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Hair Removal for Women



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Women spend a lot of time removing unwanted hair and even though fashions for body hair have changed over the decades one thing has remained constant and that’s women commonly want to remove body hair.
Women spend a lot of time removing unwanted hair and even though fashions for body hair have changed over the decades one thing has remained constant and that’s women commonly want to remove body hair.
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Hair Removal For Women

There is nothing wrong with body hair because it’s entirely natural but sometimes women prefer a smooth look and that’s their personal choice. Luckily it’s becoming easier and quicker than ever to remove excess body hair from all areas of your body from your upper lip to your legs, arms and intimate areas. Ladies who want the appearance of less hair but don’t like the re-growth stubble or hair removal methods might like to try lightening and thinning products that lessen the appearance of unwanted hair.

Hair removal for women is available in many forms. The options include creams, plucking, waxing, shaving, laser hair removal, electrolysis and natural methods. You may already have a favourite method, but times have changed and methods such as permanent laser hair removal which was once only available in salons can now be done safely and effectively at home. If it’s been a while since you looked at body hair removal you’ll be surprised at how technology has moved forward.

Why Should Women Remove Body Hair?

There are certain pressures on women to remove their body hair. Underarms, upper lip and legs are the most obvious areas, but bikini lines, arms, toes and fingers all grow fine hairs. If you want to remove this body hair then that’s your choice. Millions of women worldwide choose to do so and if it makes you happy there is no reason why you should live with self conscious feelings about your body hair.

So What Can You Do - Hair Removal Techniques

Here are some of the best hair removal methods for women:


The biggest benefit of waxing is the length of time you’ll remain hair-free. A good wax from a professional can last up to six weeks, a home wax won’t last as long but you should still get a few weeks of smooth skin from a home waxing kit.

If you haven’t tried it before waxing consists of painting a warm wax on the skin before pulling it out by the root with a strip of material. Waxing is painful but your underarms, bikini line and legs will resemble a desert for weeks.


Quick, easy and cost effective shaving is a popular method of hair removal. Women’s razors are widely available and of course men’s razors work fine too. Use a foam or hair conditioner to make your skin slippery before shaving so you don’t cut yourself. It’s a quick an easy option but it doesn’t last very long and you’ll feel re-growth after a few days.

Minimising Sprays

Hair minimising sprays are popular body hair removal products that work by disrupting and inhibiting the hair growth cycle. Some hair may grow back but it will be thinner, paler and less noticeable than untreated hair. If you regularly use hair minimising sprays it prevents the need for any type of hair removal.

Epilation Devices

Epilators are rotating devices that grab and remove hair but they are painful as hair is removed by the root. Epilating is not a permanent method of hair removal but hairs do tend to grow back slower than shaving or using hair removal creams.

Creams & Gels

Hair removal cream is applied to the skin and left for a few minutes before being washed off. Your hair falls away as the cream is removed.

A big benefit of hair removal creams is that they don’t hurt. Hair will grow back eventually but you should have smooth skin for a week or so. Hair removing creams and gels are some of the best hair removal products around if you’re not going for permanent hair removal techniques.

Natural Hair Removal

Hair can be removed with turmeric and gram flour if you stir equal amounts together with oil and rub the paste on your unwanted hair. After thirty minutes rinse off the paste and some hair will come off too. This is an ancient and all-natural hair removal method.

A natural method of waxing is to use sugar and honey mixed together to make a thick wax that will stick to hairs and pull them out.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a permanent way to deal with unwanted body hair. Not long ago it was only available in salons but now you can try laser hair removal at home and cut out time and expense at the beauty salon.

A laser hair removal machine pulses out light that removes hair and inhibits its growth by altering the follicles. Hair removal lasers can be used anywhere on the body including facial hair making them one of the best permanent hair removal methods. Performing home laser hair removal is an attractive option for many women who don’t like intimate waxing or just prefer to carry out treatments in private.

Intense Pulsed Light - (IPL)

Intense Pulsed Light is very similar to laser hair removal but it uses more than one beam of light and is the less intense of the two despite the name. IPL disrupts hair follicles making it a permanent hair removal method so if you are fed up of searching for the best hair removal cream IPL and laser hair removal are effective modern alternatives.


Electrolysis burns the hair follicles so that they can’t be repaired and this prevents hair re-growth. It can only be carried out in a salon by a qualified therapist though so it’s an expensive form of hair removal.

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method so make sure you’re certain about removing your currently unwanted hair for good because you can’t turn back the clock on electrolysis.

Women’s Hair Removal: Before and After Care

Everyone is at risk of developing ingrown hairs from hair removal and risk is higher with waxing, shaving, tweezing and plucking methods. If you develop an ingrown hair it will start as a small bump and may swell to become painful. You can help by placing a warm flannel over the top to open the pore. If you can’t locate the hair you’ll need to use an ingrown hair cream or see your GP if it gets infected.

Before carrying out any hair removal you need to ensure your skin is ready. This makes sure you get long lasting results. You should test all new creams and gel on a patch of skin before you apply it to a larger area to identify any allergies or intolerance to chemicals. If you use a wax or cream to remove hair you may find your skin reacts to the chemicals or the harsh process. If this happens it’s best to find another method such as laser hair removal.

It’s always a good idea to exfoliate before hair removal as it ensures your skin is clean. Exfoliating with an exfoliating cloth or an exfoliating body cream washes away flakes, dirt and sweat so your chosen hair removal method will work more effectively on properly prepared skin.

Many women need to soothe their irritated skin after waxing or epilating. There are specialist gels to help or you can take a cool bath to soothe inflammation. You can also make a cooling moisturiser with oils and aloe vera or cucumber extracts if you feel sore after hair removal.

Hair Removal For Women

Hair removal is an option for any woman who wants smooth hair-free skin. It’s not essential but for many body hair removal is a must. Here are some of the reasons why women choose to remove body hair.

  • Soft, smooth skin is attractive particularly in the summer months when more skin than usual is exposed.
  • Facial hair can cause embarrassment if it is dark or prolific. Removing it can boost self confidence and help women achieve their goals.
  • Athletes find removing body hair helps them streamline in events such as swimming and cycling.
  • Hygiene during menstruation can be helped by less body hair.
  • Cultural or religious reasons.
  • Because it feels comfortable, for example removing under arm hair can feel a lot cooler.

No matter what their reasons for hair removal women are often short on time to do it. The problem with most hair removal methods, even the best hair removal creams and razors, is that it keeps growing back. The battle against hair removal is never-ending unless you opt for more permanent methods such as laser hair removal.

Permanent laser hair removal at home is growing in popularity especially for removing body hair that women may consider more embarrassing such as facial hair or in intimate areas. Removing facial hair at the salon means you’ll have to get home with a sore red lip and no-one enjoys a therapist yanking out their intimate hair. IPL and laser removal machines at home can make these tasks a lot less painful in the privacy of our own bedroom.

*It is important to note that the results of our products may vary with each individual user. You should always use these products alongside a nutritionally balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. All customer reviews found on this website are genuine.

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