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Hair Fibres

Hair fibres are a way to disguise thinning hair and hair loss ranging from male pattern baldness to a widened parting. Fibres are temporary thickeners that cling to your existing hair to give the impression of a thick, full head of hair in seconds.

Hair Fibres

Hair fibres are a relatively recent breakthrough in hair thinning technology and were created to support people with concerns about their hair loss. In the past, people who were uncomfortable with thinning hair had limited options such as wearing a wig, a hat or simply losing their confidence but now men and women with thinning hair can use hair thickening fibres to boost their self confidence no matter what their age.

Our hair is important because it can define our appearance. Healthy thick hair is a sign of youth, vitality and sex appeal so when your hair thins it can dent your confidence. If you are struggling with hair loss fibres can make a real difference to your appearance and self esteem.

What Is Hair Fibre?

Hair fibres are a great complement or an alternative to hair growth creams, supplements and shampoos because they are a temporary cover-up that can be used to great effect. You apply fibres to your scalp from a small applicator that cling to your existing hair, padding out your mane and concealing hair loss with a denser look. This builds up and conceals the bald patches of male pattern baldness, alopecia and female pattern hair loss such as a widened parting or all over thinning.

Hair fibres cling to the hair through static charge which means the fibres attach strongly to your hair and look totally natural without any type of glue, pinning or substances that could be noticed. Even if it rains, snows or is windy the fibres bind to your hair with static electricity and stay put.

Hair fibres are generally made from either keratin or cotton bases:

  • Keratin Hair Fibre: Hair is made from keratin so keratin based hair fibres can look more natural than cotton-based. Keratin is hypoallergenic so you won’t get an allergic reaction from it and it easily bonds with your own hair through a static charge to create a thicker look.
  • Cotton Hair Fibre: This type of hair fibre is made from plant-based sources. It’s also hypoallergenic and clings to hair through the static charge. The choice of hair fibre base is down to your personal preference. Cotton hair fibre is the original material but keratin is a newer breakthrough that may look more natural.

How Do Hair Fibres Work?

Hair fibres work by attaching themselves to your existing hair and holding on through a static charge to make your hair look thicker. Hair thickening fibres have a natural static charge that binds fibres to your hair strands not matter how fine they are. If you have baby hair, wispy strands or short hair the fibres will cling to provide 3D depth and fullness.

Why Use Hair Fibre?

If you are embarrassed or unhappy about your hair loss hair fibres can boost your confidence. They are a popular alternative to itchy expensive hairpieces and hair transplant surgery which has risks of scarring and infection.

Here are some of the reasons men and women choose to use hair building fibres to improve their hair’s thickness.

  • The number one reason is confidence. Losing hair through natural thinning or due to medical reasons can cause a blow to your self-esteem and self worth but by building up your hair you can feel good about yourself again.
  • Hair fibres can be used by people undergoing temporary medical treatments to disguise hair loss.
  • Hair fibres can be used long term with no side effects to conceal thinning and hair loss.
  • The natural look of hair fibres is a big plus. Static charge holds blended fibres in place against your own hair rather than replacing it.
  • They do not itch, irritate or make you sweat like hair pieces can.
  • Hair building fibres of the best quality stay put during rain, wind and exercise so you can go about your daily life.
  • Hair fibres are extremely quick and simple to use and instantly give the impression of thick hair.
  • There’s a range of hair fibres colour to suit your own tone so it won’t look out of place on your hair.
  • Hair fibres don’t prevent new hair growth or damage what you have, they are safe and don’t aggravate scalp conditions.
  • Hair fibres can be used alongside a new growth shampoo or supplement for a double pronged approach to dealing with hair loss.
  • They give a 3D look to the hair whereas sprays and creams lie flat and dull and don’t bulk up your hair mass in the way hair fibres do.
  • You can style and shape your hair however you please with hair fibres in place.
  • Hair building fibre is packaged in a small portable bottle so you can easily top up if you’re heading for a night out straight from work.
  • You can also use hair fibres to conceal greying roots even if you don’t have thinning hair.

Who Can Use Hair Fibres

Anyone with hair thinning or hair loss can use thickening hair fibres.

Men and women who are in good health or those with medical conditions can use hair fibre to successfully cover their thinning hair. Women often use it to conceal a wider parting, all over thinning, or grey roots, whereas men tend to use hair fibres to conceal male pattern balding at the crown and temples. However, you choose to use hair fibre it can help boost your hair’s thickness and give the impression of a healthy thick head of hair.

How To Use Hair Fibre

    Using hair fibre couldn’t be any easier, just follow these steps:

  • Wash your hair and dry it completely.
  • Shake the bottle of hair fibre over your thinning areas at a 45-degree angle about three inches above your head until you have applied the hair fibre evenly where you need it most.
  • Pat down the fibres for a natural look.
  • You can use hair fibres without washing your hair first if you prefer, simply brush and add the fibres before styling.

When the fibres bond with your natural hair they stay put so there’s no worrying about sweat or rain. They will stay in your hair until you wash it out but if you want extra staying power, use a hairspray to lock in the hair fibre.

Should I Use Hair Building Fibres?

Hair thinning and hair loss is upsetting conditions that can affect your mental health if they are left without treatment. If you are worried about hair loss it may help to realise you are not alone because many other people are unhappy with hair loss too. Hair fibres offer an effective way of disguising your hair loss without using a hairpiece which can really boost your confidence and get you back on track with a social life or self esteem at work.

A full head of hair is important to most people so if thinning is making your life a misery you should take steps to improve what you have with hair fibres and other hair thinning treatments.

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