think about surgery and its the last thing on my mind, the jes extender has really helped me with my sexual performance and also the length of my penis.
  • * i just ordered my jes extender light after seeing it on bbc 3 last night, surgery scares me
  • * really comfortable and easy to use, with instant results
  • * this is best way to grow your penis size, i have struggled for years until discovering the jes extender, it changed my life.. and i didnt have to go through any surgery, its great that it is 100% natural
  • * i have been using this for a while and i can see that i have grown
  • * im in love with my extender, its really nicely designed and packaged and most importantly its extremely easy and comfortable to use
  • * been using mine for just over 2 weeks now and i can see a significant amount of growth.
  • * i love the packaging of the machine, the box it comes in is of a high quality, its worht the money for sure
  • * knowing that i can extend my penis size by pressure is very satisfying, seein as before i thought hte only way was to have surgery, which scared me alot... now jes have created this tool i can safely say i have not thought about the surgery, this is working very well for me
  • * in love with my size now, thank you ShytoBuy
  • * hi everyone, i am Terry aged 72 and i have been using the jes extender for a while and even at my age i am still seeing results, i never had anything like this back in the day when i was young. if your still active and elderly then this can really benefit you, i have found it easier to maintain erections and the sex lasts longer. im chuffed
  • * Hi there, just wanted to share my amazing experience with this product. i set mine up and started using it straight away, the results came instantly and i noticed my penis growing faster than i expected, i started using it abit less incase i was growing to quickly, after 2 months of using it everyday i now just use it once or twice a week to maintain the length. other than the length the stamina and sensitivity have gone up and im having really strong orgasms . it has chaned my life.
  • * astonishing results
  • * i have been using mine for a while now, i bought mine because i used to be really anxious about my size and whenever the lads went out clubbing i made excuses, i was too afraid to go out and try pull girls with a tiny wing man. after using this i have seen an increase in size and my attitude towards life in general has become alot better. it jst shows how important the relationship is between you and your penis.
  • * i love this machine
  • * i am so thankful to the person who made this possible.
  • * my best friend told me about this when he ordered one online, he told me its grown so much which i did not believe so i ordered one myself, after using it now for just 3 weeks i have grown massively and i truely believe that this method of growth is effective.
  • * this has made my man look beautiful. thank you thank you thank you
  • * i cant fault this product, worked so well for me and im performing bette than i have ever done so i cant complain
  • * all my gals are surprised by my penis size. i say i have a secret and laugh inside. its such an amazing feeling
  • * its so light and discreet that i wear it to office daily and hell no one knows about it. so empowering
  • * i bow down to the man who made this product. thanks a ton
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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