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ID Backslide Tubes

Thick Anal Lubricant

ID Lubrifiants

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Discover the easiest way yet to lubricate your anal area. When it comes to anal sex ID Backslide Anal Insert Tubes could make it your most comfortable and pleasurable experience yet. Its concentrated silicone and extra thick formula is long lasting and non messy to use while also being ideal for sex toys and condoms.

  • Easy to use ‘no mess’ tubes
  • Extra thick formula for longer lasting use
  • Compatible with sex toys and latex condoms
  • Each pack contains 4 anal insert tubes
  • Easily washes of with soap and clean water
  • NEXT DAY UK delivery!

Enjoys hours of anal pleasure when you use ID Backslide Anal Insert Tubes. Each tube consists of 8ml of concentrated silicone lube that encourages pleasure and more comfort for you and your partner during anal sex. Reach every area you want to lubricate with ease and enjoy heightened sensations and pleasure during anal sex.

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What are ID Backslide Anal Insert Tubes?

They are specific tubes that can produce silicone-based lubrication. The lube can be applied around the entry area as well as inside the actual anal canal to make entry and your overall penetrating experience more comfortable and pleasurable. The tubes provide a no messy approach to enjoying anal sex, ensuring you have the required moisture needed to boost your experience to be the best yet.

Why do I need to use one?

If you don’t want to get greasy hands or would like to maintain great sexual hygiene then these ID Backslide Anal Insert Tubes could be your answer. They mean that you don’t have to physically touch your anal area to achieve your desired lubrication. Without sufficient lubrication anal sex can be extremely uncomfortable for both partners and may lead to bleeding. Lubrication like this one is easy to use and can be fun to apply, adding to your enjoyment and pleasure of anal sex.

How do I use ID Backslide Anal Insert Tubes?

Simply remove the cap from the tube and aim the silicone based, extra thick lubricant to your desired intimate areas. If you feel comfortable in doing so, you may rub in the lube until you feel more content and at ease.

Is it easy to wash off?

Yes it is! The lubrication produced by the ID Backslide Anal Insert Tubes is very easy to wash off, simply use soap and water. If you are removing it in the shower or bath take care, as it can be slippery!

Safe to use

The ID Backslide Anal Insert Tubes and the lubrication inside have both been created to be very safe and should always be used as directed. The lubrication consists of specially selected ingredients to provide the pleasurable, cushiony texture you desire. It’s important that this should never be used as a contraceptive and you should always avoid contact with your eyes and ears. Never consume this lubricant.